Tiny Tuesday #21!

Hey there! It’s TINY TUESDAY #21!

Happy TINY TUESDAY from the snowy state of North Carolina!

I’m going a TINY bit stir crazy after being stuck in the house since Friday night. We finally got out today–Mr. Smith drove me to Morganton to get my Mom her cat back (we’ve been cat-sitting while she vacationed). The main roads around here are clear but the secondary and tertiary roads are still pretty icy to be honest. I know you readers from up north may scoff at us down here in the south, but we just don’t have the plows, salt, etc to keep our roads safe. Some of our buses don’t even have heat. Glad to be off another day to keep the kiddos safe and warm.

So yeah, I’ve got a little extra time on my hands for the bloggy ❤

You may recall my field agent TP from last week’s  TT. She is the one who sent in the pictures of the fairy garden! You absolutely must click here to see what she found for us this time. It includes TINY, cats, and funny–three of my most favorite things! Thanks again TP–I love it when you dear readers report on TINY stuff for me to share!





Num-nomsL’il WoodzeezSquishyPops My Little PoniesAnimal Jam

new TINY toys posing with books leftover from my subcultures class at WWC.

{THAT is a hilarious juxtaposition}


Duckie posing with the new TINY etch-A-sketch! Thanks Mod Mom!


A much coveted LOL Surprise doll!

You gotta watch the unboxing videos on these–click here. These dolls are so weird–mine is a spitter in case you were interested. These LOL dolls are selling like hotcakes on ebay so you should snag some if you can actually find them in stores!




My mom brought these TINY satsuma oranges back from her gallivanting in LA. Satsuma is also the name of a small community that my dad lived in as a kid. They’re totally delicious–click here to read a little of the history of the TINY fruit!





Some of y’all may know that I collect paper-beads–which reminds me that I really DO need to write a post showing off my ever-growing collection of them! My mom asked our friend Cotton Candy (remember her from Tiny Tuesday #8!Tiny Tuesday #9Tiny Tuesday #10 !!!) to make me a pair for Christmas and these are what she created. I’m totally smitten with them. TINY SPARKLE! Yipee!

Hope you are having a fabulous TINY week wherever you are!

And if you’re snowed in like me, I hope you’re only going a TINY bit snow crazy 🙂


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