Thirsty Thursday #4: Treehouse Vineyards Edition

Are y’all THIRSTY yet?!

You sure ought to be, because it is THURSDAY!!!

Do you like wine?

Do you like tree houses?

I can’t imagine anyone that DOESN’T like wine and tree houses, or at least one of the two! Treehouse Vineyards in downtown Monroe is such a treat to discover. A few weeks back, my mom and I took a little road trip over to Union county and tried it out and I cannot wait to go back. There is currently a two person tree-house that you can spend the night in! This fall their eight person tree-house will be ready to rent!

As soon as we drove up, I felt at home 🙂 :


Inside the tasting room we found requisite winery gift shop delights!

There was plenty of great jewelry, funny paper napkins, and sparkly wine themed shirts!

Neon sign that proclaims the truth!!



During the tasting, if you don’t like something you can dump it in the Solo goblet…which I did not do because everything was delicious! Plenty of the little wine cracker to nosh while you sip. There is a cooler case full of cheese and meat appetizers you can buy (very reasonably priced) to snack on while you sip. They even have Palmetto Cheese. SWOON.

I gotta tell you, the wines were GOOD. I’m not really a sweet wine person, and much of what is made in North Carolina IS sweet. That’s because muscadines grow well here, and many varieties of wine grapes just don’t. I’ve tried quite a lot of wineries in NC, and even in the Yadkin Valley it’s pretty common to find wines that just aren’t very good. This is a winery does a great job making delicious wine, mostly with fruit they grow in their own vineyard. All this is coupled with friendly staff that didn’t act snooty. It was a refreshing change!

My favorite wine was “Sweet Union”. I could drink that stuff all day long! All the wines have names with really great stories behind them. You’ll have to take the tour to learn all about them!  Possibly the greatest thing is that you can get any of their by-the-glass wines made in to a wine slush. A. WINE. SLUSH. Seriously.

This is the Date Night Treehouse that you can rent by the HOUR.

I’m not even kidding.

If you peak back in the tree you can see little bits of the tree house hiding in the trees!


Inside and front porch of the Date Night treehouse.


The view from the front porch.


Because wine slush y’all.



Take a friend! Take a picnic! Take a book! Take a board game! This is a wonderful location for a family afternoon outing. There are porch swings hanging from trees. There is “corn hole”. There are plenty of places to sit back and enjoy the view, even if you don’t (or aren’t old enough to) drink. There is even a great tin roof to listen to, just in case it rains.


For real–if you’re going to visit a vineyard in the Piedmont of North Carolina, this is one of the most fun. Just be sure to get a wine slush and some Palmetto Cheese! Yum!

Tell them Coon-Smith Sutlery sent you!

Tiny Tuesday #10 !!!




It’s TINY Tuesday!!!!

Hooray! I’m back with tiny things for your viewing delight!

This first magical tiny comes to you from my dearest Violet. She actually sent this to me like SIX dang weeks ago on the work courier and it *just* missed TINY Tuesday #10. It’s been hectic and I hate it’s taken me this long to show off this hilariously tiny gumball yogi-robot! Also, check out that sweet mani! I cannot get enough of Sally Hansen “Copper Penny”. Unfortunately, it’s not made anymore and I’ve almost used mine up 😦 Do an image search for it and drool while you cry. I LOVE COPPER GLITTER! It is so TINY, too!



I can’t get over how FREAKING awesome the enamel pin game is right now. I’m loving looking through Etsy shops to share my favorites with you for TINY Tuesday. Pretty much I want every single thing I see–I literally guffaw and squee every time I look! Here are some of the winners for this week 🙂

bake pies

I want this entire dang set by KooKoo Bird!!!

Mighty Pen by Rock CakesEscape fire by Asilda StoreTape Recorder by Popular Virus


It’s time for a TINY toast!

I got hilariously lucky at a salvage grocery store where I found the beauties seen below. There are also some margaritas that will have their debut at another time. I hadn’t even thought about birthday candles and cake decorations as fodder for dollies and TINY Tuesday! I will def have my eyes peeled from here on out.


tiny champagne candles!



icecream blue


I know featured Sausalito Ferry on the last TINY Tuesday, but I love their stuff so much that I had to show them off again. Their erasers remind me SO MUCH of being a kid–these are so reminiscent of the TINY erasers I grew up playing with. Their prices are so good that I really need to bite the bullet and buy a few sets. BUT WHICH ONES WOULD I EVEN PICK?!??! I’ll keep y’all posted. ❤

TINY Schrodinger’s Cookie Tin!

cookie tin 2.png

These cookies seem to either be loved or loathed. I loathe very little when it comes to food, especially if said food comes in a tin I can use for crafty stuff!!! I love finding these tins full of sewing supplies at thrift stores! Always a total score. Can you even believe how TINY those little cookies are?!?! So deliciously tiny! I def need these for the dollhouse kitchen.





MixieQs from the Amethyst collection!

