Dollhouse Renovations Are Underway!

Remember when I scored the best dollhouse recently? (read about it here and here)

After I let the cats play all over it for about two weeks I decided to see if the GINORMOUS thing would even fit in the spot I had in mind for it.


HOLY MOLY, IT FIT!…with like 3 inches to spare.

Also, it is SO.VERY.PINK.

The first floor that I decided to tackle was the first floor where the kitchen and bathroom are.  I mostly picked this floor because I have such fun stuff to put in the kitchen.  I took out the non-structural wall between the kitchen and bathroom because I’m not going to have a bathroom.  Dollies don’t pee! Dollies don’t need baths!  If they do, they can use a dang washtub.  On second thought, that would be pretty cool.  I need to look for a doll sized washtub.  Here are some “before” pictures of the rooms.


Don’t mind the weird sewing machine that is peeking through the window in that first pic! It’s an old school toy sewing machine that is all rusted but so sweet.  I need to find it another place to hang out so it doesn’t seem like a sewing machine peeper, haha.

My idea for the style of the doll house it first and foremost to remove all the pink.  After that, I want it to have sort of a log cabin feel.  I know that seems far fetched, but I’ve got some ideas to make it seem cozy like that.  Full disclosure, I have never redone anything of a dollhouse and am totally learning as I go!

The other night, I had a light bulb of inspiration while folding laundry.  I have this great little tea towel thing that I made out of a remnant of fabric that I bought from a destash that The Dainty Squid did a few years back.  It dawned on me that the fabric would make great kitchen wall paper.  Too bad I didn’t have any more of it.  But I could maybe photo copy it?  Oh heck yes.

Once I got the fabric printed off on to paper I realized that it wasn’t quite long enough to cover the whole wall.  My first thought was to get some fancy molding to close the gap. Then I remembered that I had some pretty sweet duct tape…and then came the macaroni and cheese border.  Oh heck yes, again.


I added the strips of zig-zag washi tape to sort of clean up the look and tie it all together.  I covered the floor of the previously gray and pink bathroom floor with gummy bear duct tape because, well because I wanted to.  A little more Willy Wonka than log cabin, but that’s just a teeny detail.

Here are some pics once I moved all the fun stuff in.


Check out the tiny copper pots!  This is the strange little ceramic stove that I bought in Daytona.  I have no idea what it’s original purpose was…there is a hole in the bottom almost like a coin bank would have but the only other opening is the top…and as you can see, it surely won’t allow for coins.  Maybe it was just for being cute.


KEWPIE IN THE SINK!  Because what sink is complete without a little nekkid baby?  I scored the Great Smokey Mountains coaster (along with the perler bead coaster-turned rug) at the by-the-pound Goodwill.  Perfect for carrying an eclectic array of Iwako eraser treats like sushi and curry, supplemented with a plate of baked goods made by my friend GS. Yum!


This fancy pants pantry shelf started out as a shoe display for Ever After High.  It got passed to me by Amethyst, along with the pink tea set on the top shelf.  I don’t mind pink so much and it means I get gifted lots of pink stuff from my doll friends 🙂 I may eventually spray paint the tea set gold. The various Shopkins baskets fit perfectly to hold the other foods.


The only thing I have left to do is to print off a copy of the picture below to put in a little frame and hang over the sink area.  It’s a Barbie kitchen set from the 1960s that is very similar to this one. About a week before I met Mr. Smith, his family had an estate sale for his grandmother’s belongings. The set below (along with tons of other drool worthy vintage doll stuff) got sold.  ONE. DANG. WEEK. BEFORE. WE. MET. It’s something his mom and I regularly joke about.  I really like the kitchen stuff I have, but man, this one would have been fun. I think the picture will make a fun addition to the kitchen I have.


I’m not sure which floor I’ll tackle next or what the tacking will involve so stay tuned!

Yay for dolls!






2 thoughts on “Dollhouse Renovations Are Underway!

  1. OMG! It looks great! I’m still drooling over that fabric/wallpaper and the Mac n cheese border is awesome! It looks so much better without all of the pink!


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