Picayune Pictures #6


Here are a few little snippets from life lately.

I bought squash, zucchini, and sage for the garden. I am officially not allowed to buy any more plants! It was earth day though and I needed a few more vegetables. The garden has gone from 0 to 55mph in no time! NOTE: juxtaposition of plants in an STP box 😉


I have been wanting to hit up World Market for a few special things but haven’t made it in forever. Thankfully (I think) there wasn’t too much that tempted me. I got a few goodies for an upcoming party at my house. Stay tuned for more on that!

Here are things I did not buy but I did drool over:


After the afternoon I had on Friday, I am convinced this wine was developed just for people in my line of work. Perfect, eh? Available in lots of flavors! ❤

This is Neighbor Kitty.


Neighbor Kitty has ACTIVELY ignored me for the entire two years we have lived next door to each other. Last summer she looked at me ONLY ONE TIME and walked the perimeter of my truck to keep a 15 foot distance between us. Of course I have continued to talk to her, because I am a cat lady. She has pretended not to hear a thing.

Last week I brought my book and beer out to the carport to imbibe in an evening chillax session. Neighbor Kitty was in the back yard and as soon as I spoke to her she began trotting towards me with purpose. I honestly thought she was coming to attack me, but instead she began purring and head bumping me for head pets.

What the heck, Neighbor Kitty?!

Oh well, I’m just glad we’re finally friends!


This is my current favorite graffiti in AVL. The combination of Passive Frick Face and the calligraphic feel of ovary are juxtaposed like Bart Simpson holding a coupette of pink vino verde. Good stuff on the south slope!

Speaking of keeping Asheville weird…


Just a regular Sunday stroll with the calves…


Crawfish boil buffet! Pineapple upside-down cake and fig cakes with hard sauce.

I love having friends who love food as much as me.


Game of Thrones feast at my mom’s house. That’s a fancy smoked salmon nosh back there with two kinds of chips, and one kind of cheese. Not pictured: cocktails (of course).

I stopped by to pick up this EPIC asparagus plant (with a yellow tomato, dill, and moonflower plants included) from my cousins. Duck and Patti Smith were reeeeeeally curious about Uncle Bryce’s yard!  The girls had an entertaining trip up the mountain with the giant ferny plant to attack. Yes, I travel with my cats. I’m a cat lady, remember?

Hoe Cakes & Tater Toast!


I am my mother’s child and therefore I LOVE weird old cookbooks. I have never drooled so much while scanning documents! I am so going to make the Tater Toast. “Good with salad!” Could it get more hilarious or delicious?

Hope you’re having a great week that is full of rad noms and crazy cats!


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