Tiny Tuesday #13!!

Today is Tuesday!

It’s the lucky 13th edition of TINY TUESDAY!

Let’s see what kind of tiny I have lined up for y’all this week:



…and speaking of calories…




I know this isn’t a very great picture, but I had to share it anyway. Turns out, my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant Papa’s and Beer on Tunnel Road in Asheville has a TINY collection of TINY MEXICAN FOOD!!!! Omg, I know. Tiny TACOS and tiny BURRITOS! So cute and SO TINY! I think this is a sort of regional chain, but every one I’ve ever been to is pretty dang great. If you find yourself in the Asheville area you MUST stop in for their salsa bar and avocado tacos! NOMS!




I found this strange unfinished cross-stitch project at a thrift store last weekend. I had no idea what I would do with it if I bought it, so I just took this picture instead. It was too good not to document somehow! I’m starting to think outside the “tiny” box–it takes a LOT of tiny Xs to make a big picture. Here’s to art made op of lots of tiny things! Here’s to strangely unfinished native American iconography!



This week I fell down the vintage enamel pin rabbit hole. I just cannot get enough of these weird old pins!! Next time I’m at my mom’s house I will take some pictures of my own enamel pin collection. It’s not a super big collection, but I do have one somewhere that is a promo for Florida Sugar cane. It says something about “raising cane” and I had no idea what that meant when I was 8 or 9 and got the pin. My mom had to explain to me it was kind of like “raising hell” which I felt like was super scandalous! Anyway, here are some great vintage finds I ran across.

Beyond weird! Maybe my Swiss auntie can shed some light on this?

I love that this one has a dangle!



These could really double as TINY art works, if you ask me. I am so hooked on blind boxes and this may be the best-worst collection I’ve encountered so far. Kidrobot could just take ALL my dang money! I love the Tricky Cats! I’m so glad I got this one–he looks a lot like my Mom’s cat Fraidy! I want to pick up a few more before they are gone. I’d love the Cheshire cat one XD

You might remember my first Kidrobot vinyl figure from my eyeball post a month or so back. Brand new on ebay, those watch sets are going for well over $100! The Dunny figures for $20-40! Too bad that’s one of my favorite Swatches.

I am a HUGE Andy Warhol  fan so I’m obviously drooling hard over this current blind box collection. I’ve got to find a place to buy a couple of these!!

Oh TINY TOYS you are a wicked mistress!


Today a TINY little miracle happened.

While scrolling through instagram this morning I stumbled on a picture posted by Curious Pip. The picture was a of a woman I immediately recognized as the mysterious woman I have been searching for for years!

When I was a college freshman I found a magazine scrap in the trash–it was of a dark haired woman, her striking smiling profile, her hand on her breast. I taped the picture on my dorm room door. I’m not really sure what happened to the scrap–it may have burned up in the fire. I’ve thought about it for years, though, googling all manner of word combinations and never found her again until today.

Here she is, in all her beauty: Renee Perle.



photo by Jacques Henri Lartigue

I can’t wait to try to learn more about her ❤

Here is your tiny video for the week!

This week’s video was suggested to me by my friend Tammy Hennessy of My Art of Hearts. Be sure to click and check out her work, too! Click here to watch incredible fiber artist Althea Crome at work. SPOILER ALERT: There is even a TINY Andy Warhol themed sweater!

Have a wonderful week full of BIG fun!

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