Y’all. There are many blind boxes and tiny collectibles out there but NOTHING has gotten me as excited as these TEENY TINY Mixie Q’s. Each blind box comes with two little dolls, two outfits, and two hair styles–all are interchangeable. My doll crew has had a little bit of luck finding these in stores, but they sell out so FAST. The price point is perfect; $2.99. Terrifically hard to pass without getting two boxes for yourself and one for each of your nerdy doll pals!!! Thank goodness I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted a box since I haven’t seen them anywhere!


Here are my TINY Mixies! A teeny superhero girl and a black cat! SO PERFECT!




These two miniatures are from the EVER AWESOME Cotton Candy collection. I had planned to post these near June 6th but that was during my vacation from blogging. The reason I was going to post then, is because these two TINY things totally represent my Granddaddy, who fought in World War II. June 6th is D-Day and Granddaddy was there on the sixth day after the invasion; June 12th. After the war he was a building contractor. For nearly 60 years he hammered and drank many a Coke–so a hammer and a can of Coke represent him to a T! I am reminded of his service often, but especially during this time of year. Here’s to you, Elbert! Be sure to thank the veterans in your life!!!

First World Problems


I have had an annoying week.

You know the kind where it’s not like you really have anything to whine about but you still feel reeeeaaaally whiny? Yep. I am having one of those. TGIF and everything, but I’m still feeling the grump.

Here is how this week has gone:

  1. My a/c wouldn’t turn on when I tried to cool the house off Sunday.
  2. Landlordy couldn’t fix it until Tuesday.
  3. My new anti-grinding bite guard is giving me a nightly headache & drool-fest.
  4. My squash plants look like shriveled up snotty kleenex.
  5. I missed Tiny Tuesday.

And then came Wednesday.

A few of my co-workers and I go out to eat at Wendy’s on Wednesdays. We’ve been going there every week for at least two or three months. I get the same 3 things every week. And I seriously look forward to them like nobody’s business because I am on a pretty tight budget and this is my weekly treat. So this week I go up to order and I ask for my small Caesar Side Salad, Ghost Pepper Cheese Fries, and small Chocolate Frosty…


“The Ghost Fries promotion is over.”

And now I know what you crazy McRib people are talking about.


😦 R.I.P. Ghost Pepper Cheese Fries 😦

I can only hope and pray that they will return to us someday!!!

I also have just had no time to do any bloggy stuff and I feel like such a bad blogger but I’m going to try to play catch-up and get a bunch of stuff queued up and then all will be on track again.

Please don’t give up on me.

Please stay tuned.

Please get in touch with Wendy Thomas and make her bring back my fries!!!!

Love y’all super hard.

Tropical bird in flight! (OOTD take 2)

Oh, hello!

It’s me, your tropical bird friend!

Thank goodness it’s Thursday!

Everyone seemed to love the last OOTD post! {I guess everyone loves a silly colorful outfit!} There is plenty more where that came from, so I guess this will be another regular feature!

Here are two looks from this first week of June!

{LEFT} tank top: thrifted, but via Hot Topic

…because who doesn’t want Daryl Dixon on their boobs?!

{RIGHT} t-shirt: black capped sleeve tee, thrifted;

“FASHION DESIGN” parrot dress* from the Daytona Flea Market.

*I am completely addicted to these dresses and wish I had one for every day of the week!

{LEFT} Cheetah earrings: Burkes Outlet. {RIGHT} Engraved kittens with bells: thrifted.



Thrifted necklace–beads are probably plastic, painted to look like faux rock.


Medallion necklace by Piddly Links from my mom’s jewelry box.


Thrifted chunky bead necklace–I like these because they feel a little like pearls.

{LEFT} Let’s talk about palazzo pants. I am addicted. I got this pair at a dang CVS and had I known how much I would love them I would have bought EVERY PAIR. There is something about them that feels simultaneously super chic and so lazy. You’ll see more of this pants style in the coming OOTD posts! SHOES: gladiator sandal by ‘So’ at Kohls. I want this silver pair so bad! I l actually lucked out and got this orange pair on the sale rack two seasons ago for $7. They’ve been comfortable AND held up really well.

{RIGHT} leggings: xhilaration from Target. SHOES: galaxy clogs by Dansko. You don’t even want to know how much I paid for these! Really, you don’t. Okay, I’ll tell you! I snagged these at a crazy outlet sale for $35. They retail for at least $129. My lucky dang day!!!



I was painting my nails out on my carport the other night and spied this snake skin out of the corner of my eye! Hey there snake skin! After I posted the picture on Facebook, my friend Moose commented and thinks it belonged to a black snake. AND IT CAN BE USED FOR CRAFTING. Moose said he uses the skins and shellacs them on walking sticks as a decorative texture. I am sooooooo trying this out! I have a little wooden trinket box that I am going to glue this bad boy on to! Stay tuned for THAT awesome craft tutorial coming soon. And don’t my nails look great? XD

What are you wearing this season?

What is your must have piece?

❤ Tell me all about it! ❤