Picayune Pictures #4


Here is a bit of life from this week.                                                                                                        Not pictured: my chipmunk cheeks from getting a cavity filled 😦

Amethyst and I went on a naughty little mall shopping trip last weekend.  I was not nearly as naughty as she was 😉 but I did pick up a few things. Pretty much every dang thing I bought was kawaii! Have y’all ever gotten a surprise box? They are so weirdly addictive, which I suppose is natural since it’s pretty much gambling. I was a *little* disappointed in my Pusheen plushie–of course the vegetarian got the dang hamburger one haha. He is still super cute and I’m still glad I got him. The little TokiDoki Unicorno brings my numbers up to four, which I suppose makes it a collection now.


I found some “koala yummies”! (remember from this post?) I’m going to try to save these AND the champagne JellyBelly beans until the next doll party. With these new nail decorations there will probably be a new nail post soon-ish!

I sort of hate candy apples because the apples inside are almost always mealy. This candy shop smelled SO GOOD. Good grief, so good. I would have eaten the heck out of all the toppings that covered those poor mealy apples!


Weird/good food:

chopped up cucumber, faux crab, feta, grilled onion, chia seeds, and poppy seed dressing.

I’m trying to come up with fresh and quick lunch things that keep me from being hungry all afternoon. I gotta tell you that the chia seeds really do seem to work. I had been reading about them and wasn’t sold on the idea until I tried them. Good source of protein, too!


Sunset on the lake.


Lettuce seeds + green stripes for St. Patrick’s Day.


A Shopkins miracle!


A very naughty cheeseball.

I was not impressed with this cookbook (the 1-star reviews were spot on) but DANG this one recipe makes me drool.  We should all have a party and Skype each other and eat this until we pop!

That’s all for now–what is making YOU drool this week?

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