2018 “To-Do List”!

HELLO there, pals!!!!
Welcome to the annual To-Do List for 2018!
These are some things I would like to accomplish this year.MVIMG_20180107_135710.jpg


(Please excuse the pet hairs you can see on the floor–
I just vacuumed yesterday but y’all know how it is when you have fur-babies.)

Speaking of FUR BABES, check out this photobomb by Patti Smith!


1. WRITE MORE LETTERS. I used to write letters. A LOT of letters. In fact, I suppose the precursor to this blog was my zine, which was called “Letters I will never send to you.” I still get an occasional letter in the mail (HI LESLIE!!!! ❤ ) but nothing like I used to get…when I wrote letters frequently. This year I am going to write more mail and hopefully I will get some in return. I make even resurrect the old “Post cards from pals” photo album series.

2. DRINK MORE WATER. I feel like if there is one thing I can do to really help take care of my body it is to drink more water. I’m not going to promise it will be 8 glasses a day (I’m a TEACHER for crisssakes, I ain’t got time for that) but will drink more than I have been.

3. VISIT MY SISTER (and other folks). For those of you who know me on social media you might have seen my post a few weeks back about getting to see my sister. IT WAS SO AWESOME. The long and short of it is that we hadn’t seen each other in a reaaaaaaally long time — I don’t want that to happen again, so I’m putting it on my To-Do List to ensure success! She lives pretty far away so it’ll take a bit of doing but it is possible! I also want to do better about visiting folks closer by. I have a bunch of friends and family that live one county over from me…and I never see them. I want to change that.

4. CONTINUE GENEALOGY. I haven’t done much research on my family tree since I left my job as a librarian. I have several friends who are just getting started on their family trees and it has reminded me how much fun it is!

5. TRY SOME FICTION. When I was a teenager one of my dream jobs was to be a writer. Specifically a novelist OR a food writer for a big time newspaper. While I have written quite a bit in my adult life, I have not written much fiction. There are a handful of characters and story lines that have been knocking around in my head for years. I’d like to try to get them out of there and on to paper.

6. CONTINUE DOOM SHARK PURGE AND REFURBISH. I did a pretty dang good job of getting the Doom Shack set up last summer BUT I want to do another purge and really get things settled in. Once that happens I can really use the space as the studio it is meant to be! I can’t wait to film in there for my youtube channel (CLICK HERE!) AND have Doll Club over to play!

7. AMTRAK ADVENTURE WITH MR. SMITH. We FINALLY got to take a trip on the Smokey Mountain Railroad (here is the video!) this summer and it was so so so fun. I also got to take the Amtrak to New Orleans which was also really dang fun. I REALLY want to go on a long train trip with Mr. Smith — I dunno where I want to go, but I really hope we can get away over the summer on a truly epic train adventure TOGETHER.

8. GARDEN UPGRADE 2018. I’m actually going to so a whole other post about gardening stuff, ideas, goals, etc. so you’ll have to stay tuned for that!

9. MONTHLY DONATIONS OF STUFF/TIME/$$$. I have a lot of stuff I still want to go through and purge from the house (clothes, craft supplies, knick knacks, etc x 1000) and I’d like to make a monthly thing of it. Every month I want to take a load of stuff to my local 2nd hand shop. I want to do more than that though — while I don’t have a HUGE amount of $ I can easily donate, I do have some TIME. I  just need to figure out how to incorporate that into a regular thing.  I’m also making a goal to donate the money to my local shelter to have 3 animals spayed/neutered. I’d like to increase that donation as the years go along. AND FOSTER KITTENS!!!! I reaaaaally want to foster kittens.

10. THE CHECK INS. I want to keep y’all posted! I want to keep myself accountable! I want to challenge myself again in 6 months! So stay tuned!

What things are on your To-Do list this year?

Remember, don’t get overwhelmed by your to-do list. Look at me posting about it on January the NINTH!!!! We are NINE days in to the new year and it is still okay to make a list!!! I would recommend keeping the list to 10 or fewer things. Big lists can get a little overwhelming. I promise that by having a list it WILL help you do more, think more, and be MORE INSPIRED to get stuff done.

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(This one explains why I call is a “To-Do List” and not resolutions)

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