TINY Tuesday #18!

Hello there all & welcome to your pre-mid-week blog post pleasure spot!


Here is a corny but true TINY quote to start us off:

For real, y’all.


and now on to SQUEEEE worthy TINY!





Tiny Cafe popped up in NYC recently with a handful of all sorts of TINY delights. This place must be constantly filled with the sounds of SQUEEEE! Click here to see more pictures of adorable TINY foods! They look delicious but DANG I’d have to go eat a whole pizza after teasers like this. Thanks to Amanda for sharing this TINY delight with me so I could share it with you!




TINY pottery by Jon Almeda

One of my fabulous field agents sent me a link to these delightful TEENY TINY pots. The ones with the crystalline glazes are especially jaw dropping. Be sure to follow AlmedaPottery for more. Thanks Aura for sending me this TINY delight!





mini skeins of yarn from Dying to Knit

more mini skeins here

I’m not sure if you can really tell from this picture, but these are little skeins of yarn. Some shops sell these as a kind of test swatch but they have also gained popularity for knitting hexagons and other small projects. I LOVE these TINY skeins and want to hoard them all. If you ever have sock yarn scraps you can save them and send them to me and I will TINY love you forever.






I stumbled over THIS Etsy shop and fell so far down the rabbit hole of TINY stuff that I almost didn’t make it back out in time for TINY TUESDAY. Do yourself a fun favor and go check out the page, especially the miniatures and eyeball stuff. cOverTableCuriOsitEs has stolen my TINY heart this week!

Speaking of doll stuff, my pal Stacey from Gallery 27 was at the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte today and sent a field report for us! If you’re from the greater Charlotte area you’ll know that this is a GIANT (and not at all tiny) craft show that comes this time every year. You do have to pay to get in (kinda weird to pay to go buy stuff, but whatevs) but it’s worth doing every few years. I went last year with my mom but somehow missed that there is a dang ol annual miniature exhibit!

Here is a shot of a general store that Stacey sent:


photo credit Stacey Smith of Gallery 27

If you can wrangle tickets on the cheap you should totally go. Last year I bought a bunch of inexpensive fashion socks there, like 10 pairs for 20 bucks, from a sock vendor. They had really silly stuff to choose from as far as designs go and they held up pretty well for “cheap” socks. If you see some you should get a few pairs–and a few fun pairs for me, too!

That’s all for this edition of Tiny Tuesday!

Enjoy the rest of your week and see you again soon here at the old sutler tent!


Tiny Tuesday #17: Tractor supply, Lincolnton Antiques, Haunted Missouri quail, and NO POLITICS!

Well hullo there my dearies!

TINY TUESDAY is here again!

It’s a rather BIG Tuesday for the US so I made sure to get some TINY queued up for you regardless of political affiliation. Because everyone loves TINY, left or right!

Let’s start off with TINY animal overload.





This little cutie belongs to a mama quail in Missouri under the care of my my old derby pal, Sara Wolff aka Roxy Horror. Sara has recently become the owner of a for real HAUNTED CHURCH in Armstrong MO and her quail got broody on the sneaky during her busy couple weeks in closing on the church. So now she has TINY beebee quails. SO TINY. SO CUTE.

Here is a link that may or may not work of one of the TINY birdies. Try clicking here.

Sara REALLY needs to start a blog *AHEM* what with all her cats and dog and birds and orchids and garden and house DIY projects and raptors and insects and HAUNTED CHURCH stuff going on. *AHEM* Ms Wolff XD

Saturday night Mr. Smith and I went out for a hot date that started at Tractor Supply so Chief dog could get some puppy chow. While the mister drooled over a hand-truck that can push a thousand pounds around, I swooned over these TINY things!




The little girl is odd sized for the hutch and rabbits, but otherwise this playset would be perfect for 10-12 inch doll’s houses. The TINY girl could get put in with Lego sized stuff and be fun, too! I love the TINY vegetables for the TINY rabbits!!





I’m not even sure what else to say about this other than TINY TRACTOR! It would be so cute in my curio of TINY delights. I like that it looks old fashioned.




