Picayune Pictures #3

Some pictures, lately.

Let us admire the fluff of Sir Chester.  And he allows his minions to rub that belly!

(I got to spend some time with him at an Oscars party on Sunday.  Such a treat!)



Mom and I went to the Biltmore House this weekend with Mr. Smith and his mom.  The folks who run the house have relaxed their formerly VERY strict no-photography rules.  Now you can take pictures so long as there is no flash.  This made for very dark and mostly not terrific shots, but I will share what I was able to capture!

The Kitchens.

I have always been most smitten with the library and kitchen parts of the house.  I am lucky to live close enough that I get a season’s pass most years.  I love getting to see all the little details–the collection of copper pots, the funny box of fairy marshmallows, the wine bottle basket!  And check out the cabinets whose doors open UP!

The Halloween Room.

This room is seriously SO neat–please click through the link above to read more about it!  I would LOVE to have a room painted just for a party for me 🙂



We’re in the library!”

–unknown Saint


DUCK & DOLL HOUSE, a brief still life.

This is going to be a major work in progress.  I got this totally awesome doll house from friends of mine and am still in the planning stage of “what to do next”. Remember my “to-do” list?  Seems the cats really like the house, too.  I’m going to probably have to figure out how to share with them–it’s too cute watching them go in and out the windows and swat each other through the stairs!


I got to attend my first surprise party ever!  Boy was it sweet.  Just look at these beautiful cakes!  Happy birthday to my good quilting buddy.  I hope to grow up to be an awful lot like her ❤


Hope your week is off to a great start.  Stay tuned for more soon!


4 thoughts on “Picayune Pictures #3

  1. Sir Chester is amazing and sooo fluffy! I really want to pet that cat!
    It’s so exciting that you can take pics at Biltmore now. The kitchen and Halloween party room have always been my favorites. Can you imagine attending a party there?
    Duck is too cute in laying in front of the dollhouse. You have to make a “catzilla” video! …”A small town doll family, terrorized by gigantic cats- who will survive! “


    • I couldn’t believe it at the BH. I felt so naughty the whole time! I probably would have gotten better pics if I hadn’t been so nervous lol. And yes, Chester is the best. I want a big fluffy cat so bad. The Catzilla Movie WILL happen!!!


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