Tropical bird in flight! (OOTD take 2)

Oh, hello!

It’s me, your tropical bird friend!

Thank goodness it’s Thursday!

Everyone seemed to love the last OOTD post! {I guess everyone loves a silly colorful outfit!} There is plenty more where that came from, so I guess this will be another regular feature!

Here are two looks from this first week of June!

{LEFT} tank top: thrifted, but via Hot Topic

…because who doesn’t want Daryl Dixon on their boobs?!

{RIGHT} t-shirt: black capped sleeve tee, thrifted;

“FASHION DESIGN” parrot dress* from the Daytona Flea Market.

*I am completely addicted to these dresses and wish I had one for every day of the week!

{LEFT} Cheetah earrings: Burkes Outlet. {RIGHT} Engraved kittens with bells: thrifted.



Thrifted necklace–beads are probably plastic, painted to look like faux rock.


Medallion necklace by Piddly Links from my mom’s jewelry box.


Thrifted chunky bead necklace–I like these because they feel a little like pearls.

{LEFT} Let’s talk about palazzo pants. I am addicted. I got this pair at a dang CVS and had I known how much I would love them I would have bought EVERY PAIR. There is something about them that feels simultaneously super chic and so lazy. You’ll see more of this pants style in the coming OOTD posts! SHOES: gladiator sandal by ‘So’ at Kohls. I want this silver pair so bad! I l actually lucked out and got this orange pair on the sale rack two seasons ago for $7. They’ve been comfortable AND held up really well.

{RIGHT} leggings: xhilaration from Target. SHOES: galaxy clogs by Dansko. You don’t even want to know how much I paid for these! Really, you don’t. Okay, I’ll tell you! I snagged these at a crazy outlet sale for $35. They retail for at least $129. My lucky dang day!!!



I was painting my nails out on my carport the other night and spied this snake skin out of the corner of my eye! Hey there snake skin! After I posted the picture on Facebook, my friend Moose commented and thinks it belonged to a black snake. AND IT CAN BE USED FOR CRAFTING. Moose said he uses the skins and shellacs them on walking sticks as a decorative texture. I am sooooooo trying this out! I have a little wooden trinket box that I am going to glue this bad boy on to! Stay tuned for THAT awesome craft tutorial coming soon. And don’t my nails look great? XD

What are you wearing this season?

What is your must have piece?

❤ Tell me all about it! ❤


4 thoughts on “Tropical bird in flight! (OOTD take 2)

  1. I’ve always wondered who bought their clothes from CVS. Now I know and am so pleased with the answer! Did I ever tell you about the time I spent like 20 minutes trying to decide if I should buy you sale leggings from JC Penny that had cats flying through space with pizza slices?! The quality was horrendous – like the worst of the worst, so I decide against it. But they were otherwise breathtaking.


    • LOL, there were AWFUL matching shirts with a lacy trim that made me gag, but lordy the pants are SO COMFY. No, I haven’t heard about the pizza and cat leggings!!! I have a few pair that are super low quality but the designs were too great to pass up. I try to wear them only on special occasions. I also turn my leggings inside out when I wash them and it greatly prolongs the life of them, especially if they’re not great quality. In other words, you dang well better buy my the dang leggings with kitties and pizza next time! ❤


      • HA! I’m just now reading this comment after reading about your whiny week. So, the quality issue was that the waistband was like, ultra tiny on all sizes and the legs just got bigger. So it seems like it would be a major muffin top experience with no way to get around it. Then I imagined an uncomfortably tight waistband, plus a kind of baggy leg. This is very sad image in my mind. At this point the fact the imagery was all upside-down didn’t seem like a big deal, but still it was the final straw in the leggings not making it into your little paws. But next time, fine! I’ll do it. You can probably find a crafty way to deal with the ill-fitting issues anyway. xo


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