New Orleans, Part 3.

New Orleans, Part 3.
“For Mr. Smith”

Mr. Smith was sitting across the kitchen table from me as I edited photos and wrote witty captions for the previous two vacation posts that you’ve surely already read and enjoyed. I was on my laptop and he was on his (probably ordering bike parts, scrolling past food p0rn, and possibly reading boring business articles that he so dearly loves). It dawned on me after I showed him 3 or 4 pictures that there are a lot that I took with him in mind. I texted him a few of them while I was gone, but the majority stayed on my phone unsent. I decided that it might be fun to wrap up my adventure tales with this series of pictures for him. I hope you all enjoy it!

{because Mr. Smith loves metal work}

A light fixture made from pipes made to look like trumpet bells!
And beautiful blue orbs in the back–these were at the entrance to a hotel parking area!


This reminds me of something Alec Steele would make!
[He is one of our favorite blacksmiths and is on YouTube — check him out!]
I saw this in the window of a collectible weapon and coin shop on Royal Street.

‘Quilted Metal’ seen at Pizza Delicious 
…because, neat metal work and pizza are the best combo!
But seriously, click to zoom in and see the detail in this incredible piece.


Speaking of pizza and metal:

This GIANT light up BEER sign reminded me of something that another one of our YouTube favorites, Jimmy DiResta might make! Metal+Light-up-sign+Pizza+Beer=FUN! [You should ALL check out DiResta on YouTube –he is one of the most inspiring makers we watch.]

{because Mr. Smith loves & lives for bikes!}


The bikes on the left are outside Flora, a coffee shop in the Bywater. There was a whole row FULL of bikes from coffee shop customers. And if there is something Mr.Smith loves more than bikes and metal, it is COFFEE 🙂 To the right is a line of bikes outside a restaurant–prolly belonging to the kitchen & wait staff.  I love the green rims (? what are those called?) and matching green pedals!

Giant pile of white bikes off St. Claude!
{not sure what the deal is with the white bikes around town but I like them!}20170711_164957

One of MANY scrapped dead bike frames left locked up.
“At least they left the kickstand!”


I hate this picture is so blurry but just LOOK at how crazy the bike is!
What a chopper!!!



A wall of lit up clear glass bottles.
I thought this was really beautiful and worth showing!
This is at SoBou–remember the place I mentioned sometimes has movies in the pool?


I have no idea why these made me think of Mr. Smith but  I thought it would make him laugh. I’m honestly not sure if he’s ever even watched SpongeBob. This was taken at the Mardi Gras bead store I mentioned before.

A bin full of giant stuffed Patricks.


These are 2 things I think Mr. Smith would have picked out for me.
Left: the most perfect t-shirt ever!
Right: a room of vintage bar wear!

I’d like this last post to serve as one more HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Smith for taking care of Patti Smith and Duckie for me AND for taking care of Fraidy for my mom. You deserve ALL the souvenirs for your care of the critters.

This wraps up my THREE PART travelogue-blog on my adventuring in New Orleans! I hope you enjoyed coming along with me! I still have some video footage that I would like to edit into to some more little movies but my computer is having a really hard time having enough memory to edit projects as big as these. Unfortunately they are going to have to get saved for when I have a faster machine. If you have any advice on this problem PLEASE leave me a comment below. Stay tuned! They will turn up!

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❤ Thanks for reading! ❤

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