Thirsty Thursday #3

You thirsty yet?

You oughta be because it is THIRSTY THURSDAY!!!

Here is the haul from my trip a few weeks ago to World Market…


4 of these are still on ice for another tasty party!

I bought all of these on a sort of recent trip to World Market in AVL (see this post for more) in preparation for my birthday month party times. I LOVE weird soft drinks and sampling them is a fun way to party with kids and pals that don’t drink cocktails. I had all these delights chilling and chillin’ in the fridge waiting on an event to try them out. What is a better excuse than a Doll Party for shots of sugar?!? At our most recent meeting, me, Amethyst, Mod Mom, and Grumpy Skittles tried out a few new soft drinks so we could share the reviews with you!

Here is how that went down!

Jones PB & J Soda and Sioux City Prickly Pear


The peanut butter and jelly from Jones has to be one of the weirdest taste sensations I have ever encountered. Sipping this soft drink was FOR REAL like being at Willy Wonka’s candy factory. When the liquid hit the front of my tongue it tasted like pretty much any delicious grape soft drink. {As a kid of the 1980s, I still find that Dimetapp flavor nostalgic and comforting.} Now comes the weird part. After the initial flavor of grape, came the peanut butter flavor, but that flavor came creeping up the back of my tongue! It was as if the peanut butter hadn’t touched the front of my mouth at all but came back up my throat!!! It was soooo very strange–I’ve never felt/tasted anything that way before! The whole tasting party agreed that the drink was delicious…but totally STRANGE!  I’d like to try it with a salty snack–the sweet and savory would make for a tasty combo!

verdict: I’d drink it again, and I’d try it with vodka!

The prickly pear soft drink was easy to like. We all thought it tasted kind of like raspberry– I’m not sure what a prickly pear tastes like, so it might taste just like that, too! Of all the drinks we sampled this time, this was the one that I would pick if I wanted to drink a soft drink plain. This what I think of as a lunchtime drink. That is to say, it’d be great with a pimento cheese sandwich and some potato chips!

verdict: I’ve already bought another bottle! (Thanks, Mom! ❤ )

Hajikete Grape Soda



It was kind of a strange brownish red rusty color.

Amethyst and I actually tried this one when we opened the Japan Crate. {Side note: aren’t my nails super cute? They perfectly matched the can XD !} I found this drink reminiscent of the sparkling grape juice my family pawned off on us kids at New Years Eve parties until we were old enough for the real stuff. Amethyst was the one that pointed out to me that it tasted kind of like muscadines. That totally nailed the flavor in my mind! It definitely had more of a mature taste than just regular grape Nehi or Fanta. It did not taste like Sangria at all, but it probably would be delicious added to a pitcher of some!

verdict: I’d drink this again, ICE cold!!

EDIT: While searching for a shopping link for y’all for this drink I discovered two things. “Sangaria” is the brand, not the flavor LOL. Also, the work “Hajikete” means “burst”! This drink certainly was bursting with muscadine flavor, alright! And look! We learned a new word while researching 🙂


Birthday Cake Soda

This drink was achingly sweet. I kinda felt like I might have gotten a new cavity while drinking it ;0 . The drink had a strong taste of vanilla something…not sure if it tasted like cake per se, but something in the candy realm. The flavor was even too sweet for the teen in our tasting group and I think that says it all. The only way I can see drinking this, is maybe mixed with whiskey and topped off with some plain seltzer to cut the intensity.

verdict: I’m not sure I would buy this again unless I was having a MAJOR sugar craving.

Despite this not being my most favorite drink I would still love to win some–there is a contest going on right now where you can win a whole case! Click here to try and win!

<———How stinking cute is the little hedge hog on the label?!?! Jones always has the best labels and they’re actually pictures that are submitted by fans! Makes me want to try to get my cats, Duck and Patti Smith on a bottle!


Speaking of birthday flavor, here are some delicious treats I got for my big 34! How great is that bottle of pink bubbly!?! I’ve never had the Shotgun Betty, but ModMom tells me it is good stuff! Both are so sassy! I can’t wait to try them. Don’t worry–I’ll tell you all about them in another Thirsty Thursday post!


Hang on just one more day–Friday is almost here!

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