That necklace. (OOTD #6)

That necklace.

I think you may know the one I’m talking about.

Kids love it.

Ladies of a certain age remember theirs.

Snooty middle age women think it’s tacky.

All of these are terrific reasons to wear one.

“The Charm Necklace”


This is mine from when I was a kid. I was actually right at the tail end of these being popular. I think girls a little older than me were really more of the target audience back in the late 1980s. I haven’t had much luck finding the history of these collectors items. This  link has the most info I can find about them. Someone on this message board says they were called “Jingle Jems” but I can’t find any information about a company called that. I also read that some schools banned these necklaces because they were so noisy!

You can find lots of individual charms and whole collections on eBay by using search terms like “bells 1980s plastic charms” etc. These days the original charms are going for about $10 a piece. I know had a little baby bottle charm at some point but I probably commandeered it for Peggy, my most favorite doll from the 1988 time period.

Here are some of my originals!


I think the mouse used to have a google eye–I think I might glue a new one in his empty eye socket–or maybe a jewel! The little frying pan is totally my favorite!


Red bike! Blue bike!


How weird and wonderful is this ice skating “LUCKY” boot?!


Here are my DokiDoki charms. All of these cuties have come from the every wonderful DokiDoki Crate. Seen here are two Hoppe-Chan (see more here) from Sunhoseki. The thing that looks kind of like a seal is actually a bottle of mayonnaise. So weird and SO AWESOME. I forget his name though. 


Toki Doki Unicornos!


This bicycle lunch box charm is a current one from Michael’s–the stores around here in NC are actually running a bunch of this stuff on clearance for a DOLLAR a charm. I hope that doesn’t mean they are going to discontinue the line! I’m hoping it just means there is another series coming out. If you are interested in these charms you should definitely check out your local Michael’s just in case!

Did you have a necklace like this “back in the day”?

Have you added any new charms to it lately?

New Shark Bites! (OOTD #3)

Hey there friends that want to gawk at my funny fashion!

Tropical bird alert!

Here are two of my outfits from this first week of July!

I’ve got THREE great new dresses that Mom got me on her cat-sitting adventure down in Florida. She made a day trip up to Daytona to hit up the flea market (see this post) get me more “shark bite dresses”. I’m talking about the little short dresses that are longer on the sides and come to points–kind of like a shark bite! They are so comfy to wear paired with leggings. It feels like wearing pajamas but looks so cute! I love comfortable sass.

Please excuse my lack of eye make-up as my allergies have been AWFUL and my lashes haven’t been graced with mascara in about a month >:p

{LEFT} Pepperoni pizza tee for $5 off the sale rack at Walmart. Dress was $5 and came from Ross a few years back. I cut about three feet off it (I looked like Holly Hobbie lol) and it became on of my favorites! I’ve even worn it to Carowinds with bike shorts under it. We’ll get to that crazy necklace in another post!

{RIGHT} Shark bite dress paired with a thrifted Elle top from Kohls. Note the awesome polka dots AND stripes together! I have to wear long sleeves at work because it is approximately -14 degrees Fahrenheit at my job. Also note the SPARKLES all over that dang cheetah on the dress! Stay tuned for the rest of the ones Mom got for me.

{LEFT} leggings from the Daytona Flea Market $3

{RIGHT} leggings from Walmart for $3

If you know me well at all you will know that I have awful chronic back pain. My particular pain is in my lower back (L4 &L5 if you’re nerdy enough to know) where I blew a disk about 8 years ago. I LOVE wearing high heels–I have super high arches and heels feel SO GOOD on my feet. Crazy, I know. Unfortunately, heels are awful for my back 😦 Since I’ve had a few weeks of a not-so-happy back I’ve been in my flats, like Birkenstocks. They make for a much happier back.

Now don’t start hating over this, but I snagged these Birks for TEN BUCKS at an outlet sale. I had just blown out an awesome pair that I’d had for years. Birkenstocks, y’all. They feel great!


Tomato Swatch from Spring 2016 collection.

Pink zipper bracelet came from the June DokiDoki crate.

One of my co-workers told me about a new store over in Gastonia called Gabe’s. I was over in that direction delivering sandwiches to Mr. Smith a few weeks back, so I stopped by. OMG y’all, that place is FULL of FUN. So many great deals. I found a whole display rack of zipper headbands that look very similar to my pink zipper bracelet. They were only 50 cents each! I cut the stretchy headband part off and made them in to bracelets. Because really, a zipper headband seems like a bad idea, right?


