Happy Friendiversary Patti Smith!

Happy FriendaCativersay  Patti Smith!

It is absolutely crazy to believe that it’s been FOUR years since Patti found me. I was just reminiscing the other day about how when Patti and I would travel together she LOVED to stick her head out the window at fast food restaurants on the road and smell the burger smells wafting! Poor thing–it must be hard having a vegetarian as a care taker.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Patti from the past year. Much like my old cat Stella (RIP) Patti is RIDICULOUSLY photogenic, so I *could* post a hundred pictures in this post but I will try to restrain my cat-lady side and only pick 8.

Patti is a very typical cat in that she lives by the motto “if I fits, I sits”. If there is a bag, box, magazine, or folded piece of clothing, she WILL lay on it. Especially if it is one of Mr. Smith’s black work shirts. Here she is, trying not to let the cat out of the bag.


Here is Patti trying to steal all the PopTarts and hot sauce. Mr. Smith sent this picture to me while he was being a bachelor during a trip my mom and I took to New Orleans last summer. Mr. Smith is a very good sport when it comes to my (I mean, OUR) cats!


Here is Patti supervising my  2017 Cleveland County Fair “soon-to-be-award-winning” entry in the sweater category. She really likes it when I knit striped things.


Here she is telling me where I should place the next patch on my punk quilt. She told me to use more neon thread. She says the colors aren’t bright enough!


Patti says, “LOOK! I found some neon string you can use!!!!”


Two pictures showing Patti’s favorite pose:
“The Patti Smith pose”
{which reminds me of the cover of Patti Smith Group’s album Wave}



Patti attempts to look through the dang curtain that thwarts her outdoor surveillance.
{note Muses glitter duck, DokiDoki crate, and my favorite ‘wine’ glass}



Be sure to check out this little video of Patti playing with my fidget spinner …any time I start spinning one she comes over and watches it and waits patiently for me to put it on the floor and let her have a turn!

Also be sure to check out this post where I tell about how Patti came to be my kitten!

I love my Chicken Patti more than I used to love chicken patties!
(equivalent to the over-used & obnoxious “to the moon and back” haha)

 ❤ Yay for kittens who turn in to fur-ever friends ❤


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