Are we on MySpace? (a survey thing)

Do YOU remember the beginning of social media?
Oh MySpace, you were a hilarious and perfect place for life back then.

Here are some picture from my life back then. Unfortunately, I don’t have the originals–(these were pulled from my FB account) so I can’t make them any bigger. Regardless, you can see proof of my first crew of foster kittens, my silly and persistent love of watches (and 80085), and that gothy-emo comb over that was everything in 2007.


My darling librarian pal Wendy tagged me in this on Facebook and oh lawdy it reminds me of those early social media days. Isn’t it funny how these things were SO POPULAR in the MySpace era? People loved over-sharing, especially in the form of quizzes like this.

You may remember Wendy from this Tiny Tuesday a while back that featured TINY and perfect lavender book earrings. That’s really the tip of the iceberg with her though–she is such a strange and wonderful artist, vegan, animal rescue whisperer, epic road tripper, letter writer and all around fun AF. Anyhoo, Wendy is a helluva pal and I will surely do this thing she tagged me in. {Follow her on current social media where you can try to discern which name is her pseudonym: here}


Let’s play!
Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Social Studies teacher
2. {non-degreed but still totally a} librarian
3. farm hand
4. house cleaner

Four things I like to do:
1. read/research
2. knit things
3. work in the vegetable garden
4. bloggy stuff

Four things I enjoy watching on TV/Netflix:
1. Longmire
2. Hell on Wheels
3. Stranger Things
4. Poirot

Four places I’ve visited: (EDIT-this year)
1. Lafayette, LA
2. New Orleans, LA
3. Daytona, FL
4. Bryson City, NC

Four things I love to eat:
1. my mom’s chex party mix
2. cheese
3. Pita Wheel
4. pickled things

Four places I’ve lived:
1. Knoxville, TV
2. Columbia, MO
3. Griffin, GA
4. Lincolnton, NC

Four currently living people I’d like to meet:
1. Jimmy DiResta
2. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
3. Grav3yardGirl
4. PATTI SMITH, duh.

Four favorite beverages:
1. seltzer
2. Coffee
3. grapefruit juice
4. whiskey

Four people most likely to also post this: (comment on this!)
1. Modmom
2. TG
3. Jessie
4. I dunno, I hope YOU will!

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