Back 2 School!

Can you even believe it?
Is the summer really gone?

I’ve had friends posting cute back-to-school pictures of their kids since the first week in AUGUST! That seems crazy. It’s crazy enough that I’ve been in workshops and training stuff since that same time. The one thing that always makes going back to school a little more fun is new outfits and school supplies. Here are a few things I’ve been drooling over lately.


The shirt to the left is funny AND true! Totally reasonable for a teacher to wear.
(Tons of places online versions of the shirt: click here for one)

And speaking of teachers, how perfect is that sweater!?!? I just want the crochet eyeball on the BACK–“I’ve got my eye on you, EVEN when I’m not facing you!” Unfortunately I can’t find the artist who made this (one of the major bummers about Pinterest). I have a couple of friend who could make me one though *cough* *cough* Mod Mom, Grumpy Skittles,


These are both out of stock from Mill Street Vintage but DANG they’re so dreamy! They make for great inspo–maybe I have time to make a new dress before school starts?!


These shoes AND These shoes!

I’m really fascinated by this whole beaded thing–{see wiki article here} I had never heard of it until I was watching some kids educational show on Saturday morning.

Let’s pin these amulet flags to EVERYTHING we wear this year.



I am about to be SWAMPED with school so it may be a minute before I get more posted. Until then, just remember that if all else fails, I’m headed back to New Orleans.



Happy Back to School Y’all!

Great Smokey Mountain Railroad: NEW VIDEO up now on YOUTUBE!

Hello there, pals!

It’s TRAIN RIDE time once again!

Here is the video I have been promising from the adventure Mr. Smith and I took a few weeks back. We had been talking about doing this train ride pretty much since we met almost TWO years ago. When you click to the video there is more info on where and how to order tickets and my advice on what train and car to ride. You should check it out!



Be sure to watch the OTHER train video on my channel from when I took the Amtrak to New Orleans. I just know you’ll enjoy both!

Victory Garden Update #7: Feeling Meh


Welcome to another update from the Victory Garden!

Just LOOK at these DREAMY limes!!
{I totally did NOT grow these, but a victory gardener can dream, right?!}

These slipped through my New Orleans posts somehow so I had to share them with my garden update. All through the Bywater (and also at the Whitney Plantation) there were lime trees EVERYWHERE! The limbs were aching with the weight of these small, dark green limes. There were plenty of these trees on the sidewalk, so it seemed like fair game for me to pick some. A bunch. I would have picked a five gallon bucket full if my mom hadn’t been so mortified. Y’all, one of my life goals is to have citrus trees. Maybe this will go on the 2018 To-Do List.



The limes are actually Tahitian limes, so far as I can tell. This variety is described as having thin, dark colored skin with orange inside instead of green. Also, this next bit may have more to do with freshness than anything else but these are SO JUICY!!! Like, they have at least as much juice in ONE lime as two store bought one. No exaggeration. Too bad I’m down to my last 2 😦 Seltzer, beer, and tomato salads will be much more boring once they’re gone.


To tell the truth, things haven’t been so great in the victory garden. The tomatoes in buckets experiment has proved to pretty much be a bust. While I am pretty bummed, learning is learning so I’m taking it as it is. Even after moving the pots the plants didn’t really spring back. I guess I let them go too long to recover. Next year I will plant in the ground.

Fortunately, I DO have two very happy brandywine plants that have a fair amount of fruit on them! As you can see from the pic below, I am trying to protect these precious plant from the dreaded jerk birds with netting. Of course the netting is something I had on hand in the Doom Shack, so it’s yellow and green. You can’t really see this from the picture, but after whining about the net blowing off my mom suggested clothes pins strategically placed. Which I did because my mom is a genius.


I am probably going to pull up the plants from the right side of the bed so I can get garlic in the ground in the next little bit. The buckets down that way are pretty much done and just taking up space. I’m planning to work the dirt and add some compost and left over potting soil.

To the left you can see the chocolate cherry tomatoes are about over.
That’s a brandywine in my hand–now if only the birds leave them alone!!!

I’ve also given up on my mustard that was planted well over a month ago. The only thing it will be good for is TINY TUESDAY (how sad!) I have one bit of lettuce left that I’m going to harvest and serve with the potatoes I pulled 2 days ago. YES! More potatoes! That has been a success. The good thing about all those tomato buckets is that I can use them to grow potatoes next year! Stay tuned for a YOUTUBE video of the potato harvest!

{and a few random weeds}



Pretty much everything is done on the deck, too. I’ve still got one pepper plant plugging along with two yellow bells just waiting to mature. I’ve also still got some very happy purple basil and a pitiful scraggley mint. The green buckets on the left (where the potatoes grew) are turning into a little compost area. Instead of throwing my vegetable scraps in the ditch I’m going to layer them in the bins with green and brown material to try to work some more soil.

