Looky at what day it is!
Aren’t you just the most excited ever?!

I’ve been collecting a bunch of TINY fun for you for TOO LONG and it’s time to let you have it! I’ve got pics from the past few months that I keep meaning to include in a TT and the time has finally arrived. TODAY you get a GIGANTIC episode of Tiny Tuesday!

Here are some TINY!!!! things I saw in New Orleans:
also: “beware of strange dog” sign


(these were at the Food and Beverage Museum I mentioned here.)

There was an even bigger display behind the bar at a place called Liuzza’s but I flubbed up the pictures. {If you go there, be sure to try their crazy good Bloody Marys}



I got this at one of my favorite shops called, “What’s New” in the French Quarter. I reallllly wanted one of these necklaces but didn’t have those kinds of funds. I opted for this shiny green alien king cake baby instead–she only cost 50 cents instead of 50 bucks.


{and lovely thumb nail!}

My totally talented internet fraaaaand  Kim Bui posted this picture on her IG back in May and saved it on my laptop and forgot all about it. She actually made this TINY delight for her mama for mother’s day! Isn’t it the TINY cutest?! Kim does all sorts of rad nail design and she posts pictures of tons of wonderful things like: NAILS (duh), coffee, and TINY stuff! Be sure to check her out and follow her!

in weed-eater string!!


My weedeater has been sucking my will to live lately. It does ridiculous things like tie a TINY know in itself. I think something is wrong with the mechanism that automatically releases the string. I ran through SO MUCH string at my mom’s house that I ran out before I finished the job. In an effort to save myself a trip to the hardware store I tried a DIY hack that seemed ridiculous BUT WORKED!!!


That is a ZIP TIE you see sticking out of the string hole! While this would be a major pain to use to trim an entire yard, it DEFINITELY worked in a pinch. It took three zip ties to cut about 30 feet of driveway. If you want to learn more check out YouTube–there are several tutorials that explain how to try it.

And some naughty toy purchases…
Y’all know I cannot resist blindboxes.

Waffle Cat came in a blind box!! You can find them here at Hot Topic or here at Amazon. I found mine at Barnes and Noble in Hickory. I snagged another Tricky Cat by KidRobot. They are seriously my favorite blind boxes ever! What is it about a blind box that is so thrilling? It reminds me of being a kid and getting a grab-bag for a dollar at the auction barn!


Adorable woodland miniature erasers!
There’s nothing quite like TINY school supplies.

Hope you enjoyed this rather HUGE edition of TINY TUESDAY!
Keep coming back for MOARRRR Tiny!

TINY Tuesday #27! {ponytail miracle & more}

Hey!!! It’s TINY Tuesday…AGAIN!!

I hope you are having a great start to your week!

Things here in summer vacationland are pretty good. I’m getting lots accomplished and also nothing accomplished at all, lol! I’m having fun though and that’s all that really matters, right? I’ll keep telling myself that.

***Random note: In most all my previous posts you may have noticed that I put the text for clickable links in orange. For whatever SUPER annoying reason, I cannot make the text turn colors for the past few posts. In lieu of this delineation, I am now underlining and italics-ing the words. I like to add hyperlinks so you can learn more about what I’m talking about or even find & buy certain products–that’s something I like about blogs I follow so I do it here on my blog, too.  SOoooooo look for these new clues instead of orange :/ Hopefully I can eventually troubleshoot and fix the issue.

Without further a-do, here are some TINY fun things for you!



OMG y’all! I have a TINY ponytail! Super weird/awkward angle for this picture, and it’s definitely not a “going-off-the-property” hairstyle, BUT I am so stoked to FINALLY have enough hair to get into a ponytail, especially for the summer. In other hair news, I think my hair has FINALLY recovered from a bad hair cut I got in March. I am so glad my hair has it’s normal body back and isn’t flat and sad. And look at those glorious grays! ❤


I told y’all last week that I had gotten some REALLY fun TINY stuff for my birthday. I’m not going to blow the whole shebang all at once though! 🙂 Here are some of the wonderful little trinkets and treats I’ve gotten lately! Stay tuned in the next week or two as I reveal ALL the new additions to my collection!




