What did you read in 2017?

Here it is!!!

The annual list you’ve been waiting for!

It’s my annual “all the books I read this year” post!!!

Here are a few book stacks from the past year:


Remember that I only keep track of the
“chapter books” that I read,
not cookbooks and craft books, etc.

Here are the lists of books I read in 2017!




*see upcoming “To-Do List” post for more on that number

!!!!Beware of mild spoilers!!!!


Wool by Hugh Howey (graphic novel is also great, but I would recommend reading it after the full novel because I am a purist). Last Christmas I actually bought a copy of this book as a gift for a teenager friend of mine after reading a review of it from Ernest Cline (author of Ready Player One …unfortunately see this year’s TOTAL DUDS for more on that author). I LOVED LOVED LOVED and could not put this book down! It is part of a trilogy buuuuuuut I just couldn’t get in to the 2nd book. I guess I need to give it another try before I totally give up on the series. Wool is definitely a post-apocalyptic novel but has some twists that I haven’t seen before in the genre. If you’re in to that sort of sci-fi then you should definitely give it a try. Let me know if you get through the 2nd book and whether or not I should try again.

Gumbo Tales by Sara RoahenSee New Orleans, Part 1. for the full scoop on this book. I have told soooooo many people about this author and you should 100% pick up a copy of this book to keep if you have any ties to the New Orleans area. It will become your travel Bible. I’m not going to re-hash why it is so delightful; you can go read the blogpost for a full review AND you might as well read about my summer adventures in New Orleans while you are at it.

The Walking Dead graphic novel series by Robert Kirkman & illustrators. I have been a huge fan of this TV show since its first season and I didn’t even realize there were books until I had watched at least season 3. This is one of those truly strange situations where I am okay with the fact that the books and the TV show are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. If you’re a fan (books or show) you’ll probably know this already but it still blows my mind that Daryl is not even a character in the books!!! If you like the show, you should read the books–just be prepared that your favorite characters are going to have different lives. I have managed to dole these volumes out to myself in 4 book increments so I don’t binge the whole thing in one weekend, a feat I am rather proud of. That said, I feel a little funny about my rather high number of books read this year since TWENTY of them are from this series and it only takes me about an hour to read each one!


Look Homeward Angel by Thomas Wolfe. Y’all. It is okay if you love this book. It is okay if you do not love this book. It is also okay if you do not even want to read this book. I decided it was something I wanted to tackle and if you are friends with me on social media you will surely have read my tirades during the time I read it. Since I have grown up with Asheville as part of my life, and since the book is basically set there I wanted to see what all the fuss was about (because there is plenty of fuss!!). With the exception of the VERY RANDOM long winded food descriptions, I was totally bored with this tome. I should mention I tried to read the book with my eyes many years ago with no luck. This time around I listened to it on audio-book. I can at least say that I have done it, masochist or not.

From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg. Let me quote myself from last year’s book post: “I guess maybe the moral of this story is to be careful rereading childhood favorites.” Shew. This was a book I LOVED as a child but was HORRIFIED by as an adult!!! SYNOPSIS: These 2 kids run away from home, live off weird food bought with change that was picked out of a fountain, wash their underwear in said fountain, end up at the home of this crazy Mrs. Frankweiler who KNOW THE CHILDREN ARE MISSING but she proceeds prompt and to listen to their adventure story before calling to alert the parents that THEIR MISSING CHILDREN are safe! I wanted to kick her in the shins. And the shins of the guards of the museum. None of it would have been possible in this post 9-11 world. SO I TELL YOU AGAIN: be careful rereading childhood favorites!!!

Armada by Ernest Cline. I was sooooo disappointed in this book. Looking back, I am surprised that Ready Player One did not make my top books of the year last year–I really enjoyed it. I was super excited to get Cline’s follow up book and I absolutely could not finish it. Not finishing a book is pretty rare for me. If I make it past the first 25 pages, I am most likely going to slug through the whole thing. After three discs of this audio-book I gave up. Here are my thoughts: maybe I didn’t like it because I’m not a gamer. There was a LOT of gamer stuff in this book — I was really pulled in to the family & friends plot line but lost at the gamers parts. I must give a caveat though–RPO was also full of gamer stuff and it worked for me in a way that this book did not. Also, the plot seemed obvious, contrived, and hokey from the get go. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the main character’s father probably wasn’t dead after all. Have you read it? Am I right? I know I’m right. I told you so.

What did you read this year?

What was good? What was worth cautioning against?

Here’s to 2018 being full of wonderful literary delights…and trashy stuff, too!

BE SURE TO CLICK here for 2016 AND here for 2015  FOR PAST READING LISTS!



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