Here is a little sneak peek at what I’ve been crafting!

I’m trying to get some backstock ready for winter, so I’m back at knitting mitts! I’m having a lot of fun with these colors and the faux fair isle pattern–yay for “baja blast” lol. Let me know if you want to get on my list for winter–it’ll be chilly again before we know it!

What are you wearing this summer?

How hot is it where you are?

Stay tuned for more fashion from the tropical bird!

Tropical bird in flight! (OOTD take 2)

Oh, hello!

It’s me, your tropical bird friend!

Thank goodness it’s Thursday!

Everyone seemed to love the last OOTD post! {I guess everyone loves a silly colorful outfit!} There is plenty more where that came from, so I guess this will be another regular feature!

Here are two looks from this first week of June!

{LEFT} tank top: thrifted, but via Hot Topic

…because who doesn’t want Daryl Dixon on their boobs?!

{RIGHT} t-shirt: black capped sleeve tee, thrifted;

“FASHION DESIGN” parrot dress* from the Daytona Flea Market.

*I am completely addicted to these dresses and wish I had one for every day of the week!

{LEFT} Cheetah earrings: Burkes Outlet. {RIGHT} Engraved kittens with bells: thrifted.



Thrifted necklace–beads are probably plastic, painted to look like faux rock.


Medallion necklace by Piddly Links from my mom’s jewelry box.


Thrifted chunky bead necklace–I like these because they feel a little like pearls.

{LEFT} Let’s talk about palazzo pants. I am addicted. I got this pair at a dang CVS and had I known how much I would love them I would have bought EVERY PAIR. There is something about them that feels simultaneously super chic and so lazy. You’ll see more of this pants style in the coming OOTD posts! SHOES: gladiator sandal by ‘So’ at Kohls. I want this silver pair so bad! I l actually lucked out and got this orange pair on the sale rack two seasons ago for $7. They’ve been comfortable AND held up really well.

{RIGHT} leggings: xhilaration from Target. SHOES: galaxy clogs by Dansko. You don’t even want to know how much I paid for these! Really, you don’t. Okay, I’ll tell you! I snagged these at a crazy outlet sale for $35. They retail for at least $129. My lucky dang day!!!



I was painting my nails out on my carport the other night and spied this snake skin out of the corner of my eye! Hey there snake skin! After I posted the picture on Facebook, my friend Moose commented and thinks it belonged to a black snake. AND IT CAN BE USED FOR CRAFTING. Moose said he uses the skins and shellacs them on walking sticks as a decorative texture. I am sooooooo trying this out! I have a little wooden trinket box that I am going to glue this bad boy on to! Stay tuned for THAT awesome craft tutorial coming soon. And don’t my nails look great? XD

What are you wearing this season?

What is your must have piece?

❤ Tell me all about it! ❤


And now you witness the tropical bird.


“Outfit Of The Day.”

Y’all have asked for it, and I am trying to deliver!

Unfortunately I don’t have a timer on my camera phone and the camera phone is my only camera. I don’t have a very good mirror for doing a full length selfie and I refuse to ask Mr. Smith to take glamour shots of me! So here is what I am left with sharing: cut up parts of my body, hahaha! I promise I will at least buy a big mirror, if not a fancy camera. I’ll just have to see if you all even really like looking at my wacky clothes! Seriously, my fashion inspo is a tropical bird on a touristy vacation!

Here are two days of outfits from this week!

{LEFT} t-shirt: vintage {RIGHT} sleeveless top: Vera Wang

{LEFT} thrifted watermelon earrings

{RIGHT} dangly cluster earrings from a flea marker in Cherokee

{LEFT} gifted yellow multi-strand delight from a co-worker.  Lady bug clip at left came from a jewelry store in Savannah (I bought it after mom and I saw the Lady Chablis last summer). The clip was too heavy to stay in my hair but it works perfectly as an accent on this piece! {RIGHT} Cherry necklace came from Fantastic Finds in Newton.

{LEFT} leggings: Walmart, dress: flea market, shoes: Reebok high tops from Ross.

