Tiny Tuesday #24



Happy Tuesday to YOU!

Look! It’s a day for fun TINY things!

You may remember this post from a while back that featured a set of TINY colored pencils. Well, apparently that was not my first set because I just came back across these little delights! I totally got these in 5th grade from The Grandmother Store. You’ve heard of The Grandmother Store, right? It’s possible you might know it under a different name. I called it that because my grandmother would let me go into the one that used to be in the Valley Hills Mall and I could pick out a few things. Like these tiny pencils.




{and rather large bling}

!!made of lotsa TINY stones!!


I also have a couple of little TINY bits leftover from my trip to Daytona.

Check these out!



*on a*


*and a*



Y’all, I was so disgustingly responsible on the FLA trip and I hardly bought anything that couldn’t be worn or eaten. I made a solemn vow that until I get the DOOM SHACK {nee, Pout Haus} complete I am not allowed to buy any random stuff that doesn’t have a specific purpose. Like these really neat TINY figurines. Instead I took pictures so you could wish you got them, too.




The one thing that kinda sucks about having only a cell phone camera and not a fancy camera is not really being able to capture wildlife, especially far away wildlife. There is an intriguing  population of lizards at the condo where we stay during race week–it’s one of the things I most look forward to on this annual trip. I LOVE watching the lizards languish on the sunny concrete next to the sections of zoysia sod {because yes I am pretty weird!}. These are the best pictures I could manage to get. I hope it gives you a little bit of an idea about these TINY and super fast moving lizards! They range in size from about the length of my pinkie finger to the length of my hand!

And here are some enamel pins that I am drooling over this week!

Slightly Bitter  Blackberry Kitten  Cactus Bear  Save Yourself

Also, apologies that I double posted that nachos pin last week.

I guess I like it so much that i didn’t realize I posted it 2 TTs in a row

:/  {womp, womp} :/

Okay! That’s all for this edition of TINY TUESDAY! I hope each and every one of you readers have a HUGELY fabulous rest of your week! Stay tuned for more at the sutler tent!

Collections #2: Paper Beads

One of my favorite things to run across at thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales are paper beads. My collection first started as a little girl when my great-grandmother Alice Pope (Mama Pope) made and gave me my first paper bead necklace. Over the years she made so many, and I am lucky to still have several of them. About 15 years ago I started actively collecting this kind of necklace and here is most of what I have so far!

Below are my favorite ones that Mama Pope made. The paper source was the blue sky in the background of church bulletins. I get stopped nearly every I wear these so people can compliment them–people often think they are turquoise stones from a few paces away.


Here is a link to a really neat article about the history of paper beads.

There are tons of tutorials out there on how to make paper beads yourself {here are some step-by-step instructions}. It is so easy and fun, but be warned–it is totally addictive! If you make some be sure to share pictures with me!

Here is most of my collection!


In the article linked above there is a mention of Ugandan people making paper beads {here is a website so you can see the kind I’m talking about}. I can spot this type anywhere–they are very well made; very round and well coated with a protective shellac. I bought my first necklace like this from a Ten Thousand Villages shop to celebrate a great new job (that necklace is in the upper left corner). You can buy these beads online or at stores like TTV.

I can’t be sure but I suspect that the pink ones and the green ones in the lower lower right corner are also Ugandan. All the others above were thrifted except the very long one in the lower left corner–those came from the mother of my field agent Cotton Candy 🙂

The necklace below is made from beads that were sent to me back when I actively wrote a zine. Some fans sent them in to me after reading about my collection. They also sent the scarab beetle bead–I love scarabs! This is one of my favorites as well since the beads were such a thoughtful gift.


Below are some earrings Cotton Candy made for me–

you may remember them from a Tiny Tuesday not long ago.


I’m almost too embarrassed to post the picture below because the beads need to be polished so badly! My mom got these sterling silver “paper bead” earrings for Christmas many years ago. They look almost patina-ed here but they really shine when freshly polished.


And a few recent acquisitions!


{left, from Amy’s House; right, from a thrift store in Daytona}

That’s it for my collection so far!

                           Have you made these kinds of beads before?

                                                           Do you have a growing collection?

If so then tell me so…and have a super-freaking-duper week!