My #1 field agent and miniature resource collector, Cotton Candy, gifted me with MORE delights from her personal collection. I am SOOOO in love with this little cloisonne style tea set! I cannot WAIT to get my doll house set up again so that the dollies can have a tea party set up with this in their little living room! I couldn’t resist wearing the tea cups on my fingers–it reminds me of being a kid and putting black olives on my fingers and then eating them! I did NOT eat the tea cups.

And speaking of Cotton Candy being a great field agent, check out this new TV show that she told me about–it stars tiny KITTENS in a dollhouse, Keeping up with the Kattarshians. There is not much better than kittens playing in a dollhouse.

CAT in a HAT!!


This is another TINY delight from Cotton Candy! This teeny cat is the purrrfect size to be a toy for a doll! Here she is posing in her sunhat trying to get some much needed shade in the Dark Purple Opal Basil. [That basil is SO GOOD, btw–you should get some seeds for your garden! It’s not too late!]

{posing on a USB drive of no significance}


ModMom gifted me with this DARLING little unicorn charm at the last meeting of Doll Club. It reminded me that I REALLY need to get all my Kawaii charms (speaking of kawaii, check out this freaking store I just found when I googled the definition of kawaii!!!) together and back on a necklace before school starts back! I LOVE things that are flocked. I have a small collection of flocked rabbits…a flock of flocked rabbits? I digress. This charm is so TINY and totally perfect for my charm necklace.



I would normally post this in a garden post, but I was just so dang excited when I picked these last night!!! I GREW THESE BERRIES!!! Well, nature grew them, but I took care of the plants! I ate them for breakfast and even let Duck have the shriveled up blueberry to play with. Anyway, it’s the little stuff, right? Stay tuned for more on my plants in a post later in the week.

Hope everyone has a SUPER HUGELY AWESOME rest of the week!

Stay cool and stay happy!


Tiny Tuesday 26! [photo dump edition]


It’s TUESDAY! and it’s TIME 4 TINY!

{also for you educators and students out there: }

Happy Summer Vacation!!!

If you aren’t on summer vacation then I am terribly sorry and I will try not to rub it in too much. This is my first summer vacation since 2004 so it is a weird and foreign and fabulous thing to be certain. I have a list a mile long of things I want (and need) to get done and sorting my pictures on my computer is one of them. I’ve already come across a few things that have gotten missed for TINY Tuesday up until now. This will be remedied in TT26!


Miniature delights from AC Moore. How cute is that teeny Raggedy Anne doll? And those wine bottles?! I’m note sure why I didn’t buy both of these things immediately. If you are a n00b doll fan you may not have thought to look for unique doll sized items in the miniature section. There are often really cute things that are all TINY and perfectly sized–playing cards, enamel kitchen pots, gumball machines, soda/beer cans…all TINY and so FUN! Check it out at your favorite craft store.


So this isn’t exactly a TINY thing per se, but it’s one of the “little” things in life that makes me smile. I pulled in to a parking space at Aldi (this was a few months back when it wasn’t hot so don’t worry that the dog was in any discomfort) and looked over to see a dog looking at me from the drivers seat!! He was smiling so big and reminded me of a kid getting to pretend to drive on his parent’s lap. Sometimes it’s these silly TINY moments in life that get me through the day 🙂


This pineapple pic is from my trip to Louisiana last fall. Remember, the trip that got cut short because of all the crazy flooding? The cousins I was supposed to visit on that trip got evacuated, their house flooded, and they only just got to go home like a month ago. That’s not TINY it’s a HUGE deal! I’m so glad they’re back home and that I’m going to get to visit them in a few weeks when I’m back in LA.  Anyway, I snapped this pineapple pic at Rouses — a grocery store chain that’s in Louisiana. This TINY pineapple is a “Zulu Queen” variety. I kinda fell down a rabbit hole just now trying to figure out where the name came from but couldn’t come up with anything based on historical or scientific facts.  Pretty much everything just raved about how sweet and delicious they are. Next time I see one I just may have to get one!

