Tiny Tuesday #9

Good day to you my friends!

It is Tuesday! Time for TINY things!!!




I basically want every single thing you can buy on this website. I’m a tiny bit worried it is a spoof because the main page says “Sausalito Ferry Co. since April 1, 1980″…is this a cruel 80s April Fool’s Day joke?!?! Oh I sooooo hope not. I’ve never seen a website where you can buy individual Iwako erasers like these. You’ve just GOT to go drool over their delightful TINY merchandise. I mean, key lime pie pencil toppers? Please!

key lime


matchstick, ice-cream, 40oz.naps

I am reeeeeeeaaalllly smitten with enamel pins lately. I certainly don’t have nearly enough! I think enamels may be the “new” one inch pin–y’all remember those? There are so many fun new ones out there! Feel free to get me any of these. Thanks.


(I mean, postage stamps! 🙂 )


I LOVE postage stamps! It dawned on me as I was getting ready to add this picture to another post that it would be perfect for TINY TUESDAY! Because really, stamps are like 49 cent pieces of art! If I ever become independently wealthy I am going to buy and frame every pretty sheet of stamps that I come across!



Legos are kind of cop out in the TINY realm as far as I am concerned, but THIS TINY FROG IS JUST TOO TINY! That is a regular pencil point that looks like it is going to poke that poor tiny froggy in the butt. Behind the TINY frog is a TINY king cake baby! If you’re not familiar with king cakes and their meaning you’ve gotta read more here. This baby came from my good buddy, Ed. I’ll add it to my collection of babies bestowed upon me by Kazi about a million years ago. That makes 4 white Baby Jesus and 1 brown Baby Jesus in the collection!

Here are a couple more TINY treasures from the Cotton Candy Collection!



photo by Cotton Candy, CSS field reporter

How great are these TINY lamps? It makes me want to get back on the ball and renovate another floor of the dollhouse! These will be just perfect for the living room. I want the main floor of the doll house to have a sort of log cabin vibe, and these will certainly help!




photo by Cotton Candy, CSS field reporter

I’m not sure how old this little enamelware set is, but it’s bound to be at least from the 1960s. The set feels heavy considering how tiny it is. The size is perfect for my dolls! I’ll have to set up a little fireplace scene so you can see it all in action. And the mouse trap. Y’all, it is so tiny I can hardly pick it up!! The ruler really doesn’t do it TINY justice 🙂



You can make your own TINY chicken! Click here for directions how! Because every one needs to make a TINY chicken! Amiright!?!??! {Cookie, I am looking at you!}

Hope your week is going by in a happy flash!

See you next week for another TINY edition!

Garden Update #3, BONUS tales of epic fails!

Here we are! I think it is officially summer!

Let’s talk about the garden.

Some things are working and somethings are NOT.

Here is what IS working!

My yellow cherry tomato plant IS happy!

LOOK! Flowers AND fruit!

The close ups (above) are from the plant on the far left (below). The tomato plants I started from seed are slow going, but they’re going. I think that there may be a concrete slab under the dirt that is keeping their roots from growing as well as they should. I’m probably going to dig them up and replant them in big pots to try to make them happier, and more mobile.




You can see that the top plant already has blooms AND tiny zucchini(s) growing!

I think the one plant has gotten so big because it gets extra afternoon sun. I realized this when I was home one day around 3pm and there was a GIANT ray of sun spotlighting the plant. It really is double the size of the other two plants. I put humus around the base of everything in the garden–I hope that helps boost growing times!

I’m also going to experiment with moving the tomato plants (in pots) to the sunny spot to see if that helps speed them along, too. I am so ready for tomato sandwiches! I’m drooling just thinking about it!

Squash Blossom!


These blossoms are just so pretty! They seem almost tropical.

Mint Patch!


I know that the mint is like the easiest thing in the world to grow, but it makes me SO HAPPY! I love how it looks and smells! I love going outside and picking a big handful and putting it in a glass of ice water! I also love putting it in my mint juleps 🙂 The fact that it seems to happy and healthy also gives me hope that I can actually grow a happy plant!

Here is what is NOT working:

Radishes and lettuce.

