Victory Garden 2k17: Update #6

Hello garden pals!
How adorable is this picture I found while in New Orleans?
You KNOW I love the little girl with her DOLL in the dang garden šŸ™‚
And their hair-dos!
I just HAD to share this in a garden update!


I told y’all I was about to go on vacation–
–here is what the garden looked like right before:


Here is what I harvested!

When I got back from my trip the tomato plants on the deck were looking pitiful and NOT because Mr. Smith wasn’t doing a good job. They were already starting to struggle before I left.


After some more research and advice from my horti-pals, I am pretty sure my tomatoes are splitting from not holding enough water in the plants. I water everyday but I think it pretty much just runs through the bottom of the buckets. I started the pots with the hope that I could put them in a (to-be constructed) small green house and keep them through the winter. I still may do this, but at the suggestion of a friend I have moved them to the ground in the hopes that the water holds better and the fruit stops splitting.

Old Location.


New Location.


I left the chocolate cherries on the deck because they seem to be doing just fine where they are. Fingers crossed the move for the rest will help the plants not be so stressed. Stay tuned for updates on that!



The mystery pepper/tomato plants are DEFINITELY tomatoes. While the leaves are looking a little more “tomatoey” they still look more like pepper leaves to me!!! When I was giving away seedlings they looked JUST like peppers. There is a dang tomato on the plant tho so they are brandywine after all!!!

And in other garden news:

Y’all. I finally decided to dig up some of the potatoes. After The Great Horn Worm Incident of 2017 I was worried about what, if anything, was lurking below the dirt’s surface. I was also getting ready to be gone for a week on that vacation so I just went for it. Below are the results!!!! All the potatoes you see came from the pot that had been attacked. I just put the reeeally tiny ones in a tiny bowl to be super cute.


There is actually video footage of me digging up the potatoes and it is SO FUNNY but I’m honestly not sure if I can post it on my youtube channel because it also has a CONSTANT almost panty-shot of me. You never actually *see* anything at all but I’m not having much luck getting it to blur out in editing without it seeming to look even worse than it really is! LESSON LEARNED!!! There IS another pot of potatoes to harvest and the next time I will do better with my clothes. I promise.

How are your plants doing as the temps keep rising?

Have you grown Brandywine tomatoes before?

What are you harvesting this week?

Stay tuned for more!




4 thoughts on “Victory Garden 2k17: Update #6

  1. My garden is suffering from too much rain! My tomato leaves have mildew and spots all on the bottom dead/wilted branches. My onions have rotted and my Swiss Chard only has a few leaves on them. I’ve harvested only a handful of the Chard this whole summer. My most of my herbs are stunted, my cilantro is bolting, but my beets look awesome. I’m going to cut some tops off of the beets and saute’ them. I’ve had a handful of orange cherry tomatoes, which have a wonderful flavor, but the skins were so tough, I had to spit them out! I’ve grown the orange cherry’s for 5 – 6 years now and have never had this problem. So, all in all, my garden is NOT doing well this year! Very disappointing.


    • Oh man!!! I hate to hear that! At least having most of my stuff in pots I have some control over their water intake. I hate to hear that yours is suffering from the opposite problem as me! I’ve always loved cherry toms and will definitely plant the chocolate ones again. The romas that I’m having trouble with spliting don’t have much flavor and aren’t getting as orange as I had thought they would so I don’t think I’ll plant them again.


  2. Suggestion for the tomatoes: put the pots in a tray to keep the water in the bottom of the pot. Just a thought, if the tomato problem is they are losing water. Good luck! šŸ™‚


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