Let’s talk about LulaRoe


You’ve doubtlessly heard about LulaRoe–unless you have been living under a rock for the past year or so. You know, the company who does “pop-up shops” and online sales through Facebook. The company that sells super cute funky patterned wildly colorful clothes. A dream come true for a gal like me, right? I hate to be the bubble-burster here but I feel pretty *meh* about the whole thing.

I’ve had a TON, like literal, BUTT-ton of people ask me about LulaRoe. They think everything I wear must be connected to it somehow. I’ve talked about it so much that I decided to do a post about it on the ol blog.

Here are some pictures of my leggings that are NOT LulaRoe.

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{apparently I wore my Birks like every day last summer lol}

Before I get in to my list of why I’m not so stoked on the clothes let me give a SUPER SERIOUS caveat. If you are a bigger and/or taller person, LulaRoe is awesome. I consider myself to be on the bigger/taller side as a 5’9″ 180 lb person. I wear a size 10/12 jeans. However, I can pretty much buy cool leggings anywhere and everywhere. If I was much bigger this would not be the case.  So, if I couldn’t find cute leggings elsewhere then LulaRoe would be my jam.

I also love that this brand has given folks the confidence to wear lots of colors and patterns! This is how I live my life! Colors and patterns make me so happy and I’m so glad that other people are finally figuring out what I have always known: clashing can be cool, lol. That said I’ve found it hard to stomach spending $25 for leggings when I can find equally cute ones for $6.97 at Walmart or $5 at the flea market.

Here are some more of my collection…can you tell which ones are LR?


Here are the top 5 reasons I’m not 100% on the LulaRoe bandwagon.

#1 They’re pretty expensive. You know the leggings are made in a third world country, right? From what I’ve read (here and just google for more), China has some patent on the machines that make the “buttery soft” leggings, so LR can’t make them in the US. LR DOES have a lot of US factories, too, which is really awesome. I’m just going to be the jerk to point out that it’s kinda sketch that they boast about being American made. 25 bucks is hard to stomach for leggings, but $65 for a tee shirt dress?! Ouch. This is fast fashion y’all and it is not worth the price.

#2 They don’t wash well. I turn all my leggings inside out when I wash them and I was them in cold water on the delicate cycle with the hippy version of woolite. I’ve found that my LR leggings have faded more than I would like OR expect them to. Compared to my other leggings I actually thing they wash and wear worse than the ones have gotten from big box stores like Target and Walmart.

#3 The sizing is inconsistent. The first pair of LR I tried on was their one-size (0-12) was too tight and were more like capri length on me. The pop-up shop had a pattern in tall&curvy that I was smitten over so I bought them, even though they felt a bit big. I can literally pull them up to my bra underwire.  A few months later I bought another tall&curvy pair from a friend who was selling off her LR collection. These were even bigger than my brand new pair, possibly because they had been worn by a person a few sizes bigger than me. Not long after that I was gifted with a pair for Christmas. It’s also worth noting that I was gifted the pair because they were too small for my friend who bought them. They fit me PERFECTLY but are definitely NOT the same size as the pair I bough brand new. Again, for the price point, there should be more quality control over sizing.

#4– Everyone thinks every pair of leggings I have is LulaRoe. This isn’t really a bad thing but if everyone thinks I’m wearing it anyway, why on earth would I pay to wear it?!

My final thoughts are this: if you have the money and you are bigger than a size 16 GO FOR IT. If you’re smaller than that, buy them only if there is a pattern you are over the moon about. Otherwise I would tell you to hit up Walmart, Target, Ross, TJ Maxx…pretty much every store has them these days.

Do YOU LulaRoe? If so, tell me if you’ve had similar or different luck!

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