On pinning & pining


I love Pinterest.  I mean, I really do love it.  The compulsive delight of finding beautiful/delicious/weird/inspiring things and getting to neatly categorize them in easy to admire groups is beyond satisfying.  Over the years I’ve been surprised by naysayers–or rather people who feel like Pinterest causes depression and unrealistic expectations in life.  Like anything, the website is a medium that is only as good as what you put in to it, and I find it incredibly inspiring.  It also helps to understand that your whole life doesn’t get to be like a pin board.  An element here and there is plenty.

Let me show you some pin-spiration success:

The dress (below on the left) was put in a post by Vintage Africa and someone pinned it on Pinterest.  I found it via my MO pal Elaine and I fell in love.  This is the dress that inspired me to make “The Nacho Dress”.  Even though I am a quilter you have to know that I had never made a dress in my life.  I’d never made anything wearable.  Ever. Okay, there was that one hideous hippie crop top thing I made in high school, but seriously.  I poked around online and came up with the pattern on the right.  Subtract a solid 8 inches off the bottom and the dress is pretty dang similar.  Then I saw the nacho fabric at MaryJo’s and the magic began.  All thanks to a pin.

Below, on the left is Patti Smith laying on the practice dress.  On the right is my lap of the nacho dress with a crazy naughty pull-apart donut hole thing from Quik-Trip.  The picture is from me tailgating the annual MaryJo’s birthday celebration from 2015.

Another note on dream boards: I probably couldn’t have afforded that beautiful original dress.  And, any dress or shirt with buttons up the front causes problems with my bust busting out.  By finding a pattern, I was able to customize my size (even as a beginner!) AND I can keep making the dress with different fabrics.  I paid about $7 for the pattern and it needs about 3 yards of fabric.  The green fabric was only $5.99 a yard, so it was affordable.  Similar dresses retail for over 200 dollars.  I pin the things I pine for, but I think hard to come up with ways to get what I want!  And I try things that seems daunting–if you don’t try you’ll never know if you *could* succeed!


Here are some fashion pins I am thinking about trying:

Manga Tights          Pom Pom Necklace          Witchy Shoes

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know the degree to which I am successful!  Woohoo! ❤

What crazy pins are you itching to try?  Do you love or hate Pinterest?


2 thoughts on “On pinning & pining

    • OMG yes you TOTALLY DO! It is so crazy–isles and isles of all sorts of wonderful stuff. Imagine Mitchell company x 20! It’s not cheap but I have fun for little bits of money. I love their $1 scrap grab bags. They also usually have pretty good stuff on the sale rack. Otherwise material is about $8.99+ per yard. Yikes! We gotta plan a trip there! (Plus there is a pretty great sports bar within walking distance–great pizza and beer!)


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