That necklace. (OOTD #6)

That necklace.

I think you may know the one I’m talking about.

Kids love it.

Ladies of a certain age remember theirs.

Snooty middle age women think it’s tacky.

All of these are terrific reasons to wear one.

“The Charm Necklace”


This is mine from when I was a kid. I was actually right at the tail end of these being popular. I think girls a little older than me were really more of the target audience back in the late 1980s. I haven’t had much luck finding the history of these collectors items. This  link has the most info I can find about them. Someone on this message board says they were called “Jingle Jems” but I can’t find any information about a company called that. I also read that some schools banned these necklaces because they were so noisy!

You can find lots of individual charms and whole collections on eBay by using search terms like “bells 1980s plastic charms” etc. These days the original charms are going for about $10 a piece. I know had a little baby bottle charm at some point but I probably commandeered it for Peggy, my most favorite doll from the 1988 time period.

Here are some of my originals!


I think the mouse used to have a google eye–I think I might glue a new one in his empty eye socket–or maybe a jewel! The little frying pan is totally my favorite!


Red bike! Blue bike!


How weird and wonderful is this ice skating “LUCKY” boot?!


Here are my DokiDoki charms. All of these cuties have come from the every wonderful DokiDoki Crate. Seen here are two Hoppe-Chan (see more here) from Sunhoseki. The thing that looks kind of like a seal is actually a bottle of mayonnaise. So weird and SO AWESOME. I forget his name though. 


Toki Doki Unicornos!


This bicycle lunch box charm is a current one from Michael’s–the stores around here in NC are actually running a bunch of this stuff on clearance for a DOLLAR a charm. I hope that doesn’t mean they are going to discontinue the line! I’m hoping it just means there is another series coming out. If you are interested in these charms you should definitely check out your local Michael’s just in case!

Did you have a necklace like this “back in the day”?

Have you added any new charms to it lately?

2 thoughts on “That necklace. (OOTD #6)

    • Tracie I was so jealous about them, too. My much older sister has 2 daughters and they had totally epic ones. They took pity on me and got one started for me, but I never had all that many charms. I’m really loving wearing it again though–so many people get so excited when they see it and remember theirs!


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