Also on Saturday I had a friend play date with my new friend and co-worker Ms.See! We toured each others houses to squeee over art supplies and animals and then we went out to do some antiquing. I hadn’t realized what an antique-full town Lincolnton has become. Red Door Antiques was full of fun stuff. They were having a Christmas open house..I know, I know. Now that Halloween is over there has been abusive of “the holiday spirit” already, but I gotta say I am a sucker for wintery decor regardless.

While there I spotted these TINY TREATS.






(also, my hand for perspective)





Y’all. I want one of these TINY STOVES so bad. I love the TINY cast iron pan, and even the little lifter thingy to put more wood in the stove. I’m guessing they actually work on some level–maybe at least with a candle inside. I want to make TINY cornbreads! It’s officially on the TINY wish list.





According to the tag, this is some sort of salesman sample, I’m guessing for a door-to-door hat salesman. The quality was really sort of pitiful–I can’t imagine buying a regular sized hat based on this sample–but I loved it anyway. Such a strange piece for any collection. Champ hat, indeed. I’d put it on my head OR inside my curio!


Hope you enjoyed this little bit of TINY TUESDAY delight!

Be good to each other

                              eat some vegetables

                                                    and drink plenty of water

                           and I will see you back for another installment at the sutler tent!

Have a HUGELY wonderful rest of your week.

❤ ❤ ❤

Tiny Tuesday #16 {life updates and NEW ORLEANS edition}

Hey, guess what!?!

I am still on planet Earth and it is Tuesday so…


Here is a TINY version of the update on my life that has had some very BIG changes.

About a year ago I started looking for a career change and this August I snagged my dream job! After 10 years in library land I left the “quiet” stacks and traded in my library cards for math books. I’m now a teacher’s assistant for eighth grade math at an alternative middle and high school. It is crazy and fun and challenging and rewarding and stressful and exhausting and fabulous.

I also gave up my rental house and moved in with Mr. Smith on our homestead. We weren’t anticipating doing much remodeling for a while…but when we tore out the nasty old carpet to put down new floors we discovered a whole bunch of not-so-TINY problems that needed serious attention. After about three months of serious work (thanks to Mr. Smith and his brother!!) we are mostly in a livable house again. Our kitchen should even be done by Thanksgiving.

Sooooo, a new job, new house, and remodel have distracted me from TINY TUESDAY. I hope to be officially back on track.

Before I started my new teaching job my mom and I took a quick jaunt to New Orleans to visit my family. The flood thwarted our plans and we only got to spend two days down there before we evacuated. It was more or less a TINY vacation. I saw a bunch of TINY things that I documented for your TINY pleasure!



I don’t even want to ponder how much these cost (I’m sure that wasn’t TINY). I saw them in a shop in the part of the French Quarter where all the fancy-schmancy antique shops are. BUT JUST LOOK AT THE TINY! The TINY turkeys! The TINY snails! The TINY elephants! The TINY cats! So much shiney TINY! They would all be so cute in my own curio of TINY things (special blog post to come)!!!


giant CAT BUTT!


Look at my Mom’s TINY hand next to this enormous cat butt! This was also seen in the French Quarter, in a weaving shop. There is also a TINY ceramic cat in the bottom left corner which I tried to get in the picture, but I was laughing at the pose Mom was making so I only got the top part of its head.



This quote technically says “little” and not “tiny” but I think you get the drift. I spied this in a shop window on a very rainy afternoon. I couldn’t agree with the sentiment any more than I do. TINY DROP OF ETERNITY! Oh how I do love Louisiana, rain or shine. I also love Tennessee Williams.



Just look at the TINY cutie working on this bike! This little red-head belongs to one of my birthday twins and old school CoMo pals. We got to hang out before the rains really descended. Always fun to see a good friend, especially when they bring their rad and very well-behaved TINY human!

Okay! That’s a quick wrap for a way long over-due TINY TUESDAY!

I’ll try again next week–hope to see you then!

I missed you ::big::!

Can’t wait to share more TINY with you soon!

