TINY TUESDAY #29: last bits of summer

Hello TINY fans!
Welcome to a rather TINY edition of TINY Tuesday!

I’m trying to get a bunch of posts and videos queued up for when I start back to school. I mentioned in the 2017 To-Do List Mid-year Update post that I am going to try my very darnedest to keep up with things even after I go back to work. TINY Tuesdays seem to be everyone’s favorite day of the week so I’m going to do my best to at least keep up with that, plus garden updates while I still have things growing. This week isn’t super full, but I think it will satisfy your TINY needs! ❤



Boohiss. Y’all will get to read more about this in my next victory garden update that will come out Thursday. Things are slowing down and I am pretty bummed. The mustard is good for nothing but TINY Tuesday now 😦


How stinking cute is this teeny tv?! I snagged this a few weeks back at the doll show me and Jamie went to in Raleigh. It’s actually got a button on the bottom of the set that you can push and then you look through the hole and there are little slides that change the picture! I wish there was a way for you to see the different pictures–they are so 1960s! This must have been a tourist trinket back in the day. I can’t wait to put it in the doll house!

{tiny candy}!!


I totally impulse bought these at the checkout aisle of Walmart last week. I was there looking for planners (none fun OR practical enough) and instead bought a Lisa Frank folder with puppies and kittens and GLITTER on it and a t-shirt with elephants and hearts. The checkout lady was like, “Oh it looks like it’s back to school time!” and she surely thought the items were for my 5th grader but they were totally for me. So I bought some TINY candy too. They looked like Nerds but were super chewy and tangy. They kinda made my jaw hurt but were worth trying another flavor of–especially watermelon!



I’ll tell y’all more about the humming bird colony in Thursday’s garden update but I just HAD to sneak in a picture today! SO TINY! SO FAST! It only took about 57 pictures on my phone to FINALLY even sort of capture this marvelous creature. I am so excited to have them around.

That is all for this edition!
Stay tuned Thursday for the latest in the Victory Garden 2k17
another TRAIN video will be out this week, too!

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