And now for a TINY miracle tale:

{Forgive me if I’ve already told this story–I went through and looked to see if I saw it in a previous post and couldn’t find it. It’s too good of a story not to share, even if it’s for a second time!!}

One morning while I was getting ready for work I dropped one of my favorite earrings down the sink drain in my bathroom. It was a little wooden crawfish earring with a sparkley stone on its tail that mom had brought me back as a present from one of her trips to LA. I was mad as hell and had given it up for lost–I couldn’t even see it in the drain. SUPER SAD 😦 😦 😦 A week or so later I came home from work to find Duck digging her arm and paw down the drain. I had pretty much forgotten about the lost earring and Duck often played in the drain so I thought nothing of it. Later in the evening I went to go use the bathroom and what did I see laying next to the sink???? THE DANG CRAWFISH EARRING. It had some long hairs stuck to it and it was a little swollen looking from being damp, but it was FOUND!!! After months of swatting in that drain Duck FINALLY caught something–I bet she was shocked XD XD XD

Here is a pic of the sink drain and the cleaned up rescued earring:


Stay tuned for next week when I show of some of the TINY delights I got for my birthday–yep, the birthday I had last month. I’ve been slacking off so hard, y’all. Forgive me ❤

Have a week full of TONS of TINY fun 🙂

Tiny Tuesday TWENTY FIVE!


Look at WHAT DAY IT IS!!!!

TINY Tuesday again, at last!

I know it has been a minute since my last TINY Tuesday and since tomorrow is my birthday I figured this could be my birthday present to all of you 🙂 !!! I’m trying not to overload y’all with just garden updates, but the thing is, that garden stuff is taking up a fun ton of my brain. I’m so so SO excited about it. I just hope it’s not totally boring for everyone else.

In other news, I have just THIRTEEN days left of school before my first SUMMER VACATION in 14 years! I can’t even wrap my brain around this. I know it’s going to fly by, but I’m so excited for it and it is SOCLOSE. There’s no telling how much I’ll actually get done, but I’m hoping to have a little more bloggity action for your reading pleasure during my time off.

Is there anything in particular you’d like to hear about?

Would you like a cast iron skillet crouton recipe?

Would you like to hear about my cupcake research paper?

Would you like to see the paper beads I made at a workshop?

Would you like to have an update on my doll collection?

 ❤ YOU tell ME! ❤

And now, here is the quarter-century post of your favorite blog of TINY delights!





I found this little critter on my clothes one Saturday a few weeks back. I’d driven up the mountain to visit my mom and found it right as I got to her house. I took it outside, snapped this picture, and put him/her on a shrubbery leaf. What tales that worm surely told to all the bugs in my mom’s front yard!





I ended up sort of transplanting some of one of my plantings of lettuce. I realized that the bag of dirt I the lettuce growing in was really a bit of a waste of space, so I cut up the lettuce in big squares (kinda like a sheet cake) and re-planted them in a smaller/shallower container. I wasn’t sure how well the leaves would tolerate the move, but after about a week all looks good. There was a handful of loose leaves that came off the squares and I picked them out of the dirt, rinsed them, and me and Mr. Smith had a few mouthfuls of mircogreens. Their flavor was much bolder than that grown up leaf. I might even purposefully snip some to use as a topping for salads another time.




I’ve mentioned before that I’m part of a group called Journal Junkies that meets at Gallery 27. We had an assignment a few weeks back to “look for hearts everywhere”. We were supposed to take pictures of the hearts we found and then the group would make a big collage of these images. While this sounds a little corny, I REALLY enjoyed the assignment. It was wild just how many hearts I ended up seeing, especially on the ground in concrete. The pics above are three of my favorites. I challenge you to look for hearts too–it’s sure to bring a smile or two to you ❤



of a rather TINY CAR!