{RIGHT} pants: BONGO, shoes: Miz Moos, socks: DeFeet ***


***These socks were part of my birthday present from Mr. Smith. 🙂


I always have a Swatch or two (or 5!) on! This is one of my most favorites. “sorry, not available in colour” is the perfect one to wear with my over-the-top colorful outfits! Also here are a spirit band I found at work (caption: OUTTA SIGHT) and a thrifted handpainted wooden birdy bracelet! The grapefruit La Croix water kinda matched my look, too. My can is hidden by my coozie from my favorite fabric store, Mary Jo’s!

What do y’all think? Should I make outfit posts a regular feature?

Tell me what you think!

thee all see-ing eYe (a collection)

What is the Evil Eye?

Let’s read on & learn some things about it!

According to the wiki :

“The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury. Talismans created to protect against the evil eye are also frequently called “evil eyes”…  Charms and decorations with eye-like symbols known as nazars, which are used to repel the evil eye are a common sight across Greece, Turkey, Albania, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Southern Italy (Naples), the Levant, and Afghanistan.”

I remember looking at some of my dad’s Mason books after he died (and feeling pretty sure the Mason police were going to get me for it) and seeing some freaky eye-iconography. No explanations of what the heck Masons are or what they do, but plenty of those weird pyramids with the ever watching eye on top…


Since it seems like basically every culture on earth has a link to this, it doesn’t feel like inappropriate cultural appropriation for me to love these eyes. At least, I hope not!

You may notice that most of the icons are BLUE eyes…I’ve always heard that people with blue eyes are more susceptible to getting cursed by an evil eye. Good thing I got my Pop’s Cajun blooded brown eyes! WHEW!

What it boils down to, for me, is that I find the iconography appealing aesthetically.

And it sure can’t hurt to try to ward off evil!

Here is my collection so far–feel free to add to it! 🙂


Here I am right after I got my temporary crowns on my front teeth–you KNOW I was wearing my favorite evil eye necklace (that I have NO idea who made–it was a gift) for THAT! (and my Origami Owl!)


clutch from Torrid!


eyeball socks from the dreaded Urban Outfitters a few years back.


bracelet from Sentry Drug, “pop” from Karisma Jewelers


keychain/necklace from Cherokee flea market vendor


necklace with tear from Wish  (a Christmas present from Vivian!)


cat eye earrings (Patti Smith & Duck) made by Vivian!


Swatch “the Eyes are Watching” by McPherson, with collectible vinyl.

Aaaaaaand for those of you who love some Walker Texas Ranger, now you can have the theme song stuck in your head! The eyes of the Ranger are upon you! (not unlike God and Santa Claus, eh?!) 🙂 It seems to fit well with the whole ‘evil eye’ thing.

Do you collect evil eyes or other good luck talismans?

Stay tuned for more of my strange collections!

EDIT (for Jesse 🙂 ): Funnily enough, I bought the three eyed guy in the Cayman islands, where tourists apparently go to buy watches and jewelry. My mom and I scoffed at the cruise folk with us who were foaming at the mouth to buy these things. And then we did the very same thing! Mom got a rad Swarovski bracelet and I bought 2 Swatches! The little dude came with the watch and he is a “vinyl collectible”–not a TOY. I was corrected by the salesman haha! Check out Kidrobot for more weird figures. Tara McPherson is the designer for the one I have!

a case of the Fashion blahs

I hereby swear not to use the phrases “bo-ho country” shudder “gypsy-punk” shudder “sneakerhead” shudder or “honkeytonk-hippie”…I just cannot even.

Oh my lordy, does this mean am I writing a fashion post? I think I am.

I have been feeling the fashion blahs lately.  I think it’s combination of the end of hibernation and the change in seasons, but it’s also got to do with my closets needing an overhaul. A few years back I tried that Oprah trick (at least I remember her talking about it–who knows who originally thought it up) where you do this:

Meh, the trick wasn’t really helpful for me. I am really sentimental about things and also have a hard time with waste.  The one really good thing that DID come out of my hanger-trick-closet-revamp was the beginnings of my tee-shirt quilt. I have tons of ideas for revamping pieces from my closet AND/BUT I just need to make them happen. Here is what we need to do: come up with a project that feels doable. What the heck, pick three projects. Plan an window of work time.  MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Use your scraps for something else! Speaking of scraps, check these beauties out:

The shoulder decoration tutorial comes from Refashion Co-op which is website FULL of all sorts of ideas and inspiration. How easy will it be to put some flair into a sort of blah tank with these epaulet style ruffles?!

