TINY Tuesday #27! {ponytail miracle & more}

Hey!!! It’s TINY Tuesday…AGAIN!!

I hope you are having a great start to your week!

Things here in summer vacationland are pretty good. I’m getting lots accomplished and also nothing accomplished at all, lol! I’m having fun though and that’s all that really matters, right? I’ll keep telling myself that.

***Random note: In most all my previous posts you may have noticed that I put the text for clickable links in orange. For whatever SUPER annoying reason, I cannot make the text turn colors for the past few posts. In lieu of this delineation, I am now underlining and italics-ing the words. I like to add hyperlinks so you can learn more about what I’m talking about or even find & buy certain products–that’s something I like about blogs I follow so I do it here on my blog, too.  SOoooooo look for these new clues instead of orange :/ Hopefully I can eventually troubleshoot and fix the issue.

Without further a-do, here are some TINY fun things for you!



OMG y’all! I have a TINY ponytail! Super weird/awkward angle for this picture, and it’s definitely not a “going-off-the-property” hairstyle, BUT I am so stoked to FINALLY have enough hair to get into a ponytail, especially for the summer. In other hair news, I think my hair has FINALLY recovered from a bad hair cut I got in March. I am so glad my hair has it’s normal body back and isn’t flat and sad. And look at those glorious grays! ❤


I told y’all last week that I had gotten some REALLY fun TINY stuff for my birthday. I’m not going to blow the whole shebang all at once though! 🙂 Here are some of the wonderful little trinkets and treats I’ve gotten lately! Stay tuned in the next week or two as I reveal ALL the new additions to my collection!




My #1 field agent and miniature resource collector, Cotton Candy, gifted me with MORE delights from her personal collection. I am SOOOO in love with this little cloisonne style tea set! I cannot WAIT to get my doll house set up again so that the dollies can have a tea party set up with this in their little living room! I couldn’t resist wearing the tea cups on my fingers–it reminds me of being a kid and putting black olives on my fingers and then eating them! I did NOT eat the tea cups.

And speaking of Cotton Candy being a great field agent, check out this new TV show that she told me about–it stars tiny KITTENS in a dollhouse, Keeping up with the Kattarshians. There is not much better than kittens playing in a dollhouse.

CAT in a HAT!!


This is another TINY delight from Cotton Candy! This teeny cat is the purrrfect size to be a toy for a doll! Here she is posing in her sunhat trying to get some much needed shade in the Dark Purple Opal Basil. [That basil is SO GOOD, btw–you should get some seeds for your garden! It’s not too late!]

{posing on a USB drive of no significance}


ModMom gifted me with this DARLING little unicorn charm at the last meeting of Doll Club. It reminded me that I REALLY need to get all my Kawaii charms (speaking of kawaii, check out this freaking store I just found when I googled the definition of kawaii!!!) together and back on a necklace before school starts back! I LOVE things that are flocked. I have a small collection of flocked rabbits…a flock of flocked rabbits? I digress. This charm is so TINY and totally perfect for my charm necklace.



I would normally post this in a garden post, but I was just so dang excited when I picked these last night!!! I GREW THESE BERRIES!!! Well, nature grew them, but I took care of the plants! I ate them for breakfast and even let Duck have the shriveled up blueberry to play with. Anyway, it’s the little stuff, right? Stay tuned for more on my plants in a post later in the week.

Hope everyone has a SUPER HUGELY AWESOME rest of the week!

Stay cool and stay happy!


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