2017 To-Do List: Final Assessment!

So, how did I do with last year’s To-Do List?

Click HERE to read my mid year update!

I only have a few things to add to what I told you back in July.

I re-challenged myself mid-year on my book list. In 2016 I only read 29 books (which may seem like a lot to some, but for an avid reader it was a personal low) so I set a goal of 50 for 2017. By July I was already really close to achieving that number so I bumped it up to 75 books. Y’all. I read 74 books XD XD XD I WAS SO CLOSE! I definitely want to keep up this pace. Maybe this year will be the year I reach 100?!

I set a goal to help animals in need. By July I was feeling like I hadn’t really done what I set out to do. I really wanted to foster kittens, which I still want to do, but didn’t get to do in 2017. What I did end up doing was maybe even bigger than that.

Mr. Smith and I adopted another dog.

Pepper really deserves his very own post with more about his story so I’ll just leave you with some pictures as a teaser!




I especially include this part about him because it’s a good example of how setting goals can sometimes turn into experiences you didn’t have in mind at the outset.

There are some things from 2017 that I think I did really well! I think I blew the garden out of the park! I am so proud of all the successes AND failures I had with it. I have SO many ideas and goals for the garden in 2018. I think I did a really good job getting the Doom Shack in order. There’s more work to do, but overall I feel like I accomplished my goal! Also we did a switcheroo on extra rooms of the house and I got a room that is ready for fostering kittens THIS YEAR. Part of my old goal might come to fruition after all. I kinda dropped the quilting ball. For whatever reason I just wasn’t feeling it this year. But guess what? IT’S OKAY! Resolutions and goals and To-Do Lists are not carved in stone. Even when they’re written in pen, you can scratch them out or put an asterisk on them.

All you have TO DO is MAKE a To-Do.

I think you’ll be amazed by how much more you DO!

Here’s to YOU and an awesome 2018.

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