TT 22: Carlo Rossi, hush puppies & seeds

OMG y’all! I’ve been SO busy!

Like sooooo busy.

Eh, who am I kidding?

If you asked Mr. Smith what I’ve been up to for the past week he would tell you this: laying on the couch reading “that book”. Now you’ll want to know what book I am reading. I try really hard not to over-hype or over-grump on a book buttttt if you are in to post-apocalyptic fiction I am going to tell you to go run and check out Wool by Hugh Howey. When I like a book or a movie I typically say, “It’s worth reading (watching)” so as to not color the experience, but really, this one I haven’t been able to put down.

And that has nothing to do with TINY but you needed to know it so now you do.


I haven’t drooled over enamel pins lately so here are some dreamy ones.

Joy of Cooking        gouda            nachos

I mean, really. This trio is delightful.

Let’s take a special moment for this next TINY item.


Carlo Rossi Ring

I personally think this ring should be a real thing.

Someone please make one for me!

And now for a humorous childhood tale. Soooo back in the olden days when I was a wee toddler, I lived with my family in a fairly rural part of Georgia. We lived far enough out that we didn’t just run in to town on a daily basis to pick things up; we planned a trip and did a whole lot of stuff when we got there. On these trips my mom and I would do things like go to the public library (though we also had a bookmobile stop in our neighborhood), the thrift store, the grocery store, the liquor store, and on very special occasions we would even share a lunch at PoFolks. Now I guess during this time my mom was on a chablis kick (no wonder we loved The Lady Chablis so much) because every time we made it to the liquor store she ordered the same thing: two 2 liter bottles of the stuff. As a toddler I could perform such party tricks as reciting “The Alphabet of Flowers” AND because I was a toddler I could remember and parrot EVERYTHING, I could also order my parent’s booze allotment. Mom would pull around to the DRIVE THRU liquor store window and I would pipe up in my little kid voice “TOO TOO LEEETER CARLOROSS CABLEEPLEEEEESE”! and I would be rewarded by the lady in the window with a piece of that hard ass pink bubble gum that looked like an extruded flower and lost its flavor once it got soft. I guess maybe kids still get to have such joy in more devilish parts of the country where boozy drive thrus are still open.

Thank you Mom for giving me such a fun childhood. I still remember those honey biscuits at PoFolks and how special you made everyday adventures. That and my weird love for all things Chablis. ❤

On to more TINY.

Like TINY food.

I’m talking about HUSH PUPPIES.


photo credit Garden & Gun

If you’ve never had a hush puppy I’m not sure that I can even begin to explain to you the delightful wonder that is these tiny appetizer balls of deep fried corn meal magic. Except I just tried to. I can only imagine how adding crab would take this already perfect delicacy and amp it the &#@% up. Someday I will try it and I will tell you all about it. Until then, go find the dive-iest fish camp around and GIT U SUM hush puppies. And tarter sauce. Because that is how you are supposed to eat them. My grandmother told me so.

I haven’t shared a TINY video lately! Here is a squee worthy video of TINY stuff sent to me by my field agent Miss Kelly! Click ^ to see it.




It’s garden time, y’all!

It’s been a while since I got to have a BIG garden, but every garden starts with TINY seeds! Now that Mr. Smith and I have nearly an acre of land, we are planning a pretty big garden. Here are some of the seeds I have picked up for the coming year. I won the Baker Creek Seeds as part of a silent auction for the JRDF. What a win! I’ll keep y’all posted on how the garden grows this years. I hope it will be worthy of several posts instead of TINY TUESDAY!


 Oh, and Patti Smith says, “Forget about all these–just plant the sweet corn!”

Happy Tuesday y’all!

4 thoughts on “TT 22: Carlo Rossi, hush puppies & seeds

  1. I think you taught me how to say the word “Chablis” correctly. I thought you were very worldly, turns out you were just ordering liters of the stuff at the drive-through liquor store as a 2-year-old!


    • There were so many twists and turns. One of the things I really liked about it, and didn’t even realize was a thing until this book is that there isn’t a bunch of silly lingo like so many of this genre. Also it started out as a series of short stories and got fleshed out in a book WHILE THE DUDE WAS LIVING IN THE MOUNTAINS OF NC! 🙂 Such inspo here!


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