Are you on Instagram?

If you aren’t, you should be! If my great aunt can do it, so can you!

(waves to Annette ūüôā )

I thought that Instagram would be just another social media platform that would go by the wayside like MySpace and Friendster (yep, I’m that old). The thing that is really neat about IG is allllllllll¬†the niches that are there. My real motivating factor was finding other crafters and doll weirdos like me. Boy, have I found them. So silly and FUN!

I decided I wanted to share some of my favorites with y’all so here they are!

Twinkie Chan!


via Twinkie Chan


via Twinkie Chan

Twinkie Chan is pretty much my most major craft crush in years. I think we have the same spirit animal…but I’m not 100% sure what animal that is! Maybe a rhinestone encrusted flying crawfish?! Anyway, Twinkie writes all sorts of crochet and knit pattern and gives a bunch away for free on her blog. She also has a new book out! You MUST checker her out.

Full disclosure,¬†Grumpy Skittles¬†and his mom¬†Modern Makery¬†told me about Twinkie Chan…THANK YOU!!!!

Dr. Blythenstein

The good Doctor turns Blythe dolls into magical creatures called “Yarnheads”. Just go ahead and click over and look at them. You will not be disappointed. Plus, Blythenstein is a wonderful role model to weirdos–his inspirational quotes make me smile regularly.


via BlackSpringsFolkArt

Black Springs Folk Art is made up of Beca and DougРtwo artists that seem so rad I can hardly stand it. Although I am confident it is incredibly hard work, I lust after their life of getting to make art as partners in the FLORIDA SWAMPLANDS with all sorts of critters around for company. I love getting to keep up with their work dirty hands, sparkling bits & dreamy jewelry, coffee drinking, and critter cuddling. Just wait until you see the tiny knives they hide in nearly everything. I. Love. It. 

See also dougswit and fromtoasttocoast for more content!


via PeopleYouMayMeet

My dear pal Tracie draws the most adorable portraits of people and pets. Check out her shop for details on how to order a picture of your own. I love keeping up with her projects via Instagram to see the lucky folks who have loved one with terrific taste in gifting! I also love the occasional pictures of Princess, the cat, who is one of my top five favorite cats that are not mine.

Also see¬†this¬†link for her other projects…like letterpress!


A lot of these Instagrammers also have blogs, so be sure to check out their IG profile and click through to find all their related links.

Who are your favorite folks to follow?

4 thoughts on “Insta-crush!!

  1. Yay! I’m so excited to be one of your insta-crushes! This is a major honor! It took me forever to join instagram, mainly because I didn’t have a smart phone for a long time. Then when I got one I was still scared to use it for internet and apps because I’m old. Which reminds me, the best advice I’ve ever overheard, which I think you’ll appreciate it, came from two older ladies in a Panera Bread in Florida trying to figure out their phones, and it was this: “If it doesn’t work with your pointer finger, just try another finger.”


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