First World Problems


I have had an annoying week.

You know the kind where it’s not like you really have anything to whine about but you still feel reeeeaaaally whiny? Yep. I am having one of those. TGIF and everything, but I’m still feeling the grump.

Here is how this week has gone:

  1. My a/c wouldn’t turn on when I tried to cool the house off Sunday.
  2. Landlordy couldn’t fix it until Tuesday.
  3. My new anti-grinding bite guard is giving me a nightly headache & drool-fest.
  4. My squash plants look like shriveled up snotty kleenex.
  5. I missed Tiny Tuesday.

And then came Wednesday.

A few of my co-workers and I go out to eat at Wendy’s on Wednesdays. We’ve been going there every week for at least two or three months. I get the same 3 things every week. And I seriously look forward to them like nobody’s business because I am on a pretty tight budget and this is my weekly treat. So this week I go up to order and I ask for my small Caesar Side Salad, Ghost Pepper Cheese Fries, and small Chocolate Frosty…


“The Ghost Fries promotion is over.”

And now I know what you crazy McRib people are talking about.


😦 R.I.P. Ghost Pepper Cheese Fries 😦

I can only hope and pray that they will return to us someday!!!

I also have just had no time to do any bloggy stuff and I feel like such a bad blogger but I’m going to try to play catch-up and get a bunch of stuff queued up and then all will be on track again.

Please don’t give up on me.

Please stay tuned.

Please get in touch with Wendy Thomas and make her bring back my fries!!!!

Love y’all super hard.

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