Tiny Tuesday #31: It’s actually Thursday

Hullo and welcome to TINY Tuesday #31!
Which is extra special since it is actually TINY Thursday!

When I promised to be good and post a TT every week on time I must have clearly forgotten that I am taking online classes this summer that require me to look a computer for waaaaay more time than I am used to. I was just screen-burned out this week. So your TT is a TINY bit delayed. I hope you aren’t too mad.

Without further ado!

TINY!! Thrifty!! Junky!! Finds!!


My favs: Calico Critter kitty, praying Lambie, glow-in-the-dark Mary, and pink lotion bottle!

Have you ever been to the by-the-pound Goodwill Outlet stores? I know that Goodwill is kind of like the worst WalMart version of thrifting and I kinda avoid GW in general BUTTTTT y’all, the outlets are SO FUN and SO CHEAP. I went on a little adventure with my OG doll pal, Amethyst about a week ago and we scored some seriously fun junk. Now this stuff did actually come from the regular Goodwill that is right next to the Buck-A-Pound in Hickory. That store had a GENIUS idea (that is prolly not corporate approved idea so don’t tattle on them!!!) Right by the check out line, there was a big bin full of kid junk. You got a little baggie that was about the size of a sandwich baggie and you could fill it up for $3. Or you could buy individual toys for 25 cents each. What a genius idea to occupy and pacify a kid in the too long check out line? We would have gotten even more cool stuff from the bin (specifically some old Monster High accessories 😦 ) but there were some little girls shopping there too and I didn’t want to seem like an ogre. Even though I wanted to be an ogre.

My birthday was back in May but things were so hectic that we only just got to have my doll club birthday party about a week ago. Doll club has two kinds of events; Doll Party and Doll Work Day. Both involve food and cute TINY toys and DOLLS (of course). Doll parties are usually reserved for a birthday and have a theme particular to the member’s specific nerdoms (The theme they picked for me was Andy Warhol, YAY!!). Doll Work Day is where we work on face-ups, outfit & accessory creation. If you want more doll posts just click here —-> DOLL STUFF! I really should do a doll update! Anyway, below are pics from my Doll Party scores!

TINY treats from my belated 36th birthday party!!!


I didn’t take nearly enough pics of the cute decorations 😦


For whatever reason this pic REFUSES to rotate. Whatevs. The toys are so cute!!!




Charm U! ❤

I really love these little charms. I just wish the whole collection wasn’t marketed to just girls. Meh. They are really fun and could easily be marketed more gender neutrally. Click HERE to see more about these TINY blind box treats.

There are a few more things from Birthday Doll Party…
…but you will have to stay tuned to see!

And now from some fun TINY stuff I have seen on the interwebz!


tiny chairs

Read more about these chairs here —–> CLICK ME and how you can even buy them (if you are that flush with cash) I especially love the “Rocking Chair No. 9”.

I haven’t had a TINY quote lately so how about this one:


I kinda can’t quit giggling about this.

And I will leave you with Schrodinger’s cookie tin!
Is it cookies or sewing supplies?!



That is all for this edition of TINY THURSDAY!
See you same time-ish, same place, next week!

Remember, I love when my field agents send me links to fun TINY stuff.
If you see something TINY you should tell me about it!!

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