Tiny Tuesday #15

Hey y’all!

Looky here at what day it is AGAIN!

Tuesday!!! Get ready for TINY time!!!



I really do love TINY quotes. Every now and then I stumble across a really great one like this!! Tiny sparks are important! Fan the flames and build off those tiny sparks! Unless, of course, you are putting out a campfire. In that case, please be a Smokey the Bear about that mess and be sure the spark is OUT!




These two silly TINY edible treats came from a Doll Dinner over at Mod Mom’s house. Her son, Grumpy Skittles, had gotten a microwave food kit to make these little donuts–it was pretty hilarious and fun. The kit ended up and made about a dozen little donuts! They tasted more like cake than a donut, but were still delicious and definitely worth trying. The TINY hamburger is actually candy! The burger part tasted like Nutella and the bun part was a cookie. I could have eaten the whole box! It was a great doll prop for sure!







The eraser game at Tofu Cute is a strong one! I always find something hilariously adorable AND TINY whenever I check in on their page! Just look at those banana faces!







Just look at these marvelous TINY treasures!!! While I was at the farm this weekend, Chantal whisked me into the sunroom to show off some of the TINY treasures from her youth in France. She wanted to make sure that I told you that the knife and scissors actually DO work. The little ivory binoculars and key are just for show. I’ll have to go back and get some more pictures from her collection of wonderful TINY delights!!! There are so many more TINY things to show you!

That is all for this TINY Tuesday!

Stay tuned next week for a special report on TINY FAIRY GARDENS!

You do NOT want to miss out!

Have a HUGELY wonderful week!

❤ 🙂 ❤

Tiny Tuesday #14 :)

Oh hello there Tuesday!

It is here again!


Sorry about the slump of Tiny Tuesday last week–I had a major space cadet moment.

Another week is gone but here is another TINY TUESDAY is here for your reading pleasure!

Last week I was gifted a seriously wonderful TINY delight from a long time pal of mine.


Notice in the top right corner it says “HOLD HERE”

and then down in the right front it says “THIS SIDE UP”

Can you guess what it is?




I squeeed so hard, y’all. I am so stoked to put these in my purse so I can always color! The person who gave these to me was my first favorite librarian, Mrs. Bear. She scratched instructions on the little black case so the pencils don’t fly all over the place when you open them up. She did this because of personal experience, hahaha! What a wonderful addition to the TINY collection. Thanks again!




iwako icecream

More Iwako from Kawaii USA. I can’t resist their food erasers! I’ve never seen these custard/ice-cream ones before so I had to share them! Kawaii USA has quite a few erasers I haven’t seen before. From what I can tell it’s a wholesale dealer, so you can’t buy just one or two. Still worth drooling over!



(near a BIG beer!)

tiny beer

This awesome shot was sent to me by my good buddy Karen over at Brews&Jewels. She found this delightful TINY table and TINY beer at Sweeten Creek Brewing in Asheville. I’ve never been there, but if they have a TINY treat like this, I can’t wait to go drink a BIG beer on their patio! Thanks again to Karen for being a great TINY TUESDAY field agent!




I want the mint and licorice colors SO BADDDD!

I’m just doing the one enamel pin this week. I really love this design, but also want to give a shout out to Tuesday Bassen who is not only a great designer, but she is fighting the good fight. A big dumb store (Zara) ripped off a bunch of Tuesday’s designs as well as the designs of quite a few other artists. If you want to read more about the theft click these links–publications from NY Magazine, to Good Housekeeping, to Jezebel (and MANY others) have reported on this. It’s a good reminder to be wary of big chains, don’t be breaking commandments,  and support your local artist types!





These thread spools also came from Mrs. Bear! I think I will put them in my beading tool box to use for jewelry. Won’t they be pretty to paint on?! I was also thinking it would be neat to wood burn on them. I’ll have to see if any of my friends near by have the tools for that. Tiny things are so much fun.



