a case of the Fashion blahs

I hereby swear not to use the phrases “bo-ho country” shudder “gypsy-punk” shudder “sneakerhead” shudder or “honkeytonk-hippie”…I just cannot even.

Oh my lordy, does this mean am I writing a fashion post? I think I am.

I have been feeling the fashion blahs lately.  I think it’s combination of the end of hibernation and the change in seasons, but it’s also got to do with my closets needing an overhaul. A few years back I tried that Oprah trick (at least I remember her talking about it–who knows who originally thought it up) where you do this:

Meh, the trick wasn’t really helpful for me. I am really sentimental about things and also have a hard time with waste.  The one really good thing that DID come out of my hanger-trick-closet-revamp was the beginnings of my tee-shirt quilt. I have tons of ideas for revamping pieces from my closet AND/BUT I just need to make them happen. Here is what we need to do: come up with a project that feels doable. What the heck, pick three projects. Plan an window of work time.  MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Use your scraps for something else! Speaking of scraps, check these beauties out:

The shoulder decoration tutorial comes from Refashion Co-op which is website FULL of all sorts of ideas and inspiration. How easy will it be to put some flair into a sort of blah tank with these epaulet style ruffles?!

The rag rug tutorial comes from Cintia over at My Poppet, a blog that is quickly becoming one of my very most favorites! Rag rugs have always mesmerized me but have seemed somewhat daunting.  Although they are still time consuming, Cintia takes the mystery out of how they come together. I am totally going to attempt a beauty like this with the scraps I am accumulating from my tee-shirt quilt.

Like anything else in my life I don’t want to start all over–I want to use what I have! I have great things to use! (and I bet you do, too)

So back to the fashion at hand. This post showed off some dreamy goods for your legs and feet.  Here are some MORE dreamy fashions for the rest of you! I find that drooling over pin boards like these give me all sorts of ideas for how to put together new outfits with what I have on hand.

                         I really like the look of a high waist skirt with a tee tucked in.                                 I have two skirts that I can totally fashion like this.

Shirts with text are not really worth buying in my opinion, but they are a great way to revamp something you already have. These texty shirts have great messages! Paint/embroider/write your words on a piece of fabric and sew that over a silly image you hate on a tee shirt that you love and voila! A favorite new shirt emerges!

These Dolce and Gabana shades on the left were $2,500. Yep, go ahead and take that in. The vintage ones on the right were $78. You have a hot glue gun, right? You have some old mismatched earrings, right? You have a pair of big sunglasses, right? USE THEM! Make fun things like this and rock them for almost free!



I know that not everyone has enough hair for the messy bun, but if you have long enough hair it should be included in one of your weekly looks and here is why: your hair needs a shampoo break and this is how to give it one.  I love the hankie wrap on this one.

I actually just do a super high pony and don’t pull the tail through all the way, then I tighten it up at the elastic.

THE HIGHER THE HAIR                        THE CLOSER TO GOD.

Add some buttons and layer it all up and VOILA again.


And that is that. Do you have any good tips on closet purging? Or revamping? What are your favorite perennial fashion picks? What fashion buzzwords make you want to barf?







4 thoughts on “a case of the Fashion blahs

  1. Not being afraid to mix patterns and textures opens up my wardrobe. I also purge anything that is, or gets to be, ho-hum. When I wear it and it no longer excites me or makes me feel unique then it probably needs to go.

    I love the skirt with the denim top… Must find that top!!! The mustard skirt is amazing. I’m sure it’s cheap (ha!)

    Why does my hair never look that cute in a bun? I look like granny.


    • LOL Leah-I remember you posting something about the bun thing! You have so much beautiful wavy hair though it’s no wonder it falls over! I have to put mine back up like once an hour. The mustard skirt is actually a dress I think and that website looks pretty inexpensive but I can’t EVEN go there lol. I’ve been getting maxi halter style dresses and wearing them as long skirts instead. Mixing patterns is THE BEST! Sounds like you are way better at purging than me. Oh my silly sentimentality! ❤


  2. This is a great post! I actually would also love to see you do outfit posts in the traditional sense too – like, what you are wearing that day sort of thing. Also I wanted to mention I made a neat and easy knitted tshirt bathmat rug. It comes out thicker than a braided rug so might not work everywhere in a house, but is way easier than the braid in my opinion. Basically just make tshirt yarn and use big needles and knit up the whole thing (don’t pearl.)


    • Thanks, lady! I have been thinking about doing outfit posts but I need to figure out the camera thing…I don’t have a non-phone camera and I don’t think my phone has a timer. It would be fun for y’all to see how wild I really am on a daily basis!!! The bath rug idea is really good! I crocheted a small throw rug in that same sort of way a few years back and it’s so easy to wash and use. You should have seen the rugs last night at the quilt guild meeting. One of the members weaves them on a loom and they are amazing. I’ll try to get some pics for further inspo! ❤


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