Tiny Tuesday 26! [photo dump edition]


It’s TUESDAY! and it’s TIME 4 TINY!

{also for you educators and students out there: }

Happy Summer Vacation!!!

If you aren’t on summer vacation then I am terribly sorry and I will try not to rub it in too much. This is my first summer vacation since 2004 so it is a weird and foreign and fabulous thing to be certain. I have a list a mile long of things I want (and need) to get done and sorting my pictures on my computer is one of them. I’ve already come across a few things that have gotten missed for TINY Tuesday up until now. This will be remedied in TT26!


Miniature delights from AC Moore. How cute is that teeny Raggedy Anne doll? And those wine bottles?! I’m note sure why I didn’t buy both of these things immediately. If you are a n00b doll fan you may not have thought to look for unique doll sized items in the miniature section. There are often really cute things that are all TINY and perfectly sized–playing cards, enamel kitchen pots, gumball machines, soda/beer cans…all TINY and so FUN! Check it out at your favorite craft store.


So this isn’t exactly a TINY thing per se, but it’s one of the “little” things in life that makes me smile. I pulled in to a parking space at Aldi (this was a few months back when it wasn’t hot so don’t worry that the dog was in any discomfort) and looked over to see a dog looking at me from the drivers seat!! He was smiling so big and reminded me of a kid getting to pretend to drive on his parent’s lap. Sometimes it’s these silly TINY moments in life that get me through the day 🙂


This pineapple pic is from my trip to Louisiana last fall. Remember, the trip that got cut short because of all the crazy flooding? The cousins I was supposed to visit on that trip got evacuated, their house flooded, and they only just got to go home like a month ago. That’s not TINY it’s a HUGE deal! I’m so glad they’re back home and that I’m going to get to visit them in a few weeks when I’m back in LA.  Anyway, I snapped this pineapple pic at Rouses — a grocery store chain that’s in Louisiana. This TINY pineapple is a “Zulu Queen” variety. I kinda fell down a rabbit hole just now trying to figure out where the name came from but couldn’t come up with anything based on historical or scientific facts.  Pretty much everything just raved about how sweet and delicious they are. Next time I see one I just may have to get one!

And now for a TINY miracle tale:

{Forgive me if I’ve already told this story–I went through and looked to see if I saw it in a previous post and couldn’t find it. It’s too good of a story not to share, even if it’s for a second time!!}

One morning while I was getting ready for work I dropped one of my favorite earrings down the sink drain in my bathroom. It was a little wooden crawfish earring with a sparkley stone on its tail that mom had brought me back as a present from one of her trips to LA. I was mad as hell and had given it up for lost–I couldn’t even see it in the drain. SUPER SAD 😦 😦 😦 A week or so later I came home from work to find Duck digging her arm and paw down the drain. I had pretty much forgotten about the lost earring and Duck often played in the drain so I thought nothing of it. Later in the evening I went to go use the bathroom and what did I see laying next to the sink???? THE DANG CRAWFISH EARRING. It had some long hairs stuck to it and it was a little swollen looking from being damp, but it was FOUND!!! After months of swatting in that drain Duck FINALLY caught something–I bet she was shocked XD XD XD

Here is a pic of the sink drain and the cleaned up rescued earring:


Stay tuned for next week when I show of some of the TINY delights I got for my birthday–yep, the birthday I had last month. I’ve been slacking off so hard, y’all. Forgive me ❤

Have a week full of TONS of TINY fun 🙂


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