(This is at Mr. Smith’s mom’s house)


photo credit, C.L.Smith

Just look at how GIANT these plants are! That’s two rows of okra on the left and several tomato plants on the right. At least this is some proof that I have a talent in starting seeds! My mom’s plants look beautiful, too! I should have just put the poor things in the ground.

One thing I HAVE been doing which isn’t exactly a garden thing, but has been a huge success is HUMMINGBIRD FOOD!!! Mr. Smith bought a little feeder for us to try out and we have been going through a feeder-full a week! I’m not sure how many birds we actually have, but there are at least 2. They raise cane, flying and playing (maybe mating, lol), zipping around our porch and front yard. It has been a delight.



How has your garden been doing?

What are you harvesting this week?

What do you have planned for winter?

Do you have hummingbirds?

Holler and let me know!

TINY TUESDAY #29: last bits of summer

Hello TINY fans!
Welcome to a rather TINY edition of TINY Tuesday!

I’m trying to get a bunch of posts and videos queued up for when I start back to school. I mentioned in the 2017 To-Do List Mid-year Update post that I am going to try my very darnedest to keep up with things even after I go back to work. TINY Tuesdays seem to be everyone’s favorite day of the week so I’m going to do my best to at least keep up with that, plus garden updates while I still have things growing. This week isn’t super full, but I think it will satisfy your TINY needs! ❤



Boohiss. Y’all will get to read more about this in my next victory garden update that will come out Thursday. Things are slowing down and I am pretty bummed. The mustard is good for nothing but TINY Tuesday now 😦


How stinking cute is this teeny tv?! I snagged this a few weeks back at the doll show me and Jamie went to in Raleigh. It’s actually got a button on the bottom of the set that you can push and then you look through the hole and there are little slides that change the picture! I wish there was a way for you to see the different pictures–they are so 1960s! This must have been a tourist trinket back in the day. I can’t wait to put it in the doll house!

{tiny candy}!!


I totally impulse bought these at the checkout aisle of Walmart last week. I was there looking for planners (none fun OR practical enough) and instead bought a Lisa Frank folder with puppies and kittens and GLITTER on it and a t-shirt with elephants and hearts. The checkout lady was like, “Oh it looks like it’s back to school time!” and she surely thought the items were for my 5th grader but they were totally for me. So I bought some TINY candy too. They looked like Nerds but were super chewy and tangy. They kinda made my jaw hurt but were worth trying another flavor of–especially watermelon!



I’ll tell y’all more about the humming bird colony in Thursday’s garden update but I just HAD to sneak in a picture today! SO TINY! SO FAST! It only took about 57 pictures on my phone to FINALLY even sort of capture this marvelous creature. I am so excited to have them around.

That is all for this edition!
Stay tuned Thursday for the latest in the Victory Garden 2k17
another TRAIN video will be out this week, too!

Potato Harvest! NEW VIDEO!

AlsoHullo everyone!

I made a video of me harvesting my buckets of potatoes! I’m pretty pleased overall with how many little potatoes I got! Watch the video to hear me ramble on about what varieties I planted and what I plant to do next year! Be sure to ask questions in the comments section here, or on YouTube and I will be sure to answer them!



Also, I’ve got a victory garden update coming in the next day or so–be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that to see how the rest of the garden is holding up!

New Orleans, Part 3.

New Orleans, Part 3.
“For Mr. Smith”

Mr. Smith was sitting across the kitchen table from me as I edited photos and wrote witty captions for the previous two vacation posts that you’ve surely already read and enjoyed. I was on my laptop and he was on his (probably ordering bike parts, scrolling past food p0rn, and possibly reading boring business articles that he so dearly loves). It dawned on me after I showed him 3 or 4 pictures that there are a lot that I took with him in mind. I texted him a few of them while I was gone, but the majority stayed on my phone unsent. I decided that it might be fun to wrap up my adventure tales with this series of pictures for him. I hope you all enjoy it!

{because Mr. Smith loves metal work}

A light fixture made from pipes made to look like trumpet bells!
And beautiful blue orbs in the back–these were at the entrance to a hotel parking area!


This reminds me of something Alec Steele would make!
[He is one of our favorite blacksmiths and is on YouTube — check him out!]
I saw this in the window of a collectible weapon and coin shop on Royal Street.

‘Quilted Metal’ seen at Pizza Delicious 
…because, neat metal work and pizza are the best combo!
But seriously, click to zoom in and see the detail in this incredible piece.