The second pot of radishes was also a bust. You’ll recall here that I had no luck with my first batch of radishes. The second round didn’t do any better, even though I thinned out the plants. All the energy went in to the leaves. So radishes are off the list for now.

The lettuce did well until I had an aphid outbreak. I got the bugs under control by spraying soapy water on the leaves, but the plants were really far gone by then. I think I may go ahead and try to plant some more lettuce using the bag of dirt method (also referenced here). The pots I used were really too small–the leaves grew okay but there was hardly enough to eat when it was time to harvest. Lessons learned!

NOT SHOWN: the pathetic pile of leaf and root matter after I pulled all the dead lettuce and radish plants out of their pots! It was too sad to share 😦

The Carrot!


Just look at this hilarious baby carrot! I was going to go ahead and pull up the carrot plants from their pot after the last radish fail; but instead of nothing, I pulled this teeny tiny carrot out of the pot! I ate it and it was a little on the bitter side, but I went ahead and left the rest of the plants in the pot–maybe they’ll grow a bit more. I can at least say I ate ONE carrot that I grew!

I’m actually REALLY enjoying the garden despite the learning curve.  I know I’m doing pretty well considering I haven’t had a garden at all in at least seven years and it feels so good to work on survival skills, no matter how elementary.

Feel free to reply with funny anecdotes OR praise for me trying OR shaming memes about how I kill plants. Also tell me how YOUR garden is growing!

Happy Saturday, y’all!

And now you witness the tropical bird.


“Outfit Of The Day.”

Y’all have asked for it, and I am trying to deliver!

Unfortunately I don’t have a timer on my camera phone and the camera phone is my only camera. I don’t have a very good mirror for doing a full length selfie and I refuse to ask Mr. Smith to take glamour shots of me! So here is what I am left with sharing: cut up parts of my body, hahaha! I promise I will at least buy a big mirror, if not a fancy camera. I’ll just have to see if you all even really like looking at my wacky clothes! Seriously, my fashion inspo is a tropical bird on a touristy vacation!

Here are two days of outfits from this week!

{LEFT} t-shirt: vintage {RIGHT} sleeveless top: Vera Wang

{LEFT} thrifted watermelon earrings

{RIGHT} dangly cluster earrings from a flea marker in Cherokee

{LEFT} gifted yellow multi-strand delight from a co-worker.  Lady bug clip at left came from a jewelry store in Savannah (I bought it after mom and I saw the Lady Chablis last summer). The clip was too heavy to stay in my hair but it works perfectly as an accent on this piece! {RIGHT} Cherry necklace came from Fantastic Finds in Newton.

{LEFT} leggings: Walmart, dress: flea market, shoes: Reebok high tops from Ross.

{RIGHT} pants: BONGO, shoes: Miz Moos, socks: DeFeet ***


***These socks were part of my birthday present from Mr. Smith. 🙂


I always have a Swatch or two (or 5!) on! This is one of my most favorites. “sorry, not available in colour” is the perfect one to wear with my over-the-top colorful outfits! Also here are a spirit band I found at work (caption: OUTTA SIGHT) and a thrifted handpainted wooden birdy bracelet! The grapefruit La Croix water kinda matched my look, too. My can is hidden by my coozie from my favorite fabric store, Mary Jo’s!

What do y’all think? Should I make outfit posts a regular feature?

Tell me what you think!

Thirsty Thursday #3

You thirsty yet?

You oughta be because it is THIRSTY THURSDAY!!!

Here is the haul from my trip a few weeks ago to World Market…


4 of these are still on ice for another tasty party!

I bought all of these on a sort of recent trip to World Market in AVL (see this post for more) in preparation for my birthday month party times. I LOVE weird soft drinks and sampling them is a fun way to party with kids and pals that don’t drink cocktails. I had all these delights chilling and chillin’ in the fridge waiting on an event to try them out. What is a better excuse than a Doll Party for shots of sugar?!? At our most recent meeting, me, Amethyst, Mod Mom, and Grumpy Skittles tried out a few new soft drinks so we could share the reviews with you!

Here is how that went down!

