TINY Tuesday #18!

Hello there all & welcome to your pre-mid-week blog post pleasure spot!


Here is a corny but true TINY quote to start us off:

For real, y’all.


and now on to SQUEEEE worthy TINY!





Tiny Cafe popped up in NYC recently with a handful of all sorts of TINY delights. This place must be constantly filled with the sounds of SQUEEEE! Click here to see more pictures of adorable TINY foods! They look delicious but DANG I’d have to go eat a whole pizza after teasers like this. Thanks to Amanda for sharing this TINY delight with me so I could share it with you!




TINY pottery by Jon Almeda

One of my fabulous field agents sent me a link to these delightful TEENY TINY pots. The ones with the crystalline glazes are especially jaw dropping. Be sure to follow AlmedaPottery for more. Thanks Aura for sending me this TINY delight!





mini skeins of yarn from Dying to Knit

more mini skeins here

I’m not sure if you can really tell from this picture, but these are little skeins of yarn. Some shops sell these as a kind of test swatch but they have also gained popularity for knitting hexagons and other small projects. I LOVE these TINY skeins and want to hoard them all. If you ever have sock yarn scraps you can save them and send them to me and I will TINY love you forever.






I stumbled over THIS Etsy shop and fell so far down the rabbit hole of TINY stuff that I almost didn’t make it back out in time for TINY TUESDAY. Do yourself a fun favor and go check out the page, especially the miniatures and eyeball stuff. cOverTableCuriOsitEs has stolen my TINY heart this week!

Speaking of doll stuff, my pal Stacey from Gallery 27 was at the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte today and sent a field report for us! If you’re from the greater Charlotte area you’ll know that this is a GIANT (and not at all tiny) craft show that comes this time every year. You do have to pay to get in (kinda weird to pay to go buy stuff, but whatevs) but it’s worth doing every few years. I went last year with my mom but somehow missed that there is a dang ol annual miniature exhibit!

Here is a shot of a general store that Stacey sent:


photo credit Stacey Smith of Gallery 27

If you can wrangle tickets on the cheap you should totally go. Last year I bought a bunch of inexpensive fashion socks there, like 10 pairs for 20 bucks, from a sock vendor. They had really silly stuff to choose from as far as designs go and they held up pretty well for “cheap” socks. If you see some you should get a few pairs–and a few fun pairs for me, too!

That’s all for this edition of Tiny Tuesday!

Enjoy the rest of your week and see you again soon here at the old sutler tent!


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