Do y’all remember i-zone sticky film cameras?! They’re sort of like the janky 1999 version of today’s Instax and the miniature great grandchild of the Polaroid. (AND BTW, I WANT ONE OF THESE SO BAD AND MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW–the yellow one is so dreamy!!!) Anywayyyyy I found this old picture at my mom’s house, stuck in an old jewelry box. This is a picture of a car in the parking lot of my dorm, sophomore year of college. The car had died and was waiting on a tow to the junk yard, and the bereaved owner had painted an epitaph on the old hood. You can (and should!!!) follow their amazing woodworking on intsa @siosidesign. Ultimate TINY photography! And RIP ol Jasper.




I randomly stumbled across this artist on instagram recently only to discover I’ve been following him on etsy for a while! I thought I had found a new miniaturist to swoon over, lol. Look at those tiny Heineken cans and tiny turkey! That TINY table! What is it about tiny food that is so freaking adorable? Go check out his etsy shop for more delightful TINY things, including these salmon steak bobby pins and this pizza slice pendant…both of which I *need*.

I guess this is enough tiny stuff for one Tuesday!

Happy Birthday to me tomorrow!                                                                                                               Be sure to drink something bubbly and raise your glass to me!

And throw some glitter, too. Always throw glitter.

Tiny Tuesday #24



Happy Tuesday to YOU!

Look! It’s a day for fun TINY things!

You may remember this post from a while back that featured a set of TINY colored pencils. Well, apparently that was not my first set because I just came back across these little delights! I totally got these in 5th grade from The Grandmother Store. You’ve heard of The Grandmother Store, right? It’s possible you might know it under a different name. I called it that because my grandmother would let me go into the one that used to be in the Valley Hills Mall and I could pick out a few things. Like these tiny pencils.




{and rather large bling}

!!made of lotsa TINY stones!!


I also have a couple of little TINY bits leftover from my trip to Daytona.

Check these out!



*on a*


*and a*



Y’all, I was so disgustingly responsible on the FLA trip and I hardly bought anything that couldn’t be worn or eaten. I made a solemn vow that until I get the DOOM SHACK {nee, Pout Haus} complete I am not allowed to buy any random stuff that doesn’t have a specific purpose. Like these really neat TINY figurines. Instead I took pictures so you could wish you got them, too.




The one thing that kinda sucks about having only a cell phone camera and not a fancy camera is not really being able to capture wildlife, especially far away wildlife. There is an intriguing  population of lizards at the condo where we stay during race week–it’s one of the things I most look forward to on this annual trip. I LOVE watching the lizards languish on the sunny concrete next to the sections of zoysia sod {because yes I am pretty weird!}. These are the best pictures I could manage to get. I hope it gives you a little bit of an idea about these TINY and super fast moving lizards! They range in size from about the length of my pinkie finger to the length of my hand!

And here are some enamel pins that I am drooling over this week!

Slightly Bitter  Blackberry Kitten  Cactus Bear  Save Yourself

Also, apologies that I double posted that nachos pin last week.

I guess I like it so much that i didn’t realize I posted it 2 TTs in a row

:/  {womp, womp} :/

Okay! That’s all for this edition of TINY TUESDAY! I hope each and every one of you readers have a HUGELY fabulous rest of your week! Stay tuned for more at the sutler tent!

TT 23: pins and plates and plants!

Hey there TINY TUESDAYers!

OMG, what?!?!?

Lookie here and what showed up!

We may have some n00bs in the crowd since I just plastered Asheville Mardi Gras with beads that have my blog address on them. If you’re one of those folks then HI THERE and welcome to TINY TUESDAY! I hope you enjoy the TINY things I have in store for you! I’ve got some of the regular suspects and a couple of surprises for ya!




(delish edishion)

sprinkles strawberry milk nachos Reptar Bar

*click links above for purchase info!*

There’s not much I love more than sprinkles, strawberry milk and nachos…and I’ve never gotten to eat a Reptar Bar but DANG I’ve always wanted to!! I’ll say it again–I love enamel pins. I know there are some haters out there, but these pins are totally the one inchers of 10 years ago. And I love those, too. I’m always on the look out for really neat ones, or ones that remind me of my childhood–I had a ton of them back in the day because thrift stores were littered with them. Holler if you have a favorite you think I should see!


DOLL for a DOLL!!