I was bad and bought another Tricky Cat. Who couldn’t love that mustard smeared kitty face!? AND corndogs! This one came with two corndogs. I didn’t notice until I was looking up the tag #trickycat on instagram that these vinyl figures have TINY BUTTHOLES. I giggled so hard when I realized this because I am almost seven years old. The new sushi NumNom from Amethyst is giggling, too.

When I went to grab the link for Kidrobot I saw these beauties! A dang CHESS SET!!! Are you kidding me?! Labbit dogs!? Horrible Adorables!? Again, go ahead and take all my money. Ugh, I love these dang collectibles.




Mr. Smith and I are slowly but surely blending our animal families. Y’all have met Patti and Duck, but you haven’t met Chief. I’ll have to give him his own post someday soon. Suffice to say, Chief is a sweetheart, but he IS a big dog and the cats think he breathes too loud and is too excited with his prancing and tail wagging. Patti is not as phased, nor interested in the dog as Duck is. Duck wants to be friends SO BAD but is really scared and hisses and hides an awful lot. I was making egg salad the other day and everyone was interested enough in the food I was making that they all made it into a picture together! Considering they have only been together 3 times I think this is pretty quick progress. TINY miracles are still BIG ones!!!



My #1 field reporter Cotton Candy made sure that I knew about this segment on the CBS morning show. I can’t EVEN deal with how delightful the TINY TREEHOUSES are. You really do need to click and watch this little video. SPOILER: there are also TINY murder scenes! :O

That is all for this week!

See you again soon for another TINY Tuesday!

Tiny Tuesday #13!!

Today is Tuesday!

It’s the lucky 13th edition of TINY TUESDAY!

Let’s see what kind of tiny I have lined up for y’all this week:



…and speaking of calories…




I know this isn’t a very great picture, but I had to share it anyway. Turns out, my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant Papa’s and Beer on Tunnel Road in Asheville has a TINY collection of TINY MEXICAN FOOD!!!! Omg, I know. Tiny TACOS and tiny BURRITOS! So cute and SO TINY! I think this is a sort of regional chain, but every one I’ve ever been to is pretty dang great. If you find yourself in the Asheville area you MUST stop in for their salsa bar and avocado tacos! NOMS!




I found this strange unfinished cross-stitch project at a thrift store last weekend. I had no idea what I would do with it if I bought it, so I just took this picture instead. It was too good not to document somehow! I’m starting to think outside the “tiny” box–it takes a LOT of tiny Xs to make a big picture. Here’s to art made op of lots of tiny things! Here’s to strangely unfinished native American iconography!



This week I fell down the vintage enamel pin rabbit hole. I just cannot get enough of these weird old pins!! Next time I’m at my mom’s house I will take some pictures of my own enamel pin collection. It’s not a super big collection, but I do have one somewhere that is a promo for Florida Sugar cane. It says something about “raising cane” and I had no idea what that meant when I was 8 or 9 and got the pin. My mom had to explain to me it was kind of like “raising hell” which I felt like was super scandalous! Anyway, here are some great vintage finds I ran across.

Beyond weird! Maybe my Swiss auntie can shed some light on this?

I love that this one has a dangle!



These could really double as TINY art works, if you ask me. I am so hooked on blind boxes and this may be the best-worst collection I’ve encountered so far. Kidrobot could just take ALL my dang money! I love the Tricky Cats! I’m so glad I got this one–he looks a lot like my Mom’s cat Fraidy! I want to pick up a few more before they are gone. I’d love the Cheshire cat one XD

You might remember my first Kidrobot vinyl figure from my eyeball post a month or so back. Brand new on ebay, those watch sets are going for well over $100! The Dunny figures for $20-40! Too bad that’s one of my favorite Swatches.

I am a HUGE Andy Warhol  fan so I’m obviously drooling hard over this current blind box collection. I’ve got to find a place to buy a couple of these!!

Oh TINY TOYS you are a wicked mistress!


Today a TINY little miracle happened.

While scrolling through instagram this morning I stumbled on a picture posted by Curious Pip. The picture was a of a woman I immediately recognized as the mysterious woman I have been searching for for years!