The rag rug tutorial comes from Cintia over at My Poppet, a blog that is quickly becoming one of my very most favorites! Rag rugs have always mesmerized me but have seemed somewhat daunting.  Although they are still time consuming, Cintia takes the mystery out of how they come together. I am totally going to attempt a beauty like this with the scraps I am accumulating from my tee-shirt quilt.

Like anything else in my life I don’t want to start all over–I want to use what I have! I have great things to use! (and I bet you do, too)

So back to the fashion at hand. This post showed off some dreamy goods for your legs and feet.  Here are some MORE dreamy fashions for the rest of you! I find that drooling over pin boards like these give me all sorts of ideas for how to put together new outfits with what I have on hand.

                         I really like the look of a high waist skirt with a tee tucked in.                                 I have two skirts that I can totally fashion like this.

Shirts with text are not really worth buying in my opinion, but they are a great way to revamp something you already have. These texty shirts have great messages! Paint/embroider/write your words on a piece of fabric and sew that over a silly image you hate on a tee shirt that you love and voila! A favorite new shirt emerges!

These Dolce and Gabana shades on the left were $2,500. Yep, go ahead and take that in. The vintage ones on the right were $78. You have a hot glue gun, right? You have some old mismatched earrings, right? You have a pair of big sunglasses, right? USE THEM! Make fun things like this and rock them for almost free!



I know that not everyone has enough hair for the messy bun, but if you have long enough hair it should be included in one of your weekly looks and here is why: your hair needs a shampoo break and this is how to give it one.  I love the hankie wrap on this one.

I actually just do a super high pony and don’t pull the tail through all the way, then I tighten it up at the elastic.

THE HIGHER THE HAIR                        THE CLOSER TO GOD.

Add some buttons and layer it all up and VOILA again.


And that is that. Do you have any good tips on closet purging? Or revamping? What are your favorite perennial fashion picks? What fashion buzzwords make you want to barf?






For your Feet! (and legs)

I can’t help myself.  I like fashion. I really do like it.

I am a pretty serious thrift store shopper and I also like making my own things.  However, I get tons of inspiration from places like Pinterest and the daily fashions of the bloggers I follow.  Since I have no desire to pay retail (for a wide variety of reasons, least of which is that I can’t afford to) I like looking for DIY versions and vintage counter-parts that may have even inspired current items.

The things I do end up buying new are usually socks and leggings and sometimes shoes. Here is a sampling of some of my favorites that I’ve pinned over the years.

I’m not sure I could bring myself to run in these shoes below–they’re too cute!  Plus, I am a barefoot style jogger and wear these hideous things that look like a nightmare but great for running (in my opinion).

Sneakers on right by Nike Liberty. Sneaker on left by Memphis Group adidas.

I totally have versions of both these socks below. I did not buy them through this website so I can’t speak for their particular quality but DANG they are cute as all get out.  For “novelty” socks the price is not too bad. If you spend $25 you get free shipping, which is pretty much 3 pair and you’ll definitely want at least 3 pair!!

The Dainty Squid originally turned me on to Mod Cloth and all of their drool worthy goods. This past week a pair of socks appeared on Kaylah’s Friday Favorites.  These two pair below are on my “when-I-get-some-extra-flow” list.  I think the ones on the right look sort of like flamingos. And the ones on the left, I mean, come on!  Kittens in the pussy willows?! Too cute and SO ME!

Kawaii, y’all.  Are you familiar with the term?  My personal definition of kawaii is a combination of colorful and cute with a child-like feeling. My whole look is not always as over the top as kawaii often is, but it’s still a pretty good description of how I dress when I’m not just in jeans and a tee shirt.


My favorite things: minty green/Baja Blast, sprinkled sweets, and Totoro!

And while we are drooling, let’s go ahead and admire these shoes…

Irregular Choice and Palladium Boots are my most coveted shoe brands.  Seriously, I would wear anything from either brand.  I may never forgive myself for not getting those glow boots last winter season.  I have a basic black pair that I LOVE.  A glowing sole? Ugh.  Want. So. Baddd.

Just an FYI, I wear a European size 37 ❤

And just one more thing:








Like I said, I do occasionally splurge on fancy stuff, but I also make my own socks.  I sell them on my etsy shop, so you can splurge and buy them and then I can splurge and buy more fancy socks!  We all win, haha!  If you see anything you like, let me know!

Until next time, keep your feet happy, however that suits YOU!