Back 2 School!

Can you even believe it?
Is the summer really gone?

I’ve had friends posting cute back-to-school pictures of their kids since the first week in AUGUST! That seems crazy. It’s crazy enough that I’ve been in workshops and training stuff since that same time. The one thing that always makes going back to school a little more fun is new outfits and school supplies. Here are a few things I’ve been drooling over lately.


The shirt to the left is funny AND true! Totally reasonable for a teacher to wear.
(Tons of places online versions of the shirt: click here for one)

And speaking of teachers, how perfect is that sweater!?!? I just want the crochet eyeball on the BACK–“I’ve got my eye on you, EVEN when I’m not facing you!” Unfortunately I can’t find the artist who made this (one of the major bummers about Pinterest). I have a couple of friend who could make me one though *cough* *cough* Mod Mom, Grumpy Skittles,


These are both out of stock from Mill Street Vintage but DANG they’re so dreamy! They make for great inspo–maybe I have time to make a new dress before school starts?!


These shoes AND These shoes!

I’m really fascinated by this whole beaded thing–{see wiki article here} I had never heard of it until I was watching some kids educational show on Saturday morning.

Let’s pin these amulet flags to EVERYTHING we wear this year.



I am about to be SWAMPED with school so it may be a minute before I get more posted. Until then, just remember that if all else fails, I’m headed back to New Orleans.



Happy Back to School Y’all!

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