And now you witness the tropical bird.


“Outfit Of The Day.”

Y’all have asked for it, and I am trying to deliver!

Unfortunately I don’t have a timer on my camera phone and the camera phone is my only camera. I don’t have a very good mirror for doing a full length selfie and I refuse to ask Mr. Smith to take glamour shots of me! So here is what I am left with sharing: cut up parts of my body, hahaha! I promise I will at least buy a big mirror, if not a fancy camera. I’ll just have to see if you all even really like looking at my wacky clothes! Seriously, my fashion inspo is a tropical bird on a touristy vacation!

Here are two days of outfits from this week!

{LEFT} t-shirt: vintage {RIGHT} sleeveless top: Vera Wang

{LEFT} thrifted watermelon earrings

{RIGHT} dangly cluster earrings from a flea marker in Cherokee

{LEFT} gifted yellow multi-strand delight from a co-worker.  Lady bug clip at left came from a jewelry store in Savannah (I bought it after mom and I saw the Lady Chablis last summer). The clip was too heavy to stay in my hair but it works perfectly as an accent on this piece! {RIGHT} Cherry necklace came from Fantastic Finds in Newton.

{LEFT} leggings: Walmart, dress: flea market, shoes: Reebok high tops from Ross.

{RIGHT} pants: BONGO, shoes: Miz Moos, socks: DeFeet ***


***These socks were part of my birthday present from Mr. Smith. 🙂


I always have a Swatch or two (or 5!) on! This is one of my most favorites. “sorry, not available in colour” is the perfect one to wear with my over-the-top colorful outfits! Also here are a spirit band I found at work (caption: OUTTA SIGHT) and a thrifted handpainted wooden birdy bracelet! The grapefruit La Croix water kinda matched my look, too. My can is hidden by my coozie from my favorite fabric store, Mary Jo’s!

What do y’all think? Should I make outfit posts a regular feature?

Tell me what you think!

6 thoughts on “And now you witness the tropical bird.

    • Our Walmart has ridiculously cute ones and they’re only like $5 a pair. They last about as well as the ones from department stores so I switched. Thanks for reading the post–I’ll def have to do more OOTD posts!


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