Victory Garden 2k17: Update #3


Here is what has been going on lately in the deck garden!

Flashback to May 11th:



Last week (note: cucumbers in bag of dirt)


Yesterday!!!! (note cucumbers in planter box)

{more on the cucumbers next time}

Soooo remember when I was all, “I dunno if anything is happening with the potatoes”…







I’m officially at capacity in the tater bins now!!! If you remember from the last garden update, I was *supposed* to link to a tutorial on this for y’all. Here are two links (here & here) that explain what I’m doing. {Basically layering dirt over the leaves as they grow, then wait, and HOPEFULLY harvest potatoes!!} I’m feeling pretty optimistic now–the leafy parts of the potato have TAKEN OFF!!! I’ve mounded the dirt up just about as far as I can. According to this article it should be a total of 10 weeks to new potatoes, which means the harvest should be in another 6 weeks or so! I know I shouldn’t count my potatoes before they’ve been harvested, but if this works, I am so hooked and will DEFINITELY be doing a larger scale planting next season.

I grew all those greens!!!                                                                                                                   {red romaine, green romaine, curly mustard, green onion, dill weed}



Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce


curly mustard, red romaine


Can you believe there is a hashtag #rashishesofinstagram? You should click it.



For those of you who followed my garden news last summer, you’ll chuckle at this picture. I just couldn’t leave my poor root vegetables alone! Patience is NOT easy, but I’m learning.


(no fruit yet but just you wait!!!)



Garden updates brought to you by Maxwell House and Tractor Supply XD

Garden Notes:



The first RASPBERRIES!!!!

I got TWO raspberry plants for $3.99 at Bi-Lo last week. I got 2 ferns and a hops plant each for 5 BUCKS at Ingles on Friday. Check your stores–places are trying to move this stuff on and there are some crazy good deals right now.

How are your gardens coming along?

Have you snagged any awesome plant bargains?

Are you harvesting anything yet?

Do tell ❤ !

Tiny Tuesday TWENTY FIVE!


Look at WHAT DAY IT IS!!!!

TINY Tuesday again, at last!

I know it has been a minute since my last TINY Tuesday and since tomorrow is my birthday I figured this could be my birthday present to all of you 🙂 !!! I’m trying not to overload y’all with just garden updates, but the thing is, that garden stuff is taking up a fun ton of my brain. I’m so so SO excited about it. I just hope it’s not totally boring for everyone else.

In other news, I have just THIRTEEN days left of school before my first SUMMER VACATION in 14 years! I can’t even wrap my brain around this. I know it’s going to fly by, but I’m so excited for it and it is SOCLOSE. There’s no telling how much I’ll actually get done, but I’m hoping to have a little more bloggity action for your reading pleasure during my time off.

Is there anything in particular you’d like to hear about?

Would you like a cast iron skillet crouton recipe?

Would you like to hear about my cupcake research paper?

Would you like to see the paper beads I made at a workshop?

Would you like to have an update on my doll collection?

 ❤ YOU tell ME! ❤

And now, here is the quarter-century post of your favorite blog of TINY delights!





I found this little critter on my clothes one Saturday a few weeks back. I’d driven up the mountain to visit my mom and found it right as I got to her house. I took it outside, snapped this picture, and put him/her on a shrubbery leaf. What tales that worm surely told to all the bugs in my mom’s front yard!





I ended up sort of transplanting some of one of my plantings of lettuce. I realized that the bag of dirt I the lettuce growing in was really a bit of a waste of space, so I cut up the lettuce in big squares (kinda like a sheet cake) and re-planted them in a smaller/shallower container. I wasn’t sure how well the leaves would tolerate the move, but after about a week all looks good. There was a handful of loose leaves that came off the squares and I picked them out of the dirt, rinsed them, and me and Mr. Smith had a few mouthfuls of mircogreens. Their flavor was much bolder than that grown up leaf. I might even purposefully snip some to use as a topping for salads another time.




I’ve mentioned before that I’m part of a group called Journal Junkies that meets at Gallery 27. We had an assignment a few weeks back to “look for hearts everywhere”. We were supposed to take pictures of the hearts we found and then the group would make a big collage of these images. While this sounds a little corny, I REALLY enjoyed the assignment. It was wild just how many hearts I ended up seeing, especially on the ground in concrete. The pics above are three of my favorites. I challenge you to look for hearts too–it’s sure to bring a smile or two to you ❤



of a rather TINY CAR!


Do y’all remember i-zone sticky film cameras?! They’re sort of like the janky 1999 version of today’s Instax and the miniature great grandchild of the Polaroid. (AND BTW, I WANT ONE OF THESE SO BAD AND MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW–the yellow one is so dreamy!!!) Anywayyyyy I found this old picture at my mom’s house, stuck in an old jewelry box. This is a picture of a car in the parking lot of my dorm, sophomore year of college. The car had died and was waiting on a tow to the junk yard, and the bereaved owner had painted an epitaph on the old hood. You can (and should!!!) follow their amazing woodworking on intsa @siosidesign. Ultimate TINY photography! And RIP ol Jasper.




I randomly stumbled across this artist on instagram recently only to discover I’ve been following him on etsy for a while! I thought I had found a new miniaturist to swoon over, lol. Look at those tiny Heineken cans and tiny turkey! That TINY table! What is it about tiny food that is so freaking adorable? Go check out his etsy shop for more delightful TINY things, including these salmon steak bobby pins and this pizza slice pendant…both of which I *need*.

I guess this is enough tiny stuff for one Tuesday!

Happy Birthday to me tomorrow!                                                                                                               Be sure to drink something bubbly and raise your glass to me!

And throw some glitter, too. Always throw glitter.

Victory Garden 2k17: Update #2

Happy Saturday!

Have you heard about this {NSFW!!!!} silliness?

Today is “World Naked Gardening Day”…and I assure you I will not be participating in the naked part. I’m actually not doing much gardening at all today, but I am going to give you some new peeks of my back porch plant menagerie!

Here is a full view of the garden after the last plant/transplant.


The drawer on the floor in front is another start of lettuce. This is another variety called “Black Seeded Simpson” from the Livingston Seed Company. I’m trying to start new lettuce about every two weeks so we will have SO MUCH salad!


All sorts of seedlings! In the front left in the seed starter (and plastic box) are cucumber starts. Behind the cucumbers in the 6-pack and box are tomato starts. To the right are a mystery. I *THOUGHT* they were tomato seeds when I planted them…but they look like peppers to me. They will remain a mystery until fruit shows up–should be interesting! I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll be a sweet pepper. If not, we may be experimenting with making hot sauce!


The three plants in the back are tomatoes. Early Girl,  Mr. Stripey, and Yellow Pear. I wanted to get a couple of plants that are a few weeks ahead of the ones I started from seed. I’m already getting impatient for my tomatoes to start producing–I am so excited for all these new varieties I’ve got!


From left to right: “southern giant curled” mustard, red romaine, radishes.


Above: a second planting of red romaine.


Above: I swear there are potatoes in there…just nothing happening yet :/


In the windowsill: romaine & green onions!

Even if you don’t have room for a garden you have GOT to try this technique! I started doing this over the winter when I was SO READY for garden season. It is so rewarding to grow food from what is literally a throw away. I paid 79 cents for a bunch of green onions that I’ve harvested two times now. Here is a great tutorial on how to do it!

Are you gardening naked today? XD