Tiny Tuesday #33: Finally recovered from all that teaching.


Hello! Happy Tuesday!

I hope this finds you in good spirits, drinking good spirits!
(Or at least planning the good spirits you’ll be into after work!)

On to the TINY!!


I love thrift grocery stores. Do you have those where you live? Do you even know what I am talking about? I know they aren’t everywhere. Growing up in North Carolina we had local ones (like Jay’s Salvage in Rutherford County) and even regional chains like GO Grocery Outlet. The Asheville area has the incomparable Hopey Co which is basically like a discount health food store. When I lived in Missouri there was nothing comparable. Basically these are stores that are a bit like TJMaxx or Marshalls but for food stuffs. There’s nothing really wrong with the food, sometimes the dates are close to expired, but more like overstock. Anyway, I found these delightful TINY glasses at a local grocery thrift store in Denver, NC. Aren’t they perfect for soft drink tasting at Doll Party? The brand name is “Tiny Temptations” I MEAN REALLY.


tiny orange

These cute TINY oranges were sent to me by Field Agent DL Moon. How adorable are they!?! It’s funny because the TINY technology really has improved over the past few years. Look at the quality of miniatures then vs now. WHO KNEW?!?! (Now we do!)

tiny toilet

THIS GUY (Ryan Monahan) is one of my favorite current artists. His work in miniatures in beyond anything I have seen elsewhere. He takes the art of TINY to a level that is typically relegated to CUTE and KAWAII. Do NOT get me wrong–I ADORE cute and kawaii, but Monahan’s subject matter of gritty punk clubs, littered street scenes, and news stands is something that stands out. Definitely click over and check out his work.

(NOTE: While there is nothing overtly rated R or XXX, this isn’t really for kiddos and could be considered NSFW, just to be on the safe side. Don’t be scared off by the disclaimer–I just don’t want any surprises on my *mostly* PG-13 blog!!!)


hello kitty

Hello Kitty’s creator Yuko Yamaguchi!

A couple of weeks back ModMom told me about an episode of The Toys That Made Us featuring HELLO KITTY. Obviously, I LOVED (and STILL LOVE) Hello Kitty – like any girl child of the 1980s worth her salt in at childhood. During my youth there was a magical store at the Valley Hills Mall in Hickory that was called SANRIO. Some people called it “The Hello Kitty Store”. I called it “The Grandmother Store” because my grandmother would take me there and allow me to spend a little “fun money” (<—- her words) on pencils and papers.  If you have Netflix you MUST go watch this episode. It is full of all sorts of delightful TINY fun history!!!

(and coffee cup)


HOW AM I ALREADY HALF WAY THRU MY SUMMER VACATION?!?!?! 😦 😦 😦 I swear, this year’s summer vacation I have legit done the bare minimum daily and slept the maximum. I was just plain worn out. Going in to teaching is HANDS DOWN the best decision I have ever made. But y’all. It will wear your butt out. I saw this mug and it spoke to me. The humans I teach are no longer TINY but they still act like they are sometimes! All that being said, I think I have finally rested enough to start having some adventures with the summer that is left.

That’s all for this quick and ON TIME installment of TINY TUESDAY!

Stay cool as a cucumber and
I’ll see you back here next week-



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