Picayune Pictures #7

Picayune Picture time!

❤ Here are some highlights from the past week or so ❤

Here is my stack of books from my latest trip to the Buck-A-Pound.


Oh, books.

Highlights of this stack:

The spiral bound cookbook near the bottom is a sample for a cookbook printing company. When I picked it up out of the bin and flipped through it, I opened right to a page that had a recipe for “Hilary Clinton’s Chocolate Chip Cookies”. It went right to my mom for mother’s day. She loved it.

84 Charing Cross Road is one of the most delightful books I’ve read in ages. It was just a little paperback that caught my eye while digging in the book bin. I had never heard of it and had no idea what it was about. Well. It is pretty much my favorite sort of thing to read: other people’s correspondence. The gist is that a lady author in her 50s lives in Manhattan and doesn’t like to travel downtown to the bookstore. She begins writing letters with title requests to a book store in London and purchases them this way instead. Her voice is beyond fab and reminds me of my dear friend from Texas, Mrs. MB. But I digress. The correspondence goes on for nearly 20 years and lifelong friendships are formed. You simply MUST read this little book. Like, ASAP.

The dark green book near the bottom is a Bobbsey Twins twins mystery! These were originally written in the early 1900s, but I thought they were wonderful nearly 100 years later when I read them in in the 1990s. How great is this inscription/property note? Goodness knows what the twins will get involved in on their vacation to Mexico!



Y’all know now that I am a total ham for office supplies. While doing some free-lance admin work my little eye spotted this jar jammed full of color. I couldn’t help it! It made me GRIN. It’s the little stuff and the VERY colorful stuff that makes me happy.






If you follow my instagram you might have seen these couple of pictures. I’m in the throes of pretty pricey dental work and the process hasn’t been easy mentally OR financially. I had to go get this “Den-temp” stuff to re-adhere my crown after I popped it off at 6:30pm Friday WHILE EATING A TORTELLINI using my back molars. Ugh. After I found the tooth cement I decided to look at the toys. Because I was pouting and needed a toy. I didn’t end up and get myself anything, but I did spot this awesome tube of Dice, which btw would make a great birthday present for you-know-who (me).

Who remembers hot dice?!?

Also I noticed that the little plastic doo-hickey that came with the “den-temp” looked suspiciously familiar. It dawned on me that it was awfully similar to a particular bone that raccoons have. If you know, you know…if you don’t, you can read a little more about it here.

SPOILER ALERT: it’s a raccoon penis bone.

You’re welcome.




Amethyst and I went in on a mini Japan Crate! OMG these things are so fun. I love trying all sorts of foods that are new to me–especially savory stuff so I am super stoked to try these seaweed chips! There is even a bungeoppang (fish cookie)! I’m especially excited about that since I’ve got a little eraser version of it 🙂 See that TINY kitten in the lower left?! You’ll see more of him next TINY TUESDAY! I’ll report back once we open and actually sample the snacks.


My happy place.

(one of them!)

I love getting home from work and sitting on the patio (aka carport) with a good book and an adult beverage. You can see parts of the garden up on the ledge in the little pots. I noticed dadgum aphids on my  lettuce last night! UGH! I sprayed the heck out of the leaves with soapy water. I hope it helps. Y’all know how precious the lettuce is! I only want to share it with Mr. Smith!!!

Hope your week has been a good one!

Hope you get to enjoy your happy place today–wherever that is for you! 🙂

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