TINY Tuesday #30: bulbs, bling & blind boxes!

Is this real?
Is this really happening?
Can it truly be TINY TUESDAY again?!

I tell you, truly, it is happening!

Tiny Tuesday has been THE most popular theme that I’ve ever done on this blog and I really want to figure out a way to make it sustainable, even through out the school year. Finding cute tiny things brings a lot of joy into my life and I think it must bring joy to y’all, too. If nothing else, I am hoping to make TINY Tuesday a regular thing through the summer and maybe I can prep extra ones to post for a little while after I return to school.

No promises, but I will do my very best.

Without further a-do, onward to the TINY stuff!!



If you read my latest blog post & watched my latest YouTube video, you’ll know I’ve been growing some bulb crops AND that they have been a bit disappointing. This picture certainly doesn’t make the bummer much better, but it does account for another five of the garlic bulbs that went missing. I can now say that I was able to harvest TEN out of 52 bulbs planted. I went back out the bed this morning and raked through the soil and was able to find these stragglers. Yeah. :/ Feeling so much better now (<—— dripping sarcasm) I’m still hoping that through posting these updates & videos that some helpful feedback will turn up and next year’s plantings will go better. I am certainly not giving up!



Omg. I feel like a kid in a toy store with this new found hobby.

Do you like:
Perler Beads?
Coloring Books?

If you answered YES to any of those questions
you will probably like this craft!

Instagram has an alarmingly good advertising algorithm that always seems to target me with JUST THE RIGHT stuff. I have been suckered into: a pair of fish head flipflops, a rocks glass with a bullet in it, a personalized Willy Wonka kid’s book, and now PAINTING WITH DIAMONDS. It’s creepy, but I’d rather see fun stuff I want to buy instead of stuff that makes no sense for me (like the exotic men’s underwear ad I saw on FaceBook–yikes!)

I’m not sure how there could be a more perfect thing to share and talk about on a TINY Tuesday than this stuff. Basically, you get a kit that comes with a sticky canvas, TINY packets filled with TINY jewels, and a stylus that you stick the gems on with. Then you stick the jewels on the color coordinated grid. AND VOILA! Art!! These pictures feature a sugar skull kit that was gifted to me by one of my favorite crafty pals from school. I have since ordered several more kits and am patiently ANXIOUSLY awaiting their arrival. Once they come in the mail I will do a tutorial video to show you how freaking fun it is.

I’m not going to link where to buy these yet because I am waiting to see the quality from several vendors. I ordered from three different places in hopes that at least one will be a high enough quality to be worth the prices. Stay tuned!



I will have a post soon featuring all the fun tiny stuff I got at my Doll Club Birthday Party, but this is a teaser, featuring my current favorite blind box. Molang is a cartoon you can watch on YouTube (click here) which I did not even know about until I wrote this post! I have fallen for the cute little charm blind boxes you can buy from WalMart. Each box is $1.88 and comes with a little plastic bracelet, a Molang (rabbit) charm, a Piu Piu (chick) charm, and 2 accessory charms. This picture shows 2 boxes worth and I got a super rare one (the silver bead and the pink glittery jellyfish). Look at the TINY neon green banjo!

I’ve bought a handful of these blind boxes over the past few months. The bracelets are almost too small for my giant, erm, adult sized wrists, but they are perfect as doll necklaces. In case you are new-ish to my blog, the doll is a (fake) Blythe that I did a face-up on a few years back. Her name is MaryAnn and she is wearing a little set of overalls that I knitted.  Madame Alexander doll in the corner is yet unnamed. What should I name her? She is rather TINY, too!


Are there any TINY things you have seen lately that I should know about? Please comment below or send me a message! I love seeing TINY things from my field agents 🙂

Alrighty! That is all for this edition of Tiny Tuesday!
I hope you enjoyed it!
See you back next week, same time, same place!

❤ ❤ ❤

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