Tiny Tuesday #16 {life updates and NEW ORLEANS edition}

Hey, guess what!?!

I am still on planet Earth and it is Tuesday so…


Here is a TINY version of the update on my life that has had some very BIG changes.

About a year ago I started looking for a career change and this August I snagged my dream job! After 10 years in library land I left the “quiet” stacks and traded in my library cards for math books. I’m now a teacher’s assistant for eighth grade math at an alternative middle and high school. It is crazy and fun and challenging and rewarding and stressful and exhausting and fabulous.

I also gave up my rental house and moved in with Mr. Smith on our homestead. We weren’t anticipating doing much remodeling for a while…but when we tore out the nasty old carpet to put down new floors we discovered a whole bunch of not-so-TINY problems that needed serious attention. After about three months of serious work (thanks to Mr. Smith and his brother!!) we are mostly in a livable house again. Our kitchen should even be done by Thanksgiving.

Sooooo, a new job, new house, and remodel have distracted me from TINY TUESDAY. I hope to be officially back on track.

Before I started my new teaching job my mom and I took a quick jaunt to New Orleans to visit my family. The flood thwarted our plans and we only got to spend two days down there before we evacuated. It was more or less a TINY vacation. I saw a bunch of TINY things that I documented for your TINY pleasure!



I don’t even want to ponder how much these cost (I’m sure that wasn’t TINY). I saw them in a shop in the part of the French Quarter where all the fancy-schmancy antique shops are. BUT JUST LOOK AT THE TINY! The TINY turkeys! The TINY snails! The TINY elephants! The TINY cats! So much shiney TINY! They would all be so cute in my own curio of TINY things (special blog post to come)!!!


giant CAT BUTT!


Look at my Mom’s TINY hand next to this enormous cat butt! This was also seen in the French Quarter, in a weaving shop. There is also a TINY ceramic cat in the bottom left corner which I tried to get in the picture, but I was laughing at the pose Mom was making so I only got the top part of its head.



This quote technically says “little” and not “tiny” but I think you get the drift. I spied this in a shop window on a very rainy afternoon. I couldn’t agree with the sentiment any more than I do. TINY DROP OF ETERNITY! Oh how I do love Louisiana, rain or shine. I also love Tennessee Williams.



Just look at the TINY cutie working on this bike! This little red-head belongs to one of my birthday twins and old school CoMo pals. We got to hang out before the rains really descended. Always fun to see a good friend, especially when they bring their rad and very well-behaved TINY human!

Okay! That’s a quick wrap for a way long over-due TINY TUESDAY!

I’ll try again next week–hope to see you then!

I missed you ::big::!

Can’t wait to share more TINY with you soon!

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