When I was a college freshman I found a magazine scrap in the trash–it was of a dark haired woman, her striking smiling profile, her hand on her breast. I taped the picture on my dorm room door. I’m not really sure what happened to the scrap–it may have burned up in the fire. I’ve thought about it for years, though, googling all manner of word combinations and never found her again until today.

Here she is, in all her beauty: Renee Perle.



photo by Jacques Henri Lartigue

I can’t wait to try to learn more about her ❤

Here is your tiny video for the week!

This week’s video was suggested to me by my friend Tammy Hennessy of My Art of Hearts. Be sure to click and check out her work, too! Click here to watch incredible fiber artist Althea Crome at work. SPOILER ALERT: There is even a TINY Andy Warhol themed sweater!

Have a wonderful week full of BIG fun!

Tiny Tuesday #12!

Well, just look at that!

It is Tuesday again already!


That means it is TINY TUESDAY AGAIN!

Let’s start it off with




via Amy Sedaris on instagram

Now really, I am disappointed that this is not Duke’s mayonnaise, especially since Amy grew up in Raleigh where Duke’s is available (I totally understand not using it if you don’t know it’s a thing). Regardless, this tiny mayo is really cute and totally worth sharing. Thanks to my buddy Howard for sharing this on my Facebook wall!



 I have always been a sucker for this gum! I love going to Mexican restaurants with the little 25 cent bins at the checkout. I think this is the first time I’ve ever had the violet flavor! I’ve had these violet candies before, so I figured the gum would taste similar. It did! If you see violet flavored candy you should give it a try–it tastes a little like perfume, but in a good way. Plus this is purple and purple equals awesome in my book.



{coffee flavored!}

coffe no5

Coffee No.5 by HsBotttino

coffee carafe

 Vintage Carafe by InTheLavendarHaze

dark coffee

 Dark As The Night by AhoyKollectiv




This isn’t the tiniest fork ever, but it is rather small and it made me smile. Part of the reason I was smiling was because it forked a sample of spicy slaw into my mouth at Trader Joe’s. Mmmmm. Slaw.


eraser pizza

I love the little boxes have real pizza spoofs on them! Pizza Hoot and Mama Johns is pretty dang funny. Tofu Cute is predictably squee-worthy. Their kawaii eraser game is so strong!



tiny knit

Tiny knitting via Enrhedando

Here is your TINY video of the week! Miniature Cusina is loaded with ridiculously cute videos of micro cuisine. You really gotta watch this video which features TINY PANCAKES. This is in honor of the not-at-all-tiny blueberry pancakes Mr. Smith made over the weekend. It would have been so sad if they were that tiny!

Have a great week all you TINY pals!

Tiny Tuesday #11!!!



I forgot yesterday was Tuesday, thanks to the 4th of July holiday

so this week we are having TINY TUESDAY

on dang-a-lang Wednesday!!!

Let’s start this TINY party off with a great TINY quote:

pusheen on marshmallow


RANDOM SIDE NOTE: This is huge (lol, HUGE news in a TINY post–oops!) news for you vegetarian/vegans out there! Trader Joe’s is now carrying marshmallows we can eat! Just in time for s’mores season! No more pouting and pretending we don’t want s’more, too!

Now back to TINY!

I decided I needed share more of my various TINY collections. Since it’s officially summer now I figured I’d show off my TINY frozen treats! The shaved ice and ice-cream bowl are classic Iwako. The Dairy Queen treats are from miWorld. I ADORE the DQ stuff–It was wonderful  getting to go to Dairy Queen with my dad when I was a little girl! These treats are so TINY and so cute! I would have FREAKED if these had been around when I was a kid–I freak enough about them as a “grown-up” 😉



Dead grass and DQ!


Shopkins basketful!


