Yes I am 33 and play with dolls.

Yes I am 33 and I play with dolls.

I’ll be 34 in a little over a week and I will still play with dolls then!

 I loved Barbies and American Girl dolls when I was growing up, and I played with them even into middle school (but I didn’t really let anyone know that). Even in to college I bought limited edition collectible outfits for the four AG dolls I have (Samantha, Kirsten, Molly, and Felicity!)

It was about a year ago that I started back up with dolls. Amethyst started it. She is the one to blame 😉 (I mean, thank!)! She had gotten in to Monster High dolls–they’re so much more weird and wonderful than anything I had when I was growing up! It wasn’t hard to fall in love with dolls all over again.

I’d like to introduce you to my favorite dolls.

This is Mini Morgan.

Can’t you tell from the hair and nose rings and fun earrings?!?!

Last year for my birthday, my 3 generations of friends (Grumpy Skittles, Mod Mom, and JJRWS) made this perfect doll for me. All three of them worked on the project. Later in the fall I made her little sweater. Isn’t her hair perfect?!?! They also made a little tiny crocheted Patti Smith cat and a knitting basket to go with her. Quite possibly one of my favorite gifts ever.


Here are my two favorite Monster High girls:

Wydowna Spider is on the left. Aren’t her arms marvelous?! She reminds me a little of the Hindu goddess Durga. The version I have came with a few extra outfits that were sort of comic book/graphic novel themed which makes her even more fun! Ghoulia is on the right. This is a flea market find that Amethyst gave me. She was missing parts of her arms, but since she’s a zombie I think she’s kinda neat this way. I knitted the little dress she has on as well as her scarf. It’s supposed to look like the scarf is made of guts XD ! The chair she is sitting in was made by one of the ladies that comes to my knit & crochet club.

This is MaryAnn.


MaryAnn is a knock off Blythe that I adopted from a lady in Hawaii last summer. I gave her a face-up, changed her eye chips, and finished her whole body with a matte spray. I also have her “sleepy eyes”. (If any of that jargon is weird to you non-doll peeps, I can explain further!) MaryAnn has on a little set of knitted overalls that I made, and the pink cowboy boots came from a Barbie I had as a kid! I think she’s pretty dang dreamy!

Here’s Sindy!


Sindy came to live at the doll house just last night! Amethyst, Mod Mom, and Grumpy Skittles came over for a long overdue doll party (as you can see from the snacks!). We sampled a bunch of weird soft drinks that you’ll get to read about come next Thirsty Thursday. Sindy got put in the Trade Pot and I snatched her right up. I’d never heard of this kind of doll before–you can read more about her here. I like her because I think she looks a little like the Licca-chan dolls from Japan! Welcome to the crew, Sindy!

Do you miss playing with dolls just because you’re a “grown-up”? Do you live in the greater Charlotte/Hickory area and like dolls and kawaii and Asian pop culture? If so, you gotta join The Doll Club! We meet about once a month and nerd out about cute things. You’re so totally welcome to join us!


2 thoughts on “Yes I am 33 and play with dolls.

  1. I am 75 years old and MAKE dolls–dolls with kitty heads, thus combining the best of both worlds. Dolls + kitties = good times. Also tiny kitty dolls inside tiny shrines with tinier kitties in the background. Who knows why? Harmless pleasure.


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