Jones PB & J Soda and Sioux City Prickly Pear


The peanut butter and jelly from Jones has to be one of the weirdest taste sensations I have ever encountered. Sipping this soft drink was FOR REAL like being at Willy Wonka’s candy factory. When the liquid hit the front of my tongue it tasted like pretty much any delicious grape soft drink. {As a kid of the 1980s, I still find that Dimetapp flavor nostalgic and comforting.} Now comes the weird part. After the initial flavor of grape, came the peanut butter flavor, but that flavor came creeping up the back of my tongue! It was as if the peanut butter hadn’t touched the front of my mouth at all but came back up my throat!!! It was soooo very strange–I’ve never felt/tasted anything that way before! The whole tasting party agreed that the drink was delicious…but totally STRANGE!  I’d like to try it with a salty snack–the sweet and savory would make for a tasty combo!

verdict: I’d drink it again, and I’d try it with vodka!

The prickly pear soft drink was easy to like. We all thought it tasted kind of like raspberry– I’m not sure what a prickly pear tastes like, so it might taste just like that, too! Of all the drinks we sampled this time, this was the one that I would pick if I wanted to drink a soft drink plain. This what I think of as a lunchtime drink. That is to say, it’d be great with a pimento cheese sandwich and some potato chips!

verdict: I’ve already bought another bottle! (Thanks, Mom! ❤ )

Hajikete Grape Soda



It was kind of a strange brownish red rusty color.

Amethyst and I actually tried this one when we opened the Japan Crate. {Side note: aren’t my nails super cute? They perfectly matched the can XD !} I found this drink reminiscent of the sparkling grape juice my family pawned off on us kids at New Years Eve parties until we were old enough for the real stuff. Amethyst was the one that pointed out to me that it tasted kind of like muscadines. That totally nailed the flavor in my mind! It definitely had more of a mature taste than just regular grape Nehi or Fanta. It did not taste like Sangria at all, but it probably would be delicious added to a pitcher of some!

verdict: I’d drink this again, ICE cold!!

EDIT: While searching for a shopping link for y’all for this drink I discovered two things. “Sangaria” is the brand, not the flavor LOL. Also, the work “Hajikete” means “burst”! This drink certainly was bursting with muscadine flavor, alright! And look! We learned a new word while researching 🙂


Birthday Cake Soda

This drink was achingly sweet. I kinda felt like I might have gotten a new cavity while drinking it ;0 . The drink had a strong taste of vanilla something…not sure if it tasted like cake per se, but something in the candy realm. The flavor was even too sweet for the teen in our tasting group and I think that says it all. The only way I can see drinking this, is maybe mixed with whiskey and topped off with some plain seltzer to cut the intensity.

verdict: I’m not sure I would buy this again unless I was having a MAJOR sugar craving.

Despite this not being my most favorite drink I would still love to win some–there is a contest going on right now where you can win a whole case! Click here to try and win!

<———How stinking cute is the little hedge hog on the label?!?! Jones always has the best labels and they’re actually pictures that are submitted by fans! Makes me want to try to get my cats, Duck and Patti Smith on a bottle!


Speaking of birthday flavor, here are some delicious treats I got for my big 34! How great is that bottle of pink bubbly!?! I’ve never had the Shotgun Betty, but ModMom tells me it is good stuff! Both are so sassy! I can’t wait to try them. Don’t worry–I’ll tell you all about them in another Thirsty Thursday post!


Hang on just one more day–Friday is almost here!

Tiny Tuesday #8!


What better day to have a birthday than TINY TUESDAY!

Here are a few TINY things that have been gifted to me lately:

Look at this tiny present from Tracie!!





These little books were made by my friend Wendy, who MUST get an etsy shop so you can buy these from her!!! HINT HINT Wendy! 🙂 Are they not the most adorable TINY books ever?!


