TT 23: pins and plates and plants!

Hey there TINY TUESDAYers!

OMG, what?!?!?

Lookie here and what showed up!

We may have some n00bs in the crowd since I just plastered Asheville Mardi Gras with beads that have my blog address on them. If you’re one of those folks then HI THERE and welcome to TINY TUESDAY! I hope you enjoy the TINY things I have in store for you! I’ve got some of the regular suspects and a couple of surprises for ya!




(delish edishion)

sprinkles strawberry milk nachos Reptar Bar

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There’s not much I love more than sprinkles, strawberry milk and nachos…and I’ve never gotten to eat a Reptar Bar but DANG I’ve always wanted to!! I’ll say it again–I love enamel pins. I know there are some haters out there, but these pins are totally the one inchers of 10 years ago. And I love those, too. I’m always on the look out for really neat ones, or ones that remind me of my childhood–I had a ton of them back in the day because thrift stores were littered with them. Holler if you have a favorite you think I should see!


DOLL for a DOLL!!


I spotted this little treat hiding at the bottom of the by-the-pound bins at Goodwill. She reminds me of worry dolls that were sort of popular in the 1990s. This girl is bigger though and has way more detail. She will make a great doll friend for my dolls. I can’t wait to get my doll house set back up because look what else I came across!!!





Y’all. This totally came with the doll house that Santa brought me back in 1989. I need to take pictures of my original doll house some time–it’s really for dolls smaller than a Barbie, but that’s totally who lived in mine! These days my Beatrix Potter figurines live in it, but once upon a time there were some rowdy beach Barbies who threw make-out parties there and listened to the Beach Boys…and had tea parties, too, of course! This tea set is really little (I forgot to include something small for perspective) and has served many doll over the years. I can’t believe I still have all the pieces but the little lid for the sugar bowl.





Ughhhh it’s been too long since this got sent to me by a field agent and I can’t remember who passed it along to me! I *think* it was Mrs. Bear, my dear librarian friend. I can’t wait to plant some little pots like these to put…well to put any and everywhere!

I’ve got a bunch of fun TINY stuff lined up from my vacation to show you in the coming weeks so stay tuned! And as always, tell me about any fun TINY stuff you stumble across that you’d like to share with the TINY fanclub!


I want to wish a totally belated, but happy happy happy birthday to my sister! Here’s to you, TG! I hope this is the year we finally get to see each other again IRL. You are such a bad@$$ and I love you bunches ❤ ❤ ❤

Till next time, have a HUGELY wonderful week!

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