Have y’all heard about bullet journals? I just read about them a couple of months back, which makes me a little late to the game, but I am so smitten. I’ve been playing around with one, and seeing how it will work best for me. Once I get my system a little more defined I will share more with you. One of the things that is appealing to me about them is the daily checks and balances it makes me recognize. That, and the fun office supplies XD

Lacy Face  stamp by Kaela Graham & Yarnball stamp by RAD Stamps


This leads well in to TINY toy talk! Oh blind boxes, you are a fickle mistress. I have a set of series 1 Num Noms and recently got a series 2 pack. Admittedly, I don’t really understand what these are supposed to do or be for. If you stretch them a bit they’ll fit on a fashion doll head sort of like a weird swimming cap (see pic below). Be sure not to leave it on the doll too long though or the little cap will split. I digress. There are some Nums that zoom around like little cupcake cars. Some come with strange tasting lip gloss. Series 2 sometimes come with STAMPERS which are ADORABLE.


They’re pretty cute even if I’m not sure exactly what else to do with them!


Another week and MOARRRR awesome pins!

Jellybean Cat by ilikeCATSshopButt Licker by SurfingSlothPizza Cat by thenosuchdisco

There were too many cat cuuuuute cat pins to not pick three to make you drool over!


bread haus

Bread Haus desing by Design-Dautore

This popped up as a memory on my Facebook feed from a few years back. My mom posted it on my wall–proof that I am a long time lover of TINY cute fun! (Though in general I do prefer large food portions when eating. 😉 )


I am so in love with all the work these two do over at Black Springs Folk Art. I mentioned Becca and Doug in this post from a while back. These two incredible artists not only make the MOST AWESOME TINY THINGS (click here for more) they are embarking on an additional venture called Hope Springs Animal Rescue which is a mobile Airstream they’re renovating to use as an adoption and rescue-mobile! They’re getting ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign so follow them for updates and support this amazing cause.

Also, I want this TINY knife charm SO BADDD!

It is totally on my “to spoil myself” dream list 🙂


My friends send me the most fun little videos of TINY stuff. It makes me grumpy that I can’t share them on this blog, but I don’t pay the premium rate and therefore cannot embed the video. I have come up with a not-as-exciting work around to this sharing problem. I’ll just post them in sentences with clickable words and you’ll just have to trust me that they are super cute and worth clicking without a teaser picture! I’ll start including a couple of these each Tuesday.

Here is a video from Mr. Smith that is about TINY BIKES!

Happy TINY hump day, y’all!



Tiny Tuesday #10 !!!




It’s TINY Tuesday!!!!

Hooray! I’m back with tiny things for your viewing delight!

This first magical tiny comes to you from my dearest Violet. She actually sent this to me like SIX dang weeks ago on the work courier and it *just* missed TINY Tuesday #10. It’s been hectic and I hate it’s taken me this long to show off this hilariously tiny gumball yogi-robot! Also, check out that sweet mani! I cannot get enough of Sally Hansen “Copper Penny”. Unfortunately, it’s not made anymore and I’ve almost used mine up 😦 Do an image search for it and drool while you cry. I LOVE COPPER GLITTER! It is so TINY, too!



I can’t get over how FREAKING awesome the enamel pin game is right now. I’m loving looking through Etsy shops to share my favorites with you for TINY Tuesday. Pretty much I want every single thing I see–I literally guffaw and squee every time I look! Here are some of the winners for this week 🙂

bake pies

I want this entire dang set by KooKoo Bird!!!

Mighty Pen by Rock CakesEscape fire by Asilda StoreTape Recorder by Popular Virus


It’s time for a TINY toast!

I got hilariously lucky at a salvage grocery store where I found the beauties seen below. There are also some margaritas that will have their debut at another time. I hadn’t even thought about birthday candles and cake decorations as fodder for dollies and TINY Tuesday! I will def have my eyes peeled from here on out.


tiny champagne candles!



icecream blue


I know featured Sausalito Ferry on the last TINY Tuesday, but I love their stuff so much that I had to show them off again. Their erasers remind me SO MUCH of being a kid–these are so reminiscent of the TINY erasers I grew up playing with. Their prices are so good that I really need to bite the bullet and buy a few sets. BUT WHICH ONES WOULD I EVEN PICK?!??! I’ll keep y’all posted. ❤

TINY Schrodinger’s Cookie Tin!

cookie tin 2.png

These cookies seem to either be loved or loathed. I loathe very little when it comes to food, especially if said food comes in a tin I can use for crafty stuff!!! I love finding these tins full of sewing supplies at thrift stores! Always a total score. Can you even believe how TINY those little cookies are?!?! So deliciously tiny! I def need these for the dollhouse kitchen.