I’m starting to get some awesome field agents who are reporting and sending in their notes from the wilds of attics, and junk shoppes, and grandmothers houses both near and far. The shots below are from my completely delightful friend, Cotton Candy. She took these pictures of miniatures from her very own mother’s collection!*

*EDIT: Since I originally wrote this post, Cotton Candy actually gifted me with most of her TINY collection! I am flabbergasted by and so appreciative of her generosity. I am so excited to be the care taker of her collection. However, she did not let go of the amazing toilet you’ll see below. Everyone needs to keep a little bit of TINY! 🙂


What with all this HB2 toilet controversy lately, I am hesitant to post a toilet here! It says “LADIE’S” on the side, but does that mean it’s for a young lad? Or for ladies?  So confusing! Thank goodness it’s too small for anyone besides a doll (and dolls can’t go to jail)  to use or things could get very controversial. :O


(Because I love TINY as much as I love SHOES!)


photo by Cotton Candy, CSS field reporter


(The glasses on the pink-hared one are too TINY CUTE!)


photo by Cotton Candy, CSS field reporter

Another one of my filed reporter’s is my old CoMo pal, Owly. She’s paring down her collections and asked if I would be the care taker of her TINY collection. Of course, I said, “Of course!” Here are two little sneak peeks at some of her TINY delights that are now on display at the North Grove Park Inn.



Frogs in berets with harmonica. From the Owly collection.



Tiny crocheted dolls with painted faces. From the Owly collection.


Mom and I were walking around downtown Asheville yesterday and a curio case caught my eye. It turned out to be the same model as the one I bought myself for my birthday two years ago at Ikea. Inside the case were all sorts of fun stationary supplies and some one inch buttons. One set of the buttons said “I’m particular”… and one of my dad’s sayings was “Be Particular”.  Of course mom and I went on upstairs to the homegoods floor of Minx and bought them! We both got to have one. How fun is that?


1 inch pin!

They’re made by Stay Home Club— you’ve gotta check them out!



Also at the little store were dadgum Iwako erasers. I resisted buying them but I’ll share them with you for your fix. The stationary sheets were so fun, too. The upstairs part of Minx is definitely one of my new favorite places for papergoods!

Life sure has been full of wonderful TINY stuff lately!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I share more of my new collections of miniatures!

Happy TINY Tuesday to you!

and Happy Birthday to me!

Move over BirchBox…


You know, the monthly subscription boxes.

Make-up. Dog treats. Wine. Legos.

There is a crate for every weirdo out there…thank goodness.

Birchbox, you ain’t got nothin’ on Japan Crate!!!


I’m totally smitten. I’ve only tried Birch Box, and I liked it okay but it was pretty expensive for what it was. When I signed up and filled out the questionnaire I figured they would actually take in to consideration what I said: I love nail polish and hate perfume. Well, guess who got perfume and no nail polish for 3 months? I don’t mean to sound so whiny, and in fact my 3 month trial was a gift and it was fun to get something in the mail every month. Amethyst has a similar experience with Ipsy. I like the idea behind these boxes but I think cosmetics are just too specific to treat generically.

I do NOT feel this way about snacky foods from Japan.

I do not feel this way about adorable collectibles.

Enter Japan Crate

Here is what is looked like right as we* opened the box!

*we is me and Amethyst–we went in on the JapanCrate together. The DokiDoki box was all hers…but she ended up sharing some of it with me anyway. Such a good friend 🙂

Here is the loot!


We split up all the stuff into things that I could eat (without gelatin) and what Amethyst wanted. I wanted to eat that marshmallow SO BAD! Dang. The potato chips (upper left) were seasoned with seaweed, but in an American sort of way. I LOVE 100% seaweed ‘chips’ though, so my threshold for that flavor is pretty high. I honestly thought these were kinda bland. That did not stop me from eating the entire bag, though. 😉 The caramel puffed corn (upper right) was really tasty, but the pieces looked like grub worms. It’s worth noting that there were at least 4 items that tasted like their food base was a flavorless cheesy poof. But in a good way. It’s kinda hard to describe.

Speaking of, the Big Bar was like a white chocolate covered cheesy poof. The pictures I took of the Big Bar were all blurry. Probably because I was so excited to eat it lol! I liked this candy a LOT and would have eaten four of them if I could. The chocolate was a little on the greasy feeling side, but despite that strange sensation it was still worth eating again.

