Tiny Tuesday #9

Good day to you my friends!

It is Tuesday! Time for TINY things!!!




I basically want every single thing you can buy on this website. I’m a tiny bit worried it is a spoof because the main page says “Sausalito Ferry Co. since April 1, 1980″…is this a cruel 80s April Fool’s Day joke?!?! Oh I sooooo hope not. I’ve never seen a website where you can buy individual Iwako erasers like these. You’ve just GOT to go drool over their delightful TINY merchandise. I mean, key lime pie pencil toppers? Please!

key lime


matchstick, ice-cream, 40oz.naps

I am reeeeeeeaaalllly smitten with enamel pins lately. I certainly don’t have nearly enough! I think enamels may be the “new” one inch pin–y’all remember those? There are so many fun new ones out there! Feel free to get me any of these. Thanks.


(I mean, postage stamps! 🙂 )


I LOVE postage stamps! It dawned on me as I was getting ready to add this picture to another post that it would be perfect for TINY TUESDAY! Because really, stamps are like 49 cent pieces of art! If I ever become independently wealthy I am going to buy and frame every pretty sheet of stamps that I come across!



Legos are kind of cop out in the TINY realm as far as I am concerned, but THIS TINY FROG IS JUST TOO TINY! That is a regular pencil point that looks like it is going to poke that poor tiny froggy in the butt. Behind the TINY frog is a TINY king cake baby! If you’re not familiar with king cakes and their meaning you’ve gotta read more here. This baby came from my good buddy, Ed. I’ll add it to my collection of babies bestowed upon me by Kazi about a million years ago. That makes 4 white Baby Jesus and 1 brown Baby Jesus in the collection!

Here are a couple more TINY treasures from the Cotton Candy Collection!



photo by Cotton Candy, CSS field reporter

How great are these TINY lamps? It makes me want to get back on the ball and renovate another floor of the dollhouse! These will be just perfect for the living room. I want the main floor of the doll house to have a sort of log cabin vibe, and these will certainly help!




photo by Cotton Candy, CSS field reporter

I’m not sure how old this little enamelware set is, but it’s bound to be at least from the 1960s. The set feels heavy considering how tiny it is. The size is perfect for my dolls! I’ll have to set up a little fireplace scene so you can see it all in action. And the mouse trap. Y’all, it is so tiny I can hardly pick it up!! The ruler really doesn’t do it TINY justice 🙂



You can make your own TINY chicken! Click here for directions how! Because every one needs to make a TINY chicken! Amiright!?!??! {Cookie, I am looking at you!}

Hope your week is going by in a happy flash!

See you next week for another TINY edition!

2 thoughts on “Tiny Tuesday #9

  1. Jonathan started collecting stamps while we were on our cross country trip, and he actually got up the nerve to finally go to a big stamp collector convention in NYC this week. He is there now experiencing the delights of stamps and the people who collect them! If you ever need more stamp inspiration, I’m sure he’d be happy to help! I love them as tiny works of art, too. I also can’t deal with the mousetrap. Too much!


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