I spotted this little treat hiding at the bottom of the by-the-pound bins at Goodwill. She reminds me of worry dolls that were sort of popular in the 1990s. This girl is bigger though and has way more detail. She will make a great doll friend for my dolls. I can’t wait to get my doll house set back up because look what else I came across!!!





Y’all. This totally came with the doll house that Santa brought me back in 1989. I need to take pictures of my original doll house some time–it’s really for dolls smaller than a Barbie, but that’s totally who lived in mine! These days my Beatrix Potter figurines live in it, but once upon a time there were some rowdy beach Barbies who threw make-out parties there and listened to the Beach Boys…and had tea parties, too, of course! This tea set is really little (I forgot to include something small for perspective) and has served many doll over the years. I can’t believe I still have all the pieces but the little lid for the sugar bowl.





Ughhhh it’s been too long since this got sent to me by a field agent and I can’t remember who passed it along to me! I *think* it was Mrs. Bear, my dear librarian friend. I can’t wait to plant some little pots like these to put…well to put any and everywhere!

I’ve got a bunch of fun TINY stuff lined up from my vacation to show you in the coming weeks so stay tuned! And as always, tell me about any fun TINY stuff you stumble across that you’d like to share with the TINY fanclub!


I want to wish a totally belated, but happy happy happy birthday to my sister! Here’s to you, TG! I hope this is the year we finally get to see each other again IRL. You are such a bad@$$ and I love you bunches ❤ ❤ ❤

Till next time, have a HUGELY wonderful week!

TT 22: Carlo Rossi, hush puppies & seeds

OMG y’all! I’ve been SO busy!

Like sooooo busy.

Eh, who am I kidding?

If you asked Mr. Smith what I’ve been up to for the past week he would tell you this: laying on the couch reading “that book”. Now you’ll want to know what book I am reading. I try really hard not to over-hype or over-grump on a book buttttt if you are in to post-apocalyptic fiction I am going to tell you to go run and check out Wool by Hugh Howey. When I like a book or a movie I typically say, “It’s worth reading (watching)” so as to not color the experience, but really, this one I haven’t been able to put down.

And that has nothing to do with TINY but you needed to know it so now you do.


I haven’t drooled over enamel pins lately so here are some dreamy ones.

Joy of Cooking        gouda            nachos

I mean, really. This trio is delightful.

Let’s take a special moment for this next TINY item.


Carlo Rossi Ring

I personally think this ring should be a real thing.

Someone please make one for me!

And now for a humorous childhood tale. Soooo back in the olden days when I was a wee toddler, I lived with my family in a fairly rural part of Georgia. We lived far enough out that we didn’t just run in to town on a daily basis to pick things up; we planned a trip and did a whole lot of stuff when we got there. On these trips my mom and I would do things like go to the public library (though we also had a bookmobile stop in our neighborhood), the thrift store, the grocery store, the liquor store, and on very special occasions we would even share a lunch at PoFolks. Now I guess during this time my mom was on a chablis kick (no wonder we loved The Lady Chablis so much) because every time we made it to the liquor store she ordered the same thing: two 2 liter bottles of the stuff. As a toddler I could perform such party tricks as reciting “The Alphabet of Flowers” AND because I was a toddler I could remember and parrot EVERYTHING, I could also order my parent’s booze allotment. Mom would pull around to the DRIVE THRU liquor store window and I would pipe up in my little kid voice “TOO TOO LEEETER CARLOROSS CABLEEPLEEEEESE”! and I would be rewarded by the lady in the window with a piece of that hard ass pink bubble gum that looked like an extruded flower and lost its flavor once it got soft. I guess maybe kids still get to have such joy in more devilish parts of the country where boozy drive thrus are still open.

Thank you Mom for giving me such a fun childhood. I still remember those honey biscuits at PoFolks and how special you made everyday adventures. That and my weird love for all things Chablis. ❤

On to more TINY.

Like TINY food.

