OOTD #5: HAIRS CUT and then some

Hey there fashion fans!

Here are two of my outfits from last week.

Do you notice anything different….?

I cut my hairs!

After seeing my previous OOTD posts I realized that one side of my hair was longer than the other. I trimmed it a bit and then it needed evening out again and then the next thing I knew it was short XD . I’m basically not allowed to have scissors near the bathroom.

{LEFT}: The tee-shirt underneath is actually a cropped top that I originally got to wear with a match-y dress. It came off the post-Christmas deep discounted clothes racks at Belk this January. I like it a lot under the shark bite dresses. Speaking of, this is another one from my mom’s latest trip to Daytona.

{RIGHT}: Thrifted tee. Dress from Maude Vintage. Maude is basically the best vintage store around. Sabrina has been keeping fashion super fresh since 2000! (Sarb, y’all reeeeally need to have a sweet 16 birthday party!) I haven’t found a store that is even in the same league anywhere. If you ever find yourself in mid-Missouri you absolutely have to stop in. But back to the dress–it is one of my ultimate “tropical bird” outfits. I’m always a color explosion when I wear it and I never fail to get compliments on it. PLUS, IT HAS POCKETS 😀 The stretchy belt is modern but came from a thrift store in Daytona. Gotta keep that waist cinched!

{LEFT}: Leggings by xhilaration at Target. Stretchy rainbow shoes from Walmart by Faded Glory–my BFF Rhonda got these for me for my birthday! SO cute and comfy.

{RIGHT}: Cropped cupcake leggings from Walmart. I’ve already told y’all about the Birkenstocks here.




These earrings are technically Swarovski crystal Christmas presents but I wear the year round because they are gorgeous and throw rainbows everywhere. Got them at Stein Mart a few years ago near the winter holidays. I think I paid $5.99 for them on sale!


Vintage Mardi Gras beads, thrifted somewhere in Daytona.

I always keep the prices on stuff like this, Minnie Pearl style!


These leafy looking earrings came from Smiley’s Flea Market in Fletcher. I gave 50 cents for them! They’re really light and easy to wear and the last time I wore them a little girl told me they looked like a Christmas tree! 🙂


I thrifted this beautiful paper bead necklace, but I think it probably came from a group like this one where impoverished women are compensated fairly for their art. I bought a similar one from Ten Thousand Villages years ago and I love it AND I felt super lucky to score such a nice one for a nearly a song. I have quite a nice little paper bead necklace collection. I’ll put that on the “to blog” list!


These two little charms are really special to me. The tiny bottle full of sparkles was made for me by my pal, Violet. TINY SPARKLES! I should have put that in a TINY TUESDAY post. Maybe I will again some day! The other is a pendant with a blue topaz stone. My grandmother gave it to me for my 31st birthday and it’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry ❤


Oh Betsey.

You are a wicked mistress and I love you so BADDD.

Here are some awesome pieces from her current collection.

I’m pretending they’re part of my own collection, haha!




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