Tiny Tuesday #32: Another Accidental Thursday FULL-o-FUN!

Happy day after the 4th of July!
I hope you had a fun day off yesterday
that today you’re bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and not sun burned!

I managed to mess up my TT post for a second week in a row. Good grief! I decided it would be more fun for y’all to post today, instead of yesterday so here we go!

Let’s start with a couple of friend shout-outs!



Check her out at Flourishing Roots

Look at the picture my field agent sent in!
OMG y’all she is GROWING doll shoes!

I absolutely adore this hilarious pic!!! Leah over at Flourishing Roots is an old school/old-school friend of mine from way back. She is an urban gardener, homeschool mom, and oil guru! Give her a follow on the ol instagram. She posts such fun pics of her life in Kansas. And if you are in the market for a DoTERRA rep, we have you covered!

(one of my fav birthday gifts!)

This was actually part of my name-tag on my birthday present and maybe not really even supposed to be a gift, lol, but I just ADORE this keychain heart made of TINY stickers!! What a fun idea! I think Mr. Skittles should TOTALLY make these to sell at the Comi-cons where he peddles his wares. What do you think? Would you rock a keychain like this? Be sure to check out all his incredible handiwork AND his comic-com schedule over on his instagram and link-tree accounts!

(ALSO: check out that ladybug key! That’t my house key. When Mr. Smith and bought our house, this was one of the keys that came with the house. How wild is that? When Mr. Smith gave me my copy I actually thought he had made it for me! It’s so much cooler that the universe gave it to me instead!)

This totally isn’t TINY, but look at the PIE BAG from Mr. Skittles!!!


Please excuse the fact that this is a HORRIBLE quality photo but I love that my mom’s new cat (one of my fosters!!!) Imelda STOLE my pie purse and was playing with it! This screenshot it a still from the video I took before I quickly rescued my adorable PIE BAG! Sorry, I just have to put that in caps every time because the PIE BAG is so stinking cool. If you want one of your own, holler at Mr. Grumpy! He will hook you up! You can choose your own fruit filling!!


I am smitten with these TINY tattoos by Charline Bataille. The colors are so vibrant and on the verge of clashing, which I love. Ever since I heard the news about the passing of Anthony Bourdain,  I have been thinking on getting some new ink. I’m not really sure why this has triggered my renewed desire for tattoos, but it definitely has. Aaaaaand I’m not saying I’m going to get a charm bracelet on my leg, but I’m not saying I’m not, hahahaaa! #sorrynotsorry, Mom! I do love these quirky TINY tattoos.



This isn’t a haiku, but it is a TINY poem and I am loving it!
Goodness knows, I have grown plenty of TINY radishes…
…because I can’t leave root crops alone long enough to get BIG!


Alright you diamond painting fiends out there, you KNOW you want some of these for storing your bling!! Speaking of eveyone’s newest favorite hobby, most of my orders have arrived in the mail from all over the globe and I will be writing a post reviewing my purchases from the different sites. Have you started painting with diamonds yet?

Happy Tiny Thursday, everyone!
See you next time:
Same place, same time…ish!

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