MixieQs from the Amethyst collection!

Y’all. There are many blind boxes and tiny collectibles out there but NOTHING has gotten me as excited as these TEENY TINY Mixie Q’s. Each blind box comes with two little dolls, two outfits, and two hair styles–all are interchangeable. My doll crew has had a little bit of luck finding these in stores, but they sell out so FAST. The price point is perfect; $2.99. Terrifically hard to pass without getting two boxes for yourself and one for each of your nerdy doll pals!!! Thank goodness I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted a box since I haven’t seen them anywhere!


Here are my TINY Mixies! A teeny superhero girl and a black cat! SO PERFECT!




These two miniatures are from the EVER AWESOME Cotton Candy collection. I had planned to post these near June 6th but that was during my vacation from blogging. The reason I was going to post then, is because these two TINY things totally represent my Granddaddy, who fought in World War II. June 6th is D-Day and Granddaddy was there on the sixth day after the invasion; June 12th. After the war he was a building contractor. For nearly 60 years he hammered and drank many a Coke–so a hammer and a can of Coke represent him to a T! I am reminded of his service often, but especially during this time of year. Here’s to you, Elbert! Be sure to thank the veterans in your life!!!

Tiny Tuesday #9

Good day to you my friends!

It is Tuesday! Time for TINY things!!!




I basically want every single thing you can buy on this website. I’m a tiny bit worried it is a spoof because the main page says “Sausalito Ferry Co. since April 1, 1980″…is this a cruel 80s April Fool’s Day joke?!?! Oh I sooooo hope not. I’ve never seen a website where you can buy individual Iwako erasers like these. You’ve just GOT to go drool over their delightful TINY merchandise. I mean, key lime pie pencil toppers? Please!

key lime


matchstick, ice-cream, 40oz.naps

I am reeeeeeeaaalllly smitten with enamel pins lately. I certainly don’t have nearly enough! I think enamels may be the “new” one inch pin–y’all remember those? There are so many fun new ones out there! Feel free to get me any of these. Thanks.


(I mean, postage stamps! 🙂 )


I LOVE postage stamps! It dawned on me as I was getting ready to add this picture to another post that it would be perfect for TINY TUESDAY! Because really, stamps are like 49 cent pieces of art! If I ever become independently wealthy I am going to buy and frame every pretty sheet of stamps that I come across!



Legos are kind of cop out in the TINY realm as far as I am concerned, but THIS TINY FROG IS JUST TOO TINY! That is a regular pencil point that looks like it is going to poke that poor tiny froggy in the butt. Behind the TINY frog is a TINY king cake baby! If you’re not familiar with king cakes and their meaning you’ve gotta read more here. This baby came from my good buddy, Ed. I’ll add it to my collection of babies bestowed upon me by Kazi about a million years ago. That makes 4 white Baby Jesus and 1 brown Baby Jesus in the collection!

Here are a couple more TINY treasures from the Cotton Candy Collection!



photo by Cotton Candy, CSS field reporter

How great are these TINY lamps? It makes me want to get back on the ball and renovate another floor of the dollhouse! These will be just perfect for the living room. I want the main floor of the doll house to have a sort of log cabin vibe, and these will certainly help!




photo by Cotton Candy, CSS field reporter

I’m not sure how old this little enamelware set is, but it’s bound to be at least from the 1960s. The set feels heavy considering how tiny it is. The size is perfect for my dolls! I’ll have to set up a little fireplace scene so you can see it all in action. And the mouse trap. Y’all, it is so tiny I can hardly pick it up!! The ruler really doesn’t do it TINY justice 🙂



You can make your own TINY chicken! Click here for directions how! Because every one needs to make a TINY chicken! Amiright!?!??! {Cookie, I am looking at you!}

Hope your week is going by in a happy flash!

See you next week for another TINY edition!