Tiny Tuesday #3


Check out these first two piles of TINY delight!

As far as I can tell this game is a collection of tiny weird things in an Altoid sort of tin, and is played with as physical story prompts. Although the ones available for purchase look really fun, it would probably be just as fun to make one of these yourself with found objects. Then, put it in your bag and if you have bored kids (or bored friends & lovers) you can retrieve it for some improv entertainment. Now I want to go on eBay and buy lots of vintage CrackerJack toys and make some little kits like this!

It ain’t tiny Tuesday without ERASER FOODS!

WHAT?! Blythe erasers?!


via Blippo!

Okay, Blippo is blowing my mind right now! Prepare to squeee. There are so many TINY kawaii things to love and buy! A lot of the stationary products are currently out of stock, but most of the candy and phone accessories are available. I’m sure those ‘in the know’ are already obsessed with this site but I am a n00b and totally okay telling you so. Now YOU know, too! ❤

Peach-pit and other stone fruit carvings. Have you heard of them?

I was born in south Georgia and lived there until I was about six years old. My mom was a super-thrifty-magical-stay-at-home-ma and she took me on so many wonderful adventures. Whenever there was a craft fair nearby we were there. Very occasionally she bought me little souvenirs. I still have one of the teeny-tiny hair barrettes that I got my name painted on–as a girl with a sort of boy/ gender neutral name this was a BIG DEAL (there was never anything store bought for girls with my name on it). Another treat I got once was a little peach pit basket, reminiscent of these pictures. They were pretty popular down in peach country. I wish I still had that dang thing! How cute would that have been with my dolls?!


Speaking of homemade fun, you gotta check out mochimochiland. Not only do they have the best amigurumi patterns around, they also make stop animation movies!

After this post, you know I love cast iron stoves. How adorable is this one for dolls?! Most of these doll stoves actually work. That is to say, you can put a little tea light under the burners and bring a tiny pot up to temperature. Playing with dolls is so much more fun when you’re a “grown-up” and can play with fire, right?! This video is a must watch-it’s of tiny donuts getting made for real on a little doll stove! I love that I’ve had no less than five friends send this video to me. Y’all know me so well!


From the Kawaii Kiosk and Irina Miniatures are my latest Etsy miniature food crushes!

And  speaking of kawaii, I couldn’t resist this ring set at Torrid.                                                  I’ve always wanted a little animal critter ring and this cat one was purrrrfect! ❤


Stay tuned for another Tuesday full of tiny fun!




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