Here is the Bungeoppang or Taiyaki. Have you ever had an Aero Bar? The chocolate inside was full of tiny air bubbles sort of like that. The outside was a remarkably light, crispy wafer. It was a bit like a reverse KitKat bar. I’m not sure that I’d go out of my way to get another one of these candy bar versions, but I would LOVE to try one of the ones that is made with batter and red bean filling.



Panda Cookies!


Grumpy Panda does NOT want to get eaten!

Too bad.

He was delicious.


That is not a palm full of drugs! It’s a pop-rocks kind of candy that was AWESOME! The popping pieces were way big and so they popped BIG in your mouth! They actually verged on hurting! It was wonderful. The flavor was supposed to be cola (the popping part) and lemonade (the round pieces). I would love to have a whole box of these packets!

The candies on the right were 100% honey hard candies. The candy itself was about the size of a dime. I liked them okay. It tasted a bit like ‘old lady’ suck candy. They’d probably be really nice if you had a sore throat. They tasted like honey, but with a vegetable-esque after taste.

Here is the crazy DIY goo that came with the crate. We had a hilarious blast mixing this up when ModMom and Grumpy Skittles came over for the latest Doll Club meeting. It was SO GOO-ey! The consensus was that it tasted pretty good but that is was pretty weird having to bite off a liquid!


Full disclosure, I’m not sure that I would want to get this box every month, or rather, I don’t have the disposable income to afford $30 worth of Japanese snacks every month. If I won the lottery, I would absolutely get this crate every month! The DokiDoki box is more to my fancy. Pretty much every thing that came in it was full blow squee worthy.

Here is the Doraemon coin purse that I got from the DokiDoki box!

Amethyst thinks Doraemon is too weird. I think he’s just right, haha!


The verdict on these boxes? I LOVE THEM. I hope I can scrounge up enough money for the June DokiDoki crate which is HARAJUKU themed!!!! Ahhhhhh! And if I win the lottery, I’ll get the Japan crate, too XD

Stay tuned to Thirsty Thursday for a review of the soft drink you saw in the box!

What crates to y’all subscribe to?

Have you had similar good & bad luck with the contents?

Yes I am 33 and play with dolls.

Yes I am 33 and I play with dolls.

I’ll be 34 in a little over a week and I will still play with dolls then!

 I loved Barbies and American Girl dolls when I was growing up, and I played with them even into middle school (but I didn’t really let anyone know that). Even in to college I bought limited edition collectible outfits for the four AG dolls I have (Samantha, Kirsten, Molly, and Felicity!)

It was about a year ago that I started back up with dolls. Amethyst started it. She is the one to blame 😉 (I mean, thank!)! She had gotten in to Monster High dolls–they’re so much more weird and wonderful than anything I had when I was growing up! It wasn’t hard to fall in love with dolls all over again.

I’d like to introduce you to my favorite dolls.

This is Mini Morgan.

Can’t you tell from the hair and nose rings and fun earrings?!?!

Last year for my birthday, my 3 generations of friends (Grumpy Skittles, Mod Mom, and JJRWS) made this perfect doll for me. All three of them worked on the project. Later in the fall I made her little sweater. Isn’t her hair perfect?!?! They also made a little tiny crocheted Patti Smith cat and a knitting basket to go with her. Quite possibly one of my favorite gifts ever.


Here are my two favorite Monster High girls:

Wydowna Spider is on the left. Aren’t her arms marvelous?! She reminds me a little of the Hindu goddess Durga. The version I have came with a few extra outfits that were sort of comic book/graphic novel themed which makes her even more fun! Ghoulia is on the right. This is a flea market find that Amethyst gave me. She was missing parts of her arms, but since she’s a zombie I think she’s kinda neat this way. I knitted the little dress she has on as well as her scarf. It’s supposed to look like the scarf is made of guts XD ! The chair she is sitting in was made by one of the ladies that comes to my knit & crochet club.

This is MaryAnn.


MaryAnn is a knock off Blythe that I adopted from a lady in Hawaii last summer. I gave her a face-up, changed her eye chips, and finished her whole body with a matte spray. I also have her “sleepy eyes”. (If any of that jargon is weird to you non-doll peeps, I can explain further!) MaryAnn has on a little set of knitted overalls that I made, and the pink cowboy boots came from a Barbie I had as a kid! I think she’s pretty dang dreamy!

