How Patti Smith came to be my kitten.


The rain was torrential the Sunday that the kitten showed up.  A tiny wisp of wet fur peered in through the corner of the glass door in our sun room. Tiny teeth and a tiny pink tongue opened wide to let out a very tiny wail.  I did a triple take as I walked past the door on my way to get another cup of coffee.  I rushed to open the door and the little creature hopped in over the door jam. It was a rather steep jump for the teeny little body. Much water was then shaken  all over the floor.  After a thorough toweling off, the little striped kitten snuggled into my neck and purred a tiny soft purr while it kneaded and tried to find a place to nurse. Oh the tiny kitten!

I flipped the little cat over and “looked at its feet” as my father used to say–it was a girl!


During this time period, I was staying with my grandparents at their house, helping to keep their household running a little more smoothly.  When they came home from church I showed them my new prize.

“Oh!  It’s so little!  Who are you going to give it to? my grandmother asked.

“I am giving her to ME!” I exclaimed!


Later that afternoon I went out to Kmart to get some kitten supplies.  I was already contemplating a name for the little girl kitten when Because the Night came on the radio. I knew right then that her name was to be Patti.  The pun-y part is that my last name is Smith, so now I had Patti Smith, girl kitten.

regal patti

Nicknames include: Peppermint Patti & Chicken Patti.


Patti is seriously the sweetest cat I have ever had.  She is so quiet that even her meows have stayed soft.  She is a rather little cat; even at almost 3 years old she probably only weighs about 7 pounds. And she so fastidious when it comes to her fur!  String on a stick and wrapped peppermint candies are her favorite things to play with.

When it was just me and Patti Smith I took her with me anytime I spent the night away from home.  Now that I have a second cat (her story is coming soon!) I don’t mind leaving the two of them alone for a night or two.  Patti loves riding in my truck.  I’m not sure if it’s because I started her off so young or if it is more of her super calm nature.  She spends most trips curled up in my lap, waking up only if we go up a big hill like Old Fort Mountain-I think it makes her ears pop, too.  Either that or she also enjoys the view!

Patti loves to lay on clothes.




Patti likes to watch me in the tub AND (not pictured) sitting on me while I’m on the toilet!


I think this one is my most favorite.


I was worried Patti was getting really bored while I was at work.  See, when she was a kitten I was home with her most of the time.  She started pouting really bad when I was getting ready for work in the mornings, doing this thing I call “Puff Patti.” This is when she puffs the hair out not all the way down her back like a normal cat, but just right at her butt!  Her pupils dilate and sometimes she would even growl!  So I started sort of looking for an additional cat to be her companion.  Boy howdy did we get more than we bargained for.  Stay tuned when I tell you the short history of DUCK!


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