I’m talking about HUSH PUPPIES.


photo credit Garden & Gun

If you’ve never had a hush puppy I’m not sure that I can even begin to explain to you the delightful wonder that is these tiny appetizer balls of deep fried corn meal magic. Except I just tried to. I can only imagine how adding crab would take this already perfect delicacy and amp it the &#@% up. Someday I will try it and I will tell you all about it. Until then, go find the dive-iest fish camp around and GIT U SUM hush puppies. And tarter sauce. Because that is how you are supposed to eat them. My grandmother told me so.

I haven’t shared a TINY video lately! Here is a squee worthy video of TINY stuff sent to me by my field agent Miss Kelly! Click ^ to see it.




It’s garden time, y’all!

It’s been a while since I got to have a BIG garden, but every garden starts with TINY seeds! Now that Mr. Smith and I have nearly an acre of land, we are planning a pretty big garden. Here are some of the seeds I have picked up for the coming year. I won the Baker Creek Seeds as part of a silent auction for the JRDF. What a win! I’ll keep y’all posted on how the garden grows this years. I hope it will be worthy of several posts instead of TINY TUESDAY!


 Oh, and Patti Smith says, “Forget about all these–just plant the sweet corn!”

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Tiny Tuesday #21!

Hey there! It’s TINY TUESDAY #21!

Happy TINY TUESDAY from the snowy state of North Carolina!

I’m going a TINY bit stir crazy after being stuck in the house since Friday night. We finally got out today–Mr. Smith drove me to Morganton to get my Mom her cat back (we’ve been cat-sitting while she vacationed). The main roads around here are clear but the secondary and tertiary roads are still pretty icy to be honest. I know you readers from up north may scoff at us down here in the south, but we just don’t have the plows, salt, etc to keep our roads safe. Some of our buses don’t even have heat. Glad to be off another day to keep the kiddos safe and warm.

So yeah, I’ve got a little extra time on my hands for the bloggy ❤

You may recall my field agent TP from last week’s  TT. She is the one who sent in the pictures of the fairy garden! You absolutely must click here to see what she found for us this time. It includes TINY, cats, and funny–three of my most favorite things! Thanks again TP–I love it when you dear readers report on TINY stuff for me to share!





Num-nomsL’il WoodzeezSquishyPops My Little PoniesAnimal Jam

new TINY toys posing with books leftover from my subcultures class at WWC.

{THAT is a hilarious juxtaposition}


Duckie posing with the new TINY etch-A-sketch! Thanks Mod Mom!


A much coveted LOL Surprise doll!

You gotta watch the unboxing videos on these–click here. These dolls are so weird–mine is a spitter in case you were interested. These LOL dolls are selling like hotcakes on ebay so you should snag some if you can actually find them in stores!




My mom brought these TINY satsuma oranges back from her gallivanting in LA. Satsuma is also the name of a small community that my dad lived in as a kid. They’re totally delicious–click here to read a little of the history of the TINY fruit!





Some of y’all may know that I collect paper-beads–which reminds me that I really DO need to write a post showing off my ever-growing collection of them! My mom asked our friend Cotton Candy (remember her from Tiny Tuesday #8!Tiny Tuesday #9Tiny Tuesday #10 !!!) to make me a pair for Christmas and these are what she created. I’m totally smitten with them. TINY SPARKLE! Yipee!

Hope you are having a fabulous TINY week wherever you are!

And if you’re snowed in like me, I hope you’re only going a TINY bit snow crazy 🙂


TINY Tuesday #20!

Here it is-FINALLY 2017!

Happy New Year!!!

{and more importantly}

Happy first TINY Tuesday of 2017!

I ran across these pics that came from one of my biggest TT fans and dear pal, TP. These are photos that she herself snuck up and took of a real live ACTUAL fairy garden!!! Look at all the wonderful little TINY things that the fairies collected and arranged so perfectly! I especially love the wagon and the flamingo. By the looks of the last photo they must have found a TINY green Monopoly house and are using it as a doll house! Have YOU ever stumbled upon a fairy garden? Next time you do, take a few pictures for me! I’ve heard that the fairies don’t mind at all, so long as you don’t TOUCH anything AND you leave a TINY token of appreciation. Thanks again TP!!!






This TINY gel pen came from my secret Santa at work–it has such smooth ink! Also here is my Journal Junkies journal (stay tuned for more about that in my 2017 to-do list post) with a most awesome quote on it. Also I have only just figured out how to doodle on my pictures hence the awkward writing you see superimposed on my book XD

Speaking of gel pens, often when I use them I think about one of my favorite co-workers from an old library job. She was from Nicaragua and Spanish is her first language. Most everything she said made since but sometimes words with a G or J came out delightfully funny. She pronounced gel pens fine but called gel nail polish “HELL polish”. And she called Bojangles (for those of you not from the south this is the holy grail of fast food biscuits and chicken) bo-HAN-glais. I just love funny pronunciations of words.





Pictured with PBR can to show ridiculous scale!

This TEENY TINY peach pit basket actually came from another former library coworker of mine. Her father was a preacher and he made these little baskets. Somewhere in an old TINY Tuesday post I told y’all about having these as a little girl living in Georgia. At some point she and I must have talked about them because she found this one little tiny one in her jewelry box and gave it to me. It is such a treasure and I am so glad to have it in my collection of TINY delights.

Inspirational quote about TINY!


Gotta love ‘ol RWE. Take a minute to think about it.

I got a bunch of really great tiny doll stuff but I have some of it on my desk at work so I’m going to have to hold off on posting about that until later. Those goodies will definitely be in next week’s edition of TT! I guess this is kind of a short one, nee a TINY one, but I hope you enjoy it.

Until next time, much love from the sutler tent!


TINY TUESDAY #19 & blog post #80!

Hullo there folks!

I hope everyone is faring okay during the onslaught of the winter holidays…

…Christmas & Kwanzaa & Hanukkah & Solstice & ALL THE OTHERS.

Like your most favorite weekly holiday–TINY TUESDAY! :O

Here is a TINY QUOTE to start us off:


I guess that is actually more of a TINY FUN FACT but I haven’t fact checked it, so we will call it a TINY QUOTE. I love strawberries. I miss summer already.


I often send myself direct messages on instagram of recipes and crafty stuff.  Also TINY stuff, of course. I let them build up a bit and here is what I have to show for it: slightly awkward screenshots. I decided not to crop them so you can get some of the tags. Obviously these pictures are not mine–most are watermarked by their owner. Go checkout the various accounts for more fun TINY!
























Here also is some TINY candy. I spotted these on a recent trip to Hopey & Co. in Swannanoa. Nothing like silly fruity candy to make ya feel like a kid again. Just look at the TINY BONZ! I totally want to shellac them and put them on jewelry!




Okay, so I got caught in an awful traffic jam coming home from work today. It turns out, it was an accident with a fatality, so please send out some prayers and good vibes to the folks who lost a loved one today. I had no idea what was up ahead (I found out after I got home) but things were slow moving. I did what I always do in such situations: I put it in park and got out my knitting! After sitting for a few minutes I noticed the lady in the car next to me (a PT Cruiser, no less) giving me the international “roll down your window” handmotion. I have an ACTUAL manual window so this took some doing from across the truck. After I got the window down a bit she hollers to me, “I’VE BEEN PRAYING, WONDERING WHAT WAS GOING ON AND THEN ON THE RADIO–I’M LISTENING TO THE CHRISTIAN STATION–THEY SAID IT WAS A REAL BAD WRECK.” And I’m like, “Yeah that’s what it looks like–we might be here a while, thank goodness I have my knitting.” (I chuckle and hold up my knitting) Then the lady hollers back to me, “I HAVE SOME FRESH BANANAS IN THE BACK, DO YOU WANT ONE? I’LL HAVE MY SON BRING IT OVER TO YOU” I tell her no but thank you I have been eating peppermints and would she like some. She says, “HAHA, NO THANK YOU, BUT GOD BLESS YOU.” And I say , “You, too.” And then the traffic starts to move again and we wave goodbye.

The world is a pretty crazy place right now, but there are TINY bits of magic everywhere. You just have to be ready for them. Look out for them and you just might get a banana and a prayer in the middle of Hwy 321.

Big love to all of y’all.

See you back here soon.