Speaking of pizza and metal:

This GIANT light up BEER sign reminded me of something that another one of our YouTube favorites, Jimmy DiResta might make! Metal+Light-up-sign+Pizza+Beer=FUN! [You should ALL check out DiResta on YouTube –he is one of the most inspiring makers we watch.]

{because Mr. Smith loves & lives for bikes!}


The bikes on the left are outside Flora, a coffee shop in the Bywater. There was a whole row FULL of bikes from coffee shop customers. And if there is something Mr.Smith loves more than bikes and metal, it is COFFEE 🙂 To the right is a line of bikes outside a restaurant–prolly belonging to the kitchen & wait staff.  I love the green rims (? what are those called?) and matching green pedals!

Giant pile of white bikes off St. Claude!
{not sure what the deal is with the white bikes around town but I like them!}20170711_164957

One of MANY scrapped dead bike frames left locked up.
“At least they left the kickstand!”


I hate this picture is so blurry but just LOOK at how crazy the bike is!
What a chopper!!!



A wall of lit up clear glass bottles.
I thought this was really beautiful and worth showing!
This is at SoBou–remember the place I mentioned sometimes has movies in the pool?


I have no idea why these made me think of Mr. Smith but  I thought it would make him laugh. I’m honestly not sure if he’s ever even watched SpongeBob. This was taken at the Mardi Gras bead store I mentioned before.

A bin full of giant stuffed Patricks.


These are 2 things I think Mr. Smith would have picked out for me.
Left: the most perfect t-shirt ever!
Right: a room of vintage bar wear!

I’d like this last post to serve as one more HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Smith for taking care of Patti Smith and Duckie for me AND for taking care of Fraidy for my mom. You deserve ALL the souvenirs for your care of the critters.

This wraps up my THREE PART travelogue-blog on my adventuring in New Orleans! I hope you enjoyed coming along with me! I still have some video footage that I would like to edit into to some more little movies but my computer is having a really hard time having enough memory to edit projects as big as these. Unfortunately they are going to have to get saved for when I have a faster machine. If you have any advice on this problem PLEASE leave me a comment below. Stay tuned! They will turn up!

Be sure you’ve checked out:
New Orleans, Part 1.
New Orleans, Part 2.
the Amtrak adventure!

❤ Thanks for reading! ❤


Looky at what day it is!
Aren’t you just the most excited ever?!

I’ve been collecting a bunch of TINY fun for you for TOO LONG and it’s time to let you have it! I’ve got pics from the past few months that I keep meaning to include in a TT and the time has finally arrived. TODAY you get a GIGANTIC episode of Tiny Tuesday!

Here are some TINY!!!! things I saw in New Orleans:
also: “beware of strange dog” sign


(these were at the Food and Beverage Museum I mentioned here.)

There was an even bigger display behind the bar at a place called Liuzza’s but I flubbed up the pictures. {If you go there, be sure to try their crazy good Bloody Marys}



I got this at one of my favorite shops called, “What’s New” in the French Quarter. I reallllly wanted one of these necklaces but didn’t have those kinds of funds. I opted for this shiny green alien king cake baby instead–she only cost 50 cents instead of 50 bucks.


{and lovely thumb nail!}

My totally talented internet fraaaaand  Kim Bui posted this picture on her IG back in May and saved it on my laptop and forgot all about it. She actually made this TINY delight for her mama for mother’s day! Isn’t it the TINY cutest?! Kim does all sorts of rad nail design and she posts pictures of tons of wonderful things like: NAILS (duh), coffee, and TINY stuff! Be sure to check her out and follow her!

in weed-eater string!!


My weedeater has been sucking my will to live lately. It does ridiculous things like tie a TINY know in itself. I think something is wrong with the mechanism that automatically releases the string. I ran through SO MUCH string at my mom’s house that I ran out before I finished the job. In an effort to save myself a trip to the hardware store I tried a DIY hack that seemed ridiculous BUT WORKED!!!


That is a ZIP TIE you see sticking out of the string hole! While this would be a major pain to use to trim an entire yard, it DEFINITELY worked in a pinch. It took three zip ties to cut about 30 feet of driveway. If you want to learn more check out YouTube–there are several tutorials that explain how to try it.

And some naughty toy purchases…
Y’all know I cannot resist blindboxes.

Waffle Cat came in a blind box!! You can find them here at Hot Topic or here at Amazon. I found mine at Barnes and Noble in Hickory. I snagged another Tricky Cat by KidRobot. They are seriously my favorite blind boxes ever! What is it about a blind box that is so thrilling? It reminds me of being a kid and getting a grab-bag for a dollar at the auction barn!


Adorable woodland miniature erasers!
There’s nothing quite like TINY school supplies.

Hope you enjoyed this rather HUGE edition of TINY TUESDAY!
Keep coming back for MOARRRR Tiny!