Here’s Sindy!


Sindy came to live at the doll house just last night! Amethyst, Mod Mom, and Grumpy Skittles came over for a long overdue doll party (as you can see from the snacks!). We sampled a bunch of weird soft drinks that you’ll get to read about come next Thirsty Thursday. Sindy got put in the Trade Pot and I snatched her right up. I’d never heard of this kind of doll before–you can read more about her here. I like her because I think she looks a little like the Licca-chan dolls from Japan! Welcome to the crew, Sindy!

Do you miss playing with dolls just because you’re a “grown-up”? Do you live in the greater Charlotte/Hickory area and like dolls and kawaii and Asian pop culture? If so, you gotta join The Doll Club! We meet about once a month and nerd out about cute things. You’re so totally welcome to join us!


Tiny Tuesday #7, shrinky dink edition

A different “TINY TUESDAY”!

My good friend Tracie (I mentioned her a few weeks back here) sent in a special TINY TUESDAY request last week. She thought it would be fun to feature a TINY craft, and she mentioned shrinky dinks. {WHICH ARE SO FUN OMG.}  I have put on my searching cap, and combed the interwebs for the very best shrinky dink-ing ideas I could find. And I couldn’t agree more–TINY crafts are so super fun! I’ll look for more fun TINY crafts to share–let me know if you have any ideas!

Shrinky Dinks!

If you’re a child of the 1980s, you surely remember these!!

Awesome thing #1: the materials are FREE.

Awesome thing #2: YOU GET TO MAKE TINY THINGS!

A few tips to start:

You can buy shrinky dink plastic like this but you can also make your own. For free. Click through to this link for a great tutorial. The only thing I would add is that you may need to use a piece of sand paper to scratch up the plastic–in my experience the colors stay on better with the “ruffed up” plastic.

Also, I really like tracing over scientific or technical drawings. Since the SD plastic is clear, you can lay a drawing right on top and trace the design with total ease. Things that can be difficult to draw free hand are easy to trace on SDs! Try different kinds of writing utensils. Sharpies and colored pencils seem to work the best–the plastic locks their color in when the plastic shrinks.

Don’t forget to use your tools! Shaped hole punches like stars and hearts make for really fun accents on your SDs. Also, fancy edge scissors really make projects pop. Don’t forget to punch holes in your project BEFORE your shrink! A standard round hole punch makes a hole perfect for fitting a jump ring through once the plastic has shrunk down.


“Classic Projects”



Rings and bracelets are pretty classic projects for SD. I like the fox ring that is made almost like a ‘spoon ring’ with the overlapping twist of plastic. I think that would help with stability and help prevent breakage. The image above is actually of a ring, but it would make a great bracelet–the wide cut and smooth opening in back would make it easy to slide around and off your wrist. And aren’t those birdies ADORABLE!?

These earrings are SO FUN. You could use dry erase markers to write words on the finished project–then you can change your thought bubble with your mood! That way you can go from “GO AWAY” to “HIP HIP HOORAY”!

I’m totally smitten with these hand necklaces. Using hands to spell out words is such a fun idea. This is another thing that might be fun to trace !

Business card shrinky dinks! Click through the name above for a tutorial on how these are made. The tutorial uses printable sheets of SD but you could just as easily use an ink stamp to mark these. Handwritten ones would be pretty great, too–and more unique! What a great little advertisement to include with your merchandise!

I think this may be my favorite new (to me) idea! BUTTONS!!! OMG. Just think of the possibilities! One of the things I’ve struggled with when I make my weird dresses (see this post) is that I have a hard time finding buttons that are, well, weird enough! NOW I CAN MAKE MY OWN!! I might have to make a new dress soon just to make these wonderful buttons!

Here is a really great tutorial on how to make blooms from SD! This came from Kathy Sheldon’s book Shrink Shrank Shrunk (full of all sorts of other fun stuff to make!!)




Here are some great ideas for leftover TINY pieces of SD plastic.

Fancy tops for straight pins!


(These remind me of paper beads!)

