Tiny Tuesday #14 :)

Oh hello there Tuesday!

It is here again!


Sorry about the slump of Tiny Tuesday last week–I had a major space cadet moment.

Another week is gone but here is another TINY TUESDAY is here for your reading pleasure!

Last week I was gifted a seriously wonderful TINY delight from a long time pal of mine.


Notice in the top right corner it says “HOLD HERE”

and then down in the right front it says “THIS SIDE UP”

Can you guess what it is?




I squeeed so hard, y’all. I am so stoked to put these in my purse so I can always color! The person who gave these to me was my first favorite librarian, Mrs. Bear. She scratched instructions on the little black case so the pencils don’t fly all over the place when you open them up. She did this because of personal experience, hahaha! What a wonderful addition to the TINY collection. Thanks again!




iwako icecream

More Iwako from Kawaii USA. I can’t resist their food erasers! I’ve never seen these custard/ice-cream ones before so I had to share them! Kawaii USA has quite a few erasers I haven’t seen before. From what I can tell it’s a wholesale dealer, so you can’t buy just one or two. Still worth drooling over!



(near a BIG beer!)

tiny beer

This awesome shot was sent to me by my good buddy Karen over at Brews&Jewels. She found this delightful TINY table and TINY beer at Sweeten Creek Brewing in Asheville. I’ve never been there, but if they have a TINY treat like this, I can’t wait to go drink a BIG beer on their patio! Thanks again to Karen for being a great TINY TUESDAY field agent!




I want the mint and licorice colors SO BADDDD!

I’m just doing the one enamel pin this week. I really love this design, but also want to give a shout out to Tuesday Bassen who is not only a great designer, but she is fighting the good fight. A big dumb store (Zara) ripped off a bunch of Tuesday’s designs as well as the designs of quite a few other artists. If you want to read more about the theft click these links–publications from NY Magazine, to Good Housekeeping, to Jezebel (and MANY others) have reported on this. It’s a good reminder to be wary of big chains, don’t be breaking commandments,  and support your local artist types!





These thread spools also came from Mrs. Bear! I think I will put them in my beading tool box to use for jewelry. Won’t they be pretty to paint on?! I was also thinking it would be neat to wood burn on them. I’ll have to see if any of my friends near by have the tools for that. Tiny things are so much fun.



I was bad and bought another Tricky Cat. Who couldn’t love that mustard smeared kitty face!? AND corndogs! This one came with two corndogs. I didn’t notice until I was looking up the tag #trickycat on instagram that these vinyl figures have TINY BUTTHOLES. I giggled so hard when I realized this because I am almost seven years old. The new sushi NumNom from Amethyst is giggling, too.

When I went to grab the link for Kidrobot I saw these beauties! A dang CHESS SET!!! Are you kidding me?! Labbit dogs!? Horrible Adorables!? Again, go ahead and take all my money. Ugh, I love these dang collectibles.




Mr. Smith and I are slowly but surely blending our animal families. Y’all have met Patti and Duck, but you haven’t met Chief. I’ll have to give him his own post someday soon. Suffice to say, Chief is a sweetheart, but he IS a big dog and the cats think he breathes too loud and is too excited with his prancing and tail wagging. Patti is not as phased, nor interested in the dog as Duck is. Duck wants to be friends SO BAD but is really scared and hisses and hides an awful lot. I was making egg salad the other day and everyone was interested enough in the food I was making that they all made it into a picture together! Considering they have only been together 3 times I think this is pretty quick progress. TINY miracles are still BIG ones!!!



My #1 field reporter Cotton Candy made sure that I knew about this segment on the CBS morning show. I can’t EVEN deal with how delightful the TINY TREEHOUSES are. You really do need to click and watch this little video. SPOILER: there are also TINY murder scenes! :O

That is all for this week!

See you again soon for another TINY Tuesday!

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