OOTD #5: HAIRS CUT and then some

Hey there fashion fans!

Here are two of my outfits from last week.

Do you notice anything different….?

I cut my hairs!

After seeing my previous OOTD posts I realized that one side of my hair was longer than the other. I trimmed it a bit and then it needed evening out again and then the next thing I knew it was short XD . I’m basically not allowed to have scissors near the bathroom.

{LEFT}: The tee-shirt underneath is actually a cropped top that I originally got to wear with a match-y dress. It came off the post-Christmas deep discounted clothes racks at Belk this January. I like it a lot under the shark bite dresses. Speaking of, this is another one from my mom’s latest trip to Daytona.

{RIGHT}: Thrifted tee. Dress from Maude Vintage. Maude is basically the best vintage store around. Sabrina has been keeping fashion super fresh since 2000! (Sarb, y’all reeeeally need to have a sweet 16 birthday party!) I haven’t found a store that is even in the same league anywhere. If you ever find yourself in mid-Missouri you absolutely have to stop in. But back to the dress–it is one of my ultimate “tropical bird” outfits. I’m always a color explosion when I wear it and I never fail to get compliments on it. PLUS, IT HAS POCKETS 😀 The stretchy belt is modern but came from a thrift store in Daytona. Gotta keep that waist cinched!

{LEFT}: Leggings by xhilaration at Target. Stretchy rainbow shoes from Walmart by Faded Glory–my BFF Rhonda got these for me for my birthday! SO cute and comfy.

{RIGHT}: Cropped cupcake leggings from Walmart. I’ve already told y’all about the Birkenstocks here.




These earrings are technically Swarovski crystal Christmas presents but I wear the year round because they are gorgeous and throw rainbows everywhere. Got them at Stein Mart a few years ago near the winter holidays. I think I paid $5.99 for them on sale!


Vintage Mardi Gras beads, thrifted somewhere in Daytona.

I always keep the prices on stuff like this, Minnie Pearl style!


These leafy looking earrings came from Smiley’s Flea Market in Fletcher. I gave 50 cents for them! They’re really light and easy to wear and the last time I wore them a little girl told me they looked like a Christmas tree! 🙂


I thrifted this beautiful paper bead necklace, but I think it probably came from a group like this one where impoverished women are compensated fairly for their art. I bought a similar one from Ten Thousand Villages years ago and I love it AND I felt super lucky to score such a nice one for a nearly a song. I have quite a nice little paper bead necklace collection. I’ll put that on the “to blog” list!


These two little charms are really special to me. The tiny bottle full of sparkles was made for me by my pal, Violet. TINY SPARKLES! I should have put that in a TINY TUESDAY post. Maybe I will again some day! The other is a pendant with a blue topaz stone. My grandmother gave it to me for my 31st birthday and it’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry ❤


Oh Betsey.

You are a wicked mistress and I love you so BADDD.

Here are some awesome pieces from her current collection.

I’m pretending they’re part of my own collection, haha!




Tiny Tuesday #13!!

Today is Tuesday!

It’s the lucky 13th edition of TINY TUESDAY!

Let’s see what kind of tiny I have lined up for y’all this week:



…and speaking of calories…




I know this isn’t a very great picture, but I had to share it anyway. Turns out, my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant Papa’s and Beer on Tunnel Road in Asheville has a TINY collection of TINY MEXICAN FOOD!!!! Omg, I know. Tiny TACOS and tiny BURRITOS! So cute and SO TINY! I think this is a sort of regional chain, but every one I’ve ever been to is pretty dang great. If you find yourself in the Asheville area you MUST stop in for their salsa bar and avocado tacos! NOMS!




I found this strange unfinished cross-stitch project at a thrift store last weekend. I had no idea what I would do with it if I bought it, so I just took this picture instead. It was too good not to document somehow! I’m starting to think outside the “tiny” box–it takes a LOT of tiny Xs to make a big picture. Here’s to art made op of lots of tiny things! Here’s to strangely unfinished native American iconography!



This week I fell down the vintage enamel pin rabbit hole. I just cannot get enough of these weird old pins!! Next time I’m at my mom’s house I will take some pictures of my own enamel pin collection. It’s not a super big collection, but I do have one somewhere that is a promo for Florida Sugar cane. It says something about “raising cane” and I had no idea what that meant when I was 8 or 9 and got the pin. My mom had to explain to me it was kind of like “raising hell” which I felt like was super scandalous! Anyway, here are some great vintage finds I ran across.

Beyond weird! Maybe my Swiss auntie can shed some light on this?

I love that this one has a dangle!



These could really double as TINY art works, if you ask me. I am so hooked on blind boxes and this may be the best-worst collection I’ve encountered so far. Kidrobot could just take ALL my dang money! I love the Tricky Cats! I’m so glad I got this one–he looks a lot like my Mom’s cat Fraidy! I want to pick up a few more before they are gone. I’d love the Cheshire cat one XD

You might remember my first Kidrobot vinyl figure from my eyeball post a month or so back. Brand new on ebay, those watch sets are going for well over $100! The Dunny figures for $20-40! Too bad that’s one of my favorite Swatches.

I am a HUGE Andy Warhol  fan so I’m obviously drooling hard over this current blind box collection. I’ve got to find a place to buy a couple of these!!

Oh TINY TOYS you are a wicked mistress!


Today a TINY little miracle happened.

While scrolling through instagram this morning I stumbled on a picture posted by Curious Pip. The picture was a of a woman I immediately recognized as the mysterious woman I have been searching for for years!

When I was a college freshman I found a magazine scrap in the trash–it was of a dark haired woman, her striking smiling profile, her hand on her breast. I taped the picture on my dorm room door. I’m not really sure what happened to the scrap–it may have burned up in the fire. I’ve thought about it for years, though, googling all manner of word combinations and never found her again until today.

Here she is, in all her beauty: Renee Perle.



photo by Jacques Henri Lartigue

I can’t wait to try to learn more about her ❤

Here is your tiny video for the week!

This week’s video was suggested to me by my friend Tammy Hennessy of My Art of Hearts. Be sure to click and check out her work, too! Click here to watch incredible fiber artist Althea Crome at work. SPOILER ALERT: There is even a TINY Andy Warhol themed sweater!

Have a wonderful week full of BIG fun!

Tiny Tuesday #12!

Well, just look at that!

It is Tuesday again already!


That means it is TINY TUESDAY AGAIN!

Let’s start it off with




via Amy Sedaris on instagram

Now really, I am disappointed that this is not Duke’s mayonnaise, especially since Amy grew up in Raleigh where Duke’s is available (I totally understand not using it if you don’t know it’s a thing). Regardless, this tiny mayo is really cute and totally worth sharing. Thanks to my buddy Howard for sharing this on my Facebook wall!



 I have always been a sucker for this gum! I love going to Mexican restaurants with the little 25 cent bins at the checkout. I think this is the first time I’ve ever had the violet flavor! I’ve had these violet candies before, so I figured the gum would taste similar. It did! If you see violet flavored candy you should give it a try–it tastes a little like perfume, but in a good way. Plus this is purple and purple equals awesome in my book.



{coffee flavored!}

coffe no5

Coffee No.5 by HsBotttino

coffee carafe

 Vintage Carafe by InTheLavendarHaze

dark coffee

 Dark As The Night by AhoyKollectiv




This isn’t the tiniest fork ever, but it is rather small and it made me smile. Part of the reason I was smiling was because it forked a sample of spicy slaw into my mouth at Trader Joe’s. Mmmmm. Slaw.


eraser pizza

I love the little boxes have real pizza spoofs on them! Pizza Hoot and Mama Johns is pretty dang funny. Tofu Cute is predictably squee-worthy. Their kawaii eraser game is so strong!



tiny knit

Tiny knitting via Enrhedando

Here is your TINY video of the week! Miniature Cusina is loaded with ridiculously cute videos of micro cuisine. You really gotta watch this video which features TINY PANCAKES. This is in honor of the not-at-all-tiny blueberry pancakes Mr. Smith made over the weekend. It would have been so sad if they were that tiny!

Have a great week all you TINY pals!

New Shark Bites! (OOTD #3)

Hey there friends that want to gawk at my funny fashion!

Tropical bird alert!

Here are two of my outfits from this first week of July!

I’ve got THREE great new dresses that Mom got me on her cat-sitting adventure down in Florida. She made a day trip up to Daytona to hit up the flea market (see this post) get me more “shark bite dresses”. I’m talking about the little short dresses that are longer on the sides and come to points–kind of like a shark bite! They are so comfy to wear paired with leggings. It feels like wearing pajamas but looks so cute! I love comfortable sass.

Please excuse my lack of eye make-up as my allergies have been AWFUL and my lashes haven’t been graced with mascara in about a month >:p

{LEFT} Pepperoni pizza tee for $5 off the sale rack at Walmart. Dress was $5 and came from Ross a few years back. I cut about three feet off it (I looked like Holly Hobbie lol) and it became on of my favorites! I’ve even worn it to Carowinds with bike shorts under it. We’ll get to that crazy necklace in another post!

{RIGHT} Shark bite dress paired with a thrifted Elle top from Kohls. Note the awesome polka dots AND stripes together! I have to wear long sleeves at work because it is approximately -14 degrees Fahrenheit at my job. Also note the SPARKLES all over that dang cheetah on the dress! Stay tuned for the rest of the ones Mom got for me.

{LEFT} leggings from the Daytona Flea Market $3

{RIGHT} leggings from Walmart for $3

If you know me well at all you will know that I have awful chronic back pain. My particular pain is in my lower back (L4 &L5 if you’re nerdy enough to know) where I blew a disk about 8 years ago. I LOVE wearing high heels–I have super high arches and heels feel SO GOOD on my feet. Crazy, I know. Unfortunately, heels are awful for my back 😦 Since I’ve had a few weeks of a not-so-happy back I’ve been in my flats, like Birkenstocks. They make for a much happier back.

Now don’t start hating over this, but I snagged these Birks for TEN BUCKS at an outlet sale. I had just blown out an awesome pair that I’d had for years. Birkenstocks, y’all. They feel great!


Tomato Swatch from Spring 2016 collection.

Pink zipper bracelet came from the June DokiDoki crate.

One of my co-workers told me about a new store over in Gastonia called Gabe’s. I was over in that direction delivering sandwiches to Mr. Smith a few weeks back, so I stopped by. OMG y’all, that place is FULL of FUN. So many great deals. I found a whole display rack of zipper headbands that look very similar to my pink zipper bracelet. They were only 50 cents each! I cut the stretchy headband part off and made them in to bracelets. Because really, a zipper headband seems like a bad idea, right?


Here is a little sneak peek at what I’ve been crafting!

I’m trying to get some backstock ready for winter, so I’m back at knitting mitts! I’m having a lot of fun with these colors and the faux fair isle pattern–yay for “baja blast” lol. Let me know if you want to get on my list for winter–it’ll be chilly again before we know it!

What are you wearing this summer?

How hot is it where you are?

Stay tuned for more fashion from the tropical bird!

Tiny Tuesday #11!!!



I forgot yesterday was Tuesday, thanks to the 4th of July holiday

so this week we are having TINY TUESDAY

on dang-a-lang Wednesday!!!

Let’s start this TINY party off with a great TINY quote:

pusheen on marshmallow


RANDOM SIDE NOTE: This is huge (lol, HUGE news in a TINY post–oops!) news for you vegetarian/vegans out there! Trader Joe’s is now carrying marshmallows we can eat! Just in time for s’mores season! No more pouting and pretending we don’t want s’more, too!

Now back to TINY!

I decided I needed share more of my various TINY collections. Since it’s officially summer now I figured I’d show off my TINY frozen treats! The shaved ice and ice-cream bowl are classic Iwako. The Dairy Queen treats are from miWorld. I ADORE the DQ stuff–It was wonderful  getting to go to Dairy Queen with my dad when I was a little girl! These treats are so TINY and so cute! I would have FREAKED if these had been around when I was a kid–I freak enough about them as a “grown-up” 😉



Dead grass and DQ!


Shopkins basketful!


Have y’all heard about bullet journals? I just read about them a couple of months back, which makes me a little late to the game, but I am so smitten. I’ve been playing around with one, and seeing how it will work best for me. Once I get my system a little more defined I will share more with you. One of the things that is appealing to me about them is the daily checks and balances it makes me recognize. That, and the fun office supplies XD

Lacy Face  stamp by Kaela Graham & Yarnball stamp by RAD Stamps


This leads well in to TINY toy talk! Oh blind boxes, you are a fickle mistress. I have a set of series 1 Num Noms and recently got a series 2 pack. Admittedly, I don’t really understand what these are supposed to do or be for. If you stretch them a bit they’ll fit on a fashion doll head sort of like a weird swimming cap (see pic below). Be sure not to leave it on the doll too long though or the little cap will split. I digress. There are some Nums that zoom around like little cupcake cars. Some come with strange tasting lip gloss. Series 2 sometimes come with STAMPERS which are ADORABLE.


They’re pretty cute even if I’m not sure exactly what else to do with them!


Another week and MOARRRR awesome pins!

Jellybean Cat by ilikeCATSshopButt Licker by SurfingSlothPizza Cat by thenosuchdisco

There were too many cat cuuuuute cat pins to not pick three to make you drool over!


bread haus

Bread Haus desing by Design-Dautore

This popped up as a memory on my Facebook feed from a few years back. My mom posted it on my wall–proof that I am a long time lover of TINY cute fun! (Though in general I do prefer large food portions when eating. 😉 )


I am so in love with all the work these two do over at Black Springs Folk Art. I mentioned Becca and Doug in this post from a while back. These two incredible artists not only make the MOST AWESOME TINY THINGS (click here for more) they are embarking on an additional venture called Hope Springs Animal Rescue which is a mobile Airstream they’re renovating to use as an adoption and rescue-mobile! They’re getting ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign so follow them for updates and support this amazing cause.

Also, I want this TINY knife charm SO BADDD!

It is totally on my “to spoil myself” dream list 🙂


My friends send me the most fun little videos of TINY stuff. It makes me grumpy that I can’t share them on this blog, but I don’t pay the premium rate and therefore cannot embed the video. I have come up with a not-as-exciting work around to this sharing problem. I’ll just post them in sentences with clickable words and you’ll just have to trust me that they are super cute and worth clicking without a teaser picture! I’ll start including a couple of these each Tuesday.

Here is a video from Mr. Smith that is about TINY BIKES!

Happy TINY hump day, y’all!