Some other small things you can try making with scraps are guitar picks, stitch markers (for knit and crochet), or any manner of earrings…like these below. OMG.

Hope you enjoyed this special crafty edition of TINY TUESDAY!

Let me know if you have a TINY craft you’d like me to feature!


Mardi-gras mail in May!

Here are some pictures of the SO super fun package I got yesterday!


Frady’s!!! A picture of one of my favorite corner stores 🙂


OMG I cannot even deal with how fun this sparkly rubber duckie is!


Muses plushies!!


Beads and Beer! What a hilarious coozie. Perfect for my current crown-life.


Bacchus coins!

Oh to be having a gallon of daquiris right now.

Thanks, again Kazi! You outdid yourself!

TGIF, pals. Be careful out there on this crazy Friday the 13th!

Picayune Pictures #7

Picayune Picture time!

❤ Here are some highlights from the past week or so ❤

Here is my stack of books from my latest trip to the Buck-A-Pound.


Oh, books.

Highlights of this stack:

The spiral bound cookbook near the bottom is a sample for a cookbook printing company. When I picked it up out of the bin and flipped through it, I opened right to a page that had a recipe for “Hilary Clinton’s Chocolate Chip Cookies”. It went right to my mom for mother’s day. She loved it.

84 Charing Cross Road is one of the most delightful books I’ve read in ages. It was just a little paperback that caught my eye while digging in the book bin. I had never heard of it and had no idea what it was about. Well. It is pretty much my favorite sort of thing to read: other people’s correspondence. The gist is that a lady author in her 50s lives in Manhattan and doesn’t like to travel downtown to the bookstore. She begins writing letters with title requests to a book store in London and purchases them this way instead. Her voice is beyond fab and reminds me of my dear friend from Texas, Mrs. MB. But I digress. The correspondence goes on for nearly 20 years and lifelong friendships are formed. You simply MUST read this little book. Like, ASAP.

The dark green book near the bottom is a Bobbsey Twins twins mystery! These were originally written in the early 1900s, but I thought they were wonderful nearly 100 years later when I read them in in the 1990s. How great is this inscription/property note? Goodness knows what the twins will get involved in on their vacation to Mexico!



Y’all know now that I am a total ham for office supplies. While doing some free-lance admin work my little eye spotted this jar jammed full of color. I couldn’t help it! It made me GRIN. It’s the little stuff and the VERY colorful stuff that makes me happy.






If you follow my instagram you might have seen these couple of pictures. I’m in the throes of pretty pricey dental work and the process hasn’t been easy mentally OR financially. I had to go get this “Den-temp” stuff to re-adhere my crown after I popped it off at 6:30pm Friday WHILE EATING A TORTELLINI using my back molars. Ugh. After I found the tooth cement I decided to look at the toys. Because I was pouting and needed a toy. I didn’t end up and get myself anything, but I did spot this awesome tube of Dice, which btw would make a great birthday present for you-know-who (me).

Who remembers hot dice?!?

Also I noticed that the little plastic doo-hickey that came with the “den-temp” looked suspiciously familiar. It dawned on me that it was awfully similar to a particular bone that raccoons have. If you know, you know…if you don’t, you can read a little more about it here.

SPOILER ALERT: it’s a raccoon penis bone.

You’re welcome.




Amethyst and I went in on a mini Japan Crate! OMG these things are so fun. I love trying all sorts of foods that are new to me–especially savory stuff so I am super stoked to try these seaweed chips! There is even a bungeoppang (fish cookie)! I’m especially excited about that since I’ve got a little eraser version of it 🙂 See that TINY kitten in the lower left?! You’ll see more of him next TINY TUESDAY! I’ll report back once we open and actually sample the snacks.


My happy place.

(one of them!)

I love getting home from work and sitting on the patio (aka carport) with a good book and an adult beverage. You can see parts of the garden up on the ledge in the little pots. I noticed dadgum aphids on my  lettuce last night! UGH! I sprayed the heck out of the leaves with soapy water. I hope it helps. Y’all know how precious the lettuce is! I only want to share it with Mr. Smith!!!

Hope your week has been a good one!

Hope you get to enjoy